Remote Monitoring Application Note

Remote Monitoring Application Note
Application Note
Remote Monitoring
Hydroelectric Dam Monitoring
After a large, multi-national power company
acquired two hydro generation facilities
on dams in upstate New York, it installed
IVC video systems to achieve efficiencies
in the management of the hydroelectric
generating facilities.
The dams are about a half-mile apart on the
same river. Given the relatively small size of
the hydro facilities, 10-50 MW, the company
put a priority on reducing operating costs.
Cost savings and operating efficiencies were
achieved by using IVC camera systems
to monitor the facilities both on-site and
remotely by staff located sixty miles away
at a co-generation plant the company also
to monitor the dams and
generating facilities is certainly
an asset that has allowed us to
operate at lower cost.”
view all cameras over the Internet by just
using a browser and password access.
The IVC camera system is being used
locally at the hydro facilities on a 40 hour
per week schedule where staff can quickly
respond to alarms and view all aspects of
the operation. On nights and weekends,
monitoring of the facilities is taken over by
the staff at the co-generation facility sixty
miles away. In addition to the savings in
staff at the hydro sites, the camera’s ability
provide high quality images that can be
easily and accurately controlled remotely
means that when operational up-sets occur,
they can be evaluated and resolved without
a trip to the site.
Shortly after taking over the operation of
the two hydro sites, the company installed
an IVC, four-camera Relay Server at each
site, and a total of seven video cameras. The
Relay Servers and cameras were connected
by fiber optic cable, and the connection to
the outside world is through a T1 line at
one of the sites. The cameras included both
indoor and outdoor pan-tilt with a high zoom
lens, and fixed cameras. Outdoor cameras
were positioned to view the river level, ice
flows, and the trash racks that catch trees
and limbs at the intakes. Cameras were also
positioned to view critical equipment both
indoors and outdoors including generators,
turbines, and hydraulic power units. To take
advantage of IVC’s powerful zoom, gauges
were turned in the direction of the camera
so they could be read remotely.
Sixty miles away, at the company’s cogeneration plant, authorized staff could
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