Detailed User Guide - Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Detailed User Guide - Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
Detailed User Guide
This Detailed User Guide
details safety, handling,
disposal and recycling, legal
and licensing information,
and Henge Docks’ Limited
Warranty for the Horizontal
Docking Station for the
MacBook Pro with Retina
display (“Horizontal Dock”).
Read all safety information
and operating instructions
before use. Failure to follow the
instructions and warnings in this
Detailed User Guide could result in
injury or damage to property. Keep
this guide for future reference.
This information can also be found
online at -
Horizontal Dock
The Horizontal Dock by Henge
Docks is the world’s most
intelligent docking station.
With the touch of a button, the
automated docking system
is activated by physically
connecting the dock’s ports
into the MacBook. From the
MacBook’s ports, the Horizontal
Dock creates 13 ports, sleekly
integrates as a natural extension
of the MacBook, and utilizes
every aspect of both its
hardware and software design to
optimize the user experience.
Air Vents
Air Vents
Product Features
Light Ring
Cycle Button
Ethernet Port
Power Port
Lock Port
Product Features
Port Block Cover
Thunderbolt Housing
Manual Override
Bottom (foot removed)
Product Features (15-inch model)
Port Block Cover
Thunderbolt Housing
Manual Override
Bottom (foot removed)
Product Features (13-inch model)
Device Compatibility
Only use the Horizontal Dock
with a compatible MacBook. Use
of the Horizontal Dock with an
incompatible device could cause
damage to the Horizontal Dock
and/or the MacBook. A complete
list of compatible MacBooks can
be found online at
Proper Handling
To operate the Horizontal Dock
and reduce the possibility of
damage to property or injury,
follow these guidelines:
• Always use the Horizontal
Dock on a flat, stable surface.
• Do not use the Horizontal Dock
if it has been dropped or is bent,
deformed or damaged.
• Do not use the Horizontal
Dock with MacBooks that have
structural modifications or have
been significantly damaged,
including bends, dents or
warping. Even small variations
can alter the precise positioning of the MacBook within the
Horizontal Dock, preventing
successful docking and/or
cause damage to the MacBook
and/or dock.
• Ensure all surfaces that
contact the Horizontal Dock
(including the bottom and
sides of the MacBook) are free
of stickers, adhesives, cases,
skins or other attachments.
• Always place the MacBook
into the Horizontal Dock in
the correct orientation. Do not
attempt to dock the MacBook
backwards or upside down as
this could cause damage to the
MacBook and/or the Horizontal
Keep the Horizontal
Dock away from liquids,
such as drinks, sinks,
bathtubs or showers. Protect the
dock from dampness by ensuring
that it is in a dry location. Do not
expose the dock to wet weather.
The Horizontal Dock is intended
for indoor use only. Do not use
the Horizontal Dock outdoors.
Do not expose the dock to
extreme heat sources or use in
environments where ambient
temperatures could exceed 95°F
Do not block or obstruct the air
vents on the Horizontal Dock or
Power Supply
Use only the UL Listed power
supply included with the
Horizontal Dock. The power
supply may become warm
during normal use. Place the
power supply on a flat surface
in a well-ventilated area. Do
not cover the power supply.
Disconnect the power supply
and any other cables from the
dock if:
• The power cord becomes
frayed or damaged.
• The dock is exposed to liquid
or excessive moisture.
Transporting the Dock
The Horizontal Dock is not
intended for use in mobile
applications. Only transport the
Horizontal Dock in the original
packaging to prevent damage.
Do not lift or move the
Horizontal Dock when a
MacBook is docked, as this
may cause damage to the
Horizontal Dock and/or
MacBook. Only move the
Horizontal Dock when the
Macbook is removed.
Disconnect the power
supply and all cables
before cleaning the
Horizontal Dock.
To clean the Horizontal Dock,
wipe the exterior surfaces with a
damp cloth. Do not apply liquids
directly to the surfaces of the
Horizontal Dock. Avoid getting
moisture in the ports or plugs
of the Horizontal Dock. Do not
use aerosol sprays, solvents,
abrasives or any household
cleaners, as they may damage
the dock.
If any of the ports on the
Horizontal Dock become
blocked, gently remove any
debris with a dry cotton swab.
