Untitled - CHRYSLER Australia

Untitled - CHRYSLER Australia
Overseas model shown.
Some things are meant to be together. Like the sun on your face as the wind blows through your hair. Or the perfect combination of expressive style and unmatched
performance found in the Convertible Package.
Rear Spoiler enhances the aerodynamics and the aesthetic appeal of your
PT Cruiser Cabrio. Comes primed to match your vehicle colour.
WindScreen is constructed of durable nylon and is designed to reduce wind
and noise for both the driver and passenger. Screen includes two Velcro® straps
that attach to the sports bar and a heavy nylon cover that snaps behind the back
of the convertible top to channel wind away from seating.
MoUlded Splash Guards protect your PT Cruiser from damage caused by
gravel and road debris. Feature PT Cruiser name. Set of two for rear only.
Navus Dash-Mounted Navigation System is an advanced, yet
affordable way to add GPS technology to your vehicle. The Navus full-colour
LCD display features touch-screen controls, full-map view with turn-by-turn
directional prompts, trip information (including time, compass, vehicle speed
and kilometre log), automatic re-routing, voice instructions and much more.
Included is a 256 MB Compact Flash Memory Card loaded with detailed
residential street-level maps and points of interest for all of Australia. (Becoming
available during 2006).
Navus is a trademark of DaimlerChrysler Corporation. Velcro is a registered trademark of
Velcro Industries B.V.
REAR STEP PAD prevents scratching and scuffing of the rear bumper fascia
while loading and unloading items. This black pad is made of the same
material as the fascia. Features the same character lines as the sill trim and
installs easily.
visit chrysler.com.au
Overseas model shown
with optional Rear Spoiler.
Take a hot design. Now add a flash of inspiration. The Chrome Accent Package provides enough sparkle to catch the eye and adds even more allure to an already
uncommon means of transportation.
Chrome Door Spears are bodyside mouldings that make your doors gleam while they accent your PT Cruiser’s
body lines.
Chrome Exhaust Tip adds extra street smarts to your PT Cruiser.
Rigorously tested for corrosion resistance to ensure a long-lasting shine.
ILLUMINATED Door Entry Guards illuminate every time you open the door, and shut off automatically with the dome
lamp. Like all Chrysler electronic accessories, these stainless steel plates won’t drain your battery under normal conditions.
Set of two. Front only.
Chrome Fuel Filler Door is a bright complement to any body colour.
Replaces existing fuel filler door.
16-INCH 5-Spoke Chrome Wheels are machined to match your vehicle’s
hubs exactly to run true and balance easily for a smooth ride. They also undergo
stringent and thorough testing to prove their durability and ensure a
long-lasting shine.
visit chrysler.com.au
Removable ROOF RACK increases the cargo capacity of your vehicle.
Accommodates Roof Box Cargo Carrier, Roof-Mount Ski and Snowboard
Carrier, Bike Carriers, Roof Top Cargo Carrier and Water Sports Carrier.
Shown with Water Sports Carrier.
SIX-PAIR SKI AND SNOWBOARD CARRIER holds up to six pairs of skis or four
snowboards, or a combination of the two. Features silver anodised aluminium
construction, corrosion-resistant lock covers and either-side opening for easy
loading and unloading. Mounts to Removable Roof Rack.
Roof Box Cargo Carrier helps keep cargo dry and secure in any
weather. Tough, lockable thermoplastic carrier features quarter-turn installation
and a gas-cylinder opening system that allows the hinged lid to open and close
gently. Features the Chrysler Winged Badge and mounts to the Removable Roof
Rack. Available in two sizes.
ParkSense Rear Park Assist System uses sound waves to detect
nearby obstacles in and near the rear path of the vehicle to help you manoeuvre
in tight spaces at parking speeds. Audio-visual indicators in the overhead
display in the rear of the vehicle alert you to the proximity of most larger,
stationary objects that might be outside your line of sight.
Roof-Mount Bike Carriers are made of brushed aluminium and are
designed to accommodate virtually all types of bikes. The Fork-Mount style
carries one bike securely by the front fork and rear wheel. The Upright style
carries one bike locked by the frame with both wheels secured. Carrying
clamps feature extra-large rubber inserts to help protect bike surfaces. Mounts
to Removable Roof Rack.
MoUlded Cargo Tray*# is a skid-resistant, thermoplastic rubber tray that fits
in the rear cargo area to help protect the carpeting. Easily removable and
available in matching interior colours.
Complete towing solution^ comes with tow bar (rated to a maximum
towing capacity of 450kg), tongue, tow ball and wiring harness.
SLIMLINE WEATHER SHIELDS allow you to partially open front and rear
windows, yet remain dry during inclement weather. Constructed of tinted
acrylic. Front Weather Shields feature PT Cruiser logo. Set of four.
