Delta AbrasiMet

Delta AbrasiMet
Ordering Information
The Delta AbrasiMet includes a 4-piece assortment of abrasive wheels, instruction manual and power cord. The recirculating coolant
system, vises, TechMet table and abrasive wheels are all sold separately.
The Delta AbrasiMet 2155 Series incorporates a hood safety lock to prevent the hood from being opened while the motor/cutting
wheel is rotating and mechanical brake to immediately stop the blade rotation. CE marked.
10-2155-260 Delta® AbrasiMet®, 220-240 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase
10-2155-250 Delta® AbrasiMet®, 200-220 VAC, 50 Hz, 3-phase
10-2155-460 Delta® AbrasiMet®, 440-480 VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase
10-2155-400 Delta® AbrasiMet®, 380-415 VAC, 50 Hz, 3-phase
10-2165-260 Recirculating Coolant System, 230 VAC, 60 Hz
95-C1823 Speed Vise Kit, for Holding Irregular Specimens
10-2165-250 Recirculating Coolant System, 230 VAC, 50 Hz
10-3532 Riser Blocks, for Speed Vise Kit (pair)
16-1497 Cart with wheels, for Recirculating System
95-C1702 Fastener Vise
10-2170 Sliding Vise, Left Hand
16-1498 TechMet® Table, 30″ (762mm) High
(includes 16-1497 cart)
10-2171 Sliding Vise, Right Hand
16-1499 TechMet® Table, 36″ (920mm) High
(includes 16-1497 cart)
95-C1821 MetKlamp Cam-Lock Vise, Left Hand
95-C1822 MetKlamp Cam-Lock Vise, Right Hand
95-C1821-CT Close Tolerance Vise, Left Hand, for Small Samples
10-4330-128 CoolMet® 2 Fluid, 1 gallon (3.8 liter)
95-C1822-CT Close Tolerance Vise, Right Hand, for Small
Abrasive Blades, 1¼” (31.75mm) arbor
Recommended Use
Catalog Number
Tool Steels HRC60 and above, Carburized steels, RR/AI203
10″ (254 mm)
0.075″ (1.9mm)
Hard Steels HRC50, RR/AI203
10″ (254 mm)
0.075″ (1.9mm)
Medium Hard Steels HRC35-50
10″ (254 mm)
0.075″ (1.9mm)
Soft or Annealed Steel HRC15-35, HRB46-90
10″ (254 mm)
0.036″ (1.6mm)
Ultra–thin blade for delicate cutting
10″ (254 mm)
0.040″ (1.0mm)
Hard Non-Metallics, Glass, Rocks, and other Hard Materials
10″ (254 mm)
0.036″ (1.6mm)
Medium Hard Non-Ferrous Materials, Uranium, Titanium, Zirconium
10″ (254 mm)
0.036″ (1.6mm)
Soft Non-Ferrous Materials, Aluminum, Brass, etc.
10″ (254 mm)
0.036″ (1.6mm)
For a complete listing of consumables, please refer to our Consumables Buyer’s Guide. Buehler continuously makes product improvements; therefore, technical specifications are
subject to change without notice.
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Delta AbrasiMet
10″″ (254mm) Abrasive
Cut-Off Wheel Capacity
3.75″″ (95mm) Round
Cutting Capacity
High-Torque 4 Hp (3 kW)
Direct Drive Motor
Manually Controlled
Cutting Lever
Easy-To-Use 2-Button
Control Panel
Motor Brake Quickly Stops
Wheel Rotation - Allowing
Quick Sample Retrieval
Corrosion Resistant
Protective Fiberglass Hood
Clean-Out Spray Hose for
Side Ports Accommodate
Long Specimen Sizes
Two T-Slot Beds with
Stainless Steel Facings
Quick Operation- Just
Secure Sample, Close Hood
and Go!
Reliable and Easy-to-Use
Delta® AbrasiMet®
The Delta® AbrasiMet® Abrasive Cutter is
a manually operated bench-top cutter
designed for use with a wide variety of
materials in both production and
laboratory environments. It provides the
operator the ability to manually control
the cutting operation, producing burn
free cuts quickly and consistently. It is
engineered to minimize cutting times by
maintaining simplicity.