DockApp for macOS
Advanced features of
the Horizontal Dock,
such as automatic
docking, security and firmware
updates, can be configured
using DockApp. DockApp is
included with purchase of the
Horizontal Dock.
To download DockApp and view
a complete list of the evolving
features, visit
Firmware Updates
The Horizontal Dock features
updatable firmware. Henge
Docks will release firmware
updates that include new
features or changes to dock
behaviors to improve performance. Firmware updates
require DockApp to be installed
on the MacBook.
The Horizontal Dock features
touch-free electronically
actuated connectors that
interface with the MacBook.
Docking can be configured to
Manual or Automatic modes as
detailed below.
The Horizontal Dock features a
single touch sensitive interface,
called the Cycle Button.
Surrounding the Cycle Button is
the Light Ring, which indicates
dock status.
Manual Docking
The Horizontal Dock’s default
configuration is set for manual
docking. Once the dock is
plugged into the included power
supply and the MacBook is
properly positioned in the dock,
the Light Ring will pulse green.
Touch the Cycle Button to initiate
To Undock, touch and hold the
Cycle Button until the Light Ring
becomes fully illuminated (about
three seconds).
Automatic Docking with
The Horizontal Dock can be
configured to automatically dock
when the MacBook is placed
in the tray. Automatic Docking
can be enabled within DockApp
Undocking with DockApp
DockApp allows for undocking
via hotkey or Menu Bar icon
within macOS. Advanced
departure actions can be
configured within DockApp
Light Ring
The Light Ring displays five light
patterns (detailed in the Quick
Start Guide).
If no dock action is in progress,
the Light Ring will return to an
off state.
The Horizontal Dock is
designed for everyday
use. Neither the
MacBook nor the Horizontal
Dock will incur excessive wear
and tear if proper docking
procedures are followed.
The Horizontal Dock features
two electronically actuated
connector blocks on either side
of the chassis that interface
with the MacBook’s ports. The
connector blocks are designed
to be moved by the dock only.
Do not attempt to manually
move or force the connector
blocks, as this may cause
damage to the Horizontal Dock
and/or the MacBook.
During dock actions, the
Horizontal Dock’s automated
driveline produces a variable
humming sound. When
undocking is initiated, the
connections will make additional
noise as they disengage from the
MacBook. If you hear grinding,
popping or other unusual sound
during dock actions, discontinue
use of the Horizontal Dock and
contact customer support.
The Horizontal Dock can be used
with the MacBook’s display in
either the open or clamshell
(closed) position. An external
display and input device (i.e.
keyboard, mouse, etc.) are
required to use the MacBook
while the display is in the
clamshell position.
The tray of the Horizontal Dock
includes alignment sensors for
detecting the proper positioning of the MacBook. Do not
manually trigger the alignment
sensors or attempt to cycle
the Horizontal Dock without a
MacBook positioned in the tray.
Port Alignment
The Horizontal Dock’s four-point
positioning system and
alignment sensors will ensure
that the MacBook is properly
seated in the tray and ready for
docking. Be sure the ports of
the MacBook are free of debris
before inserting the MacBook
into the Horizontal Dock. Remove
any connectors, dongles or
memory cards that do not fit
completely flush with the side of
the MacBook before using the
Horizontal Dock.
Never force the MacBook into
the Horizontal Dock, or try to pry
or forcibly remove the MacBook
from the dock.
The Horizontal Dock
is equipped with two
TRRS style 3.5 mm
audio ports. Both audio ports
can provide microphone input
and stereo output. The audio
inputs and outputs for each
audio port can be selected
within DockApp or within
macOS System Preferences.
Headsets that include a remote
control and microphone
functionality will retain only the
microphone functionality.
A Kensington Lock Port
is located at the center
rear of the Horizontal
Dock and can be used to secure
the dock in place. Installing
a Kensington lock will secure
only the Horizontal Dock and
not the MacBook. Use DockApp
to enable advanced security
features, such as password
protected undocking, to secure
the MacBook in the Horizontal
To reset the security function
on the Horizontal Dock without
DockApp, either remove the
Kensington Lock from the dock
or trigger the reset switch inside
of the lock port on the dock for
five seconds. For more information on this reset procedure, see
Henge Docks’ support page at
Manual Override
The Manual Override
feature is for
emergency use only; misuse
can result in permanent
damage to the Horizontal
Dock. Before attempting
a Manual Override, please
contact customer support at
If the Horizontal Dock experiences a loss of power or becomes
disabled while the MacBook is
docked, a Manual Override can
be performed to remove the
computer from the dock.