Door ENTRY guards are constructed of brushed stainless steel to help
protect interior door sills from scratches. Feature the PT Cruiser name. Adhesivebacked for easy installation. Set of two. Front only.
UConnectTM Hands-Free Communication is an
SLUSH-STYLE Floor MatS feature rubber-nibbed backing with driver’s
side positive retention to help keep mats in place. Feature PT Cruiser name and
deep grooves to keep water and mud from spilling onto the floor. Available as
a set of four for front and rear in Pebble Beige or Slate. (Becoming available
during 2006).
MOULDED SPLASH GUARDS protect your PT Cruiser from damage caused by
gravel and road debris. Feature PT Cruiser name. Rear only.
exclusive, voice-activated, hands-free, in-vehicle
communication system that utilises a small control pad,
microphone and speaker. It encourages safe vehicle
operation and doesn’t compromise driver control.
UConnect allows you to dial a mobile phone through
simple voice commands. In addition, UConnect mutes
your radio before receiving or sending a call, allows you
to store up to 32 names (four numbers per name) in the
system’s address book, and is flexible enough for an entire
family (up to five phones can be linked to the system).
UConnect includes Bluetooth® technology that enables a
mobile phone to connect to your vehicle without wires or a docking station. This
leading-edge technology will allow you to store a mobile phone anywhere
within the vehicle. UConnect is simple to use — all you need is a Bluetooth
Hands-Free Profile mobile phone from any mobile carrier.‡
Cargo and sporting equipment are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the
listed accessories. †Always check entire surroundings before reversing. *Properly secure all
cargo. ‡You can retain your current mobile carrier and mobile phone number (and one bill) as
long as your mobile phone employs Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile version 1.0 or higher. ^Do
not exceed rated tow capacity of the vehicle as equipped. Towing may require some items not
supplied by DaimlerChrysler.
visit chrysler.com.au
A passion for uncompromising performance and quality is the essence of the Genuine Difference, and it’s
forged into every part and accessory we make. Every Genuine Chrysler accessory is original equipment,
which means that every Chrysler Accessory in this catalogue is designed by Chrysler engineers — the people
who know your PT Cruiser better than anyone else.
Our product is a result of uncompromising standards. You’ll recognise the difference in the
tighter tolerances required of original equipment accessories. You’ll see it in our materials, which provide a
superior finish and an exact vehicle colour match, as well as in the integrated fit that comes from utilising the
same computer modelling technology that was used to design your vehicle.
Our process is an adherence to stricter testing. You’ll appreciate the difference in our rigorous
evaluations, from demanding salt bath corrosion tests and impact performance tests to harsh on and off-road
durability testing. And you’ll discover that all Genuine Chrysler Accessories are designed so they will not
adversely affect your vehicle’s original performance specifications, such as engine cooling and proper air
bag deployment — a common problem with many aftermarket accessories.
Our promise is demonstrated in our Superior Warranty Coverage. When installed on a
Chrysler PT Cruiser that’s within the New Vehicle Limited Warranty period, Genuine Chrysler Accessories are
covered by the unexpired balance of the 3-year/100,000-kilometre New Vehicle Limited Warranty, or a
12-month/20,000-kilometre Basic Limited Warranty, whichever is more favourable to you. And these
warranties are serviced by every Chrysler dealership in Australia. That’s a promise aftermarket brands simply
can’t make.
Whether you’re looking to enhance your Chrysler PT Cruiser with premium protection,
convenience, style or entertainment, choose the Genuine Difference. Just like our accessories, it’s a statement
— and a standard of excellence — you’ll benefit from for years to come.
Convertible Package
rear spoiler
navus dash-mounted navigation system
Chrome Accent Package
chrome door spears
illuminated door entry guards
chrome exhaust tip
Chrome fuel filler door
16-inch 5-spoke chrome wheels
Additional GENUINE Chrysler Accessories
door edge guards
Door handle scratch guards
headlight protectors
Vehicle Cover
Wheel Locks
You can purchase any accessory in this catalogue separately as well. For pricing and more information on any Genuine Chrysler
Accessory, visit chrysler.com.au or see your Chrysler dealer.
Important Customer Information: The information contained in this brochure was correct at the time of printing, February 2006. However,DaimlerChrysler
Australia/Pacific Pty. Ltd. (“DCAuP”) reserves the right to discontinue or modify any accessory or equipment or the design or specification of any
accessory or equipment at any time without notice to meet any requirement of a manufacturing, marketing or commercial nature which it may deem
appropriate. Furthermore, the appearance of accessories shown may vary depending on vehicle application or printing processes. To confirm current
availability, designs, specifications, colours and prices, or to obtain full details and a copy of the limited Warranties, consult you nearest authorised
Chrysler dealer. Visit the Chrysler website at chrysler.com.au.
© 2006 DaimlerChrysler Motors Company, LLC. All rights reserved. Chrysler is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler Corporation.
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