Function Montage Startup Setup Operating Instructions Parallel

Function Montage Startup Setup Operating Instructions Parallel
Operating Instructions
Parallel/Centronics Interface (Part No. 5954200)
Edition: 3/10 · Part No. 9008513
With the external Parallel/Centronics interface printers of the
A+ and MACH4 series can be connected to the parallel interface of a computer.
To operate the Parallel/Centronics interface printer
the firmware version 3.07 or higher is needed !
►►Connect the Parallel/Centronics interface (1) with the
25-pin plug to the parallel interface of the computer.
1– Parallel/Centronics interface
2– Mini-USB cable
►►Connect the Parallel/Centronics interface (1) to an USBMaster interface (3) of the printer using the Mini-USB cable
After switching on the printer, the computer detects the new
hardware component and ask you to install the printer driver.
►►If you want to work with CABLABEL, the installation of the
Windows Printer Driver is not necessary because
CABLABEL has own internal drivers.
►►Otherwise install the Windows Printer Driver. For that
purpose use the "Printer Accessories CD" included in the
delivery contents of the printer or download the driver from
the cab website
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The parallel interface basically works in the bidirectional
The bidirectional mode can be switched off in the setup at
In that case the interface works as a standard Centronics
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