To perform a Manual Override,
disconnect all peripherals and
the Horizontal Dock’s power
supply. Close the MacBook’s
display and turn the docked
computer over onto a level
surface. Remove the rubber
foot from the bottom of the
dock chassis by pulling it away
from the hidden catches. Once
the foot is removed, the orange
Manual Override Gear will be
Use a 3/16-inch or 5 mm hex key
to turn the Manual Override gear
counterclockwise. To prevent
damage to the Horizontal
Dock, use extreme caution not
to over-rotate the emergency
override gear past the point
where the MacBook can be
removed. The override gear will
click if turned in the incorrect
direction (clockwise) to protect
the Horizontal Dock.
Horizontal Dock Power
Supply Specifications
50 to 60 Hz, single phase
Line Voltage:
100 to 240 V
Output Voltage (15-inch model):
19 V DC, 8.0 A
Output Voltage (13-inch model):
19 V DC, 6.7 A
Operating Environment
For optimal performance,
operate your dock within the
following ranges:
Operating Temperature:
55° to 95°F (13° to 35°C)
Storage Temperature:
-4° to 113°F (-20° to 45°C)
Relative Humidity:
5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Operating Altitude:
0 to 6,500 ft (0 to 1,981 m)
The Horizontal Dock is a
precision instrument. If the
Horizontal Dock has been in an
environment of 55°F (13°C) or
lower, slight thermal contraction
of the dock may occur, affecting
the precise fit of the MacBook
in the dock. Allow time for the
Horizontal Dock to warm up to
operating temperature to ensure
safe and reliable docking.
If you need to store the Horizontal
Dock for an extended period
of time, keep it in a moderately
temperate location (around 71°F
or 22°C) with stable humidity.
Follow your local guidelines for
disposable electronic waste to
dispose of the Horizontal Dock
or any of its components.
Online Support Center
If you have any questions, or are
looking for instructions or
troubleshooting information,
visit -
User Guides and FAQ are located
FCC Compliance Statement
The Horizontal Dock complies
with part 15 of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
rules. Operation is subject to the
following conditions: (1) This
device may not cause harmful
interference, and (2) this device
must accept any interference
received, including that which
may cause undesired operation.
Henge Docks Limited Warranty
The Horizontal Dock is warranted
against defects in materials or
workmanship for a period of one
year from the date of original
purchase. Henge Docks expressly
disclaims all other warranties. An
original sales receipt is required
for warranty service. To obtain
warranty service, contact Henge
Docks’ customer support. Henge
Docks will, at its sole discretion,
repair or replace the defective
product, or issue a refund of
the original purchase price
exclusive of shipping and taxes.
Shipping costs to return this
product to Henge Docks will be
borne by the warranty claimant.
Limitation of Liability
Use this product at your own
risk. Henge Docks is not liable
for any damage caused by use
of a Henge Docks product. In all
cases, Henge Docks’ liability for
any and all damages resulting
from the use or misuse of this
product shall be limited to the
original purchase price. The
venue and choice of law for all
legal proceedings shall be a
court of competent jurisdiction
in Virginia, USA. Continued use
of this product implies consent
to these terms. If you do not
agree with these terms, please
return this product to the place
of purchase within five days for
a full refund.
Intellectual Property
The Horizontal Dock and
DockApp are protected by one
or more patents or pending
applications. See for a
complete listing. Henge Docks,
the Henge Docks logo, Life After
Device, Horizontal Docking
Station and Horizontal Dock are
trademarks of Henge Docks, LLC.
Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel
Corporation in the US and/or
other countries
MacBook®, MacBook Pro®
and Retina® are registered
trademarks of Apple Inc.
Detailed User Guide v2.1
Horizontal Docking Station® for the
15-inch MacBook Pro® with Retina® Display
Horizontal Docking Station® for the
13-inch MacBook Pro® with Retina® Display • ™ and © Henge Docks, LLC
2016 all rights reserved • Manufactured in China
Designed in the USA by Henge Docks
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