Rugged and Simple
Superior cutting power is provided by
the powerful 4 Hp (3kW) motor. The
durable cast aluminum base has a stain
and chip resistant finish for a long
lasting, “like new” appearance. The hood
is secured in a raised position with two
externally mounted gas springs which
provide reliability by eliminating
exposure to the harsh cutting
environment. Quick and easy abrasive
wheel changing is accomplished with
the wheel guard quick-release and
open/close pivoting design.
The Delta AbrasiMet’s compact footprint
size is designed to fit into confined
spaces on any counter-top. The motor’s
counter-balanced design and controlled
pivot cutting action allows the operator
to “feel” the cutting action. This enables
the operator to control the feed rate of
the abrasive wheel into the work piece,
adjusting for changes in sample shape or
hardness. The large viewing window and
bright fluorescent light allows easy
observation of the sample and cutting
The dual nozzle coolant flow ensures a
consistent burn-free cut. Left and right
hood side ports with rubber splash
guards will accommodate extra long
samples. The T-slots beds with stainless
steel facings have four 12mm T-slots to
accommodate two vises for sample
securement. The rubber feet help to
isolate any vibration. A fume extractor
knockout is incorporated, allowing
easy connection to separate ventilation
system to remove any cutting fumes and
The easy-to-use front control panel is
designed with a durable start
push-button and large stop/emergencystop button.
Designed with a priority in safety, the
Delta AbrasiMet Cutter is constructed of
a protective fiberglass hood and clear
protective window. The large
emergency-stop button can be quickly
accessed and pressed in case of any
emergency. A safety switch prevents
power to the motor and cutting wheel
while the hood is in an open position. For
increased safety, a hood lock safety
switch prevents the hood from being
opened unless the stop button has been
depressed. This also incorporates a
mechanical brake to immediately stop
the motor/cutting wheel rotation. A
master disconnect switch removes
power to the entire machine. Low
voltage (24-volt) controls ensure
operator safety. Overload
protection deactivates the motor in any
overload condition, and will
automatically reset the controls.
Recirculating Coolant System and Cart
Effective sample cooling is a key factor in producing high quality burn-free cuts. Wet cutting is critical in producing a quality
cut and prevents excessive surface damage caused by overheating and improper wheel breakdown. The Delta AbrasiMet
coolant system is automatically activated when the cutting wheel starts, or can be manually activated for use of the
clean-out hose. A triple baffle tank design isolates the sludge from the liquid coolant. The Delta AbrasiMet Recirculating
Coolant System (sold separately) includes a 1/10 Hp (75 W) pump and a 7-gallon (27 liter) tank with a flow control valve and
drain hose. The roller-cart makes moving and cleaning the tank quick and easy.
Sliding Vises are versatile quick release
vises for routine clamping.
MetKlamp Cam-lock vises.
Irregular Specimen Vises provide vertical
clamping forces for large and irregular
shaped samples.
TechMet® Table
The TechMet® Abrasive Cutter Table is designed to accommodate the Delta
AbrasiMet and recirculating system. The heavy gauge steel cabinetry can be
configured with a left or right opening
door. The high-strength solid acrylic top
provides wear-resistant long-lasting
color. It is also waterproof, stain/mold
resistant and scratches can easily be
buffed away. Three pre-drilled drain
holes (left, center, right) allow the
recirculating system to be configured
differently depending on the user’s
TechMet Table accommodates Delta
AbrasiMet Cutter and Recirculating
Coolant System.
AbrasiMet® cutting envelope with
new 10” (254mm) blade
200-480 VAC (selectable)
Cutting Wheel Arbor
1¼” (31.75mm)
Coolant Tank Capacity
7 gallons (27l)
Power Consumption
3 kW
Motor Power
4 Hp (3 kW)
3 phase
Cutting Wheel Speed
3400 rpm @ 60 Hz; 2830 rpm @ 50 Hz
24″ W x 17″ H x 26.5″ D
(600mm W x 425mm H x 655mmD)
13 amps @ 230 VAC
6.5 amps @ 460 VAC
7.5 amps @ 400 VAC
17-watt fluorescent
Cutting Wheel Diameter
10″ (254mm) maximum
Fume Extractor Size
2d″ (70mm) cut-out diameter
Sound Rating
61 dBA
200 lbs (91 kg)
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