DF15 - Driver Feedback Sign

DF15 - Driver Feedback Sign
DF15 - Driver Feedback Sign
Educating drivers of their speeds with an escalating warning message to change driver behavior and
improve road safety for all users
The Solution to Speed Features
• Fully configurable escalating
display warning modes
The MUTCD compliant DF15 unit
employs FCC compliant microwave
Doppler radar to detect vehicle
approach speeds.
• Dynamic flashing beacons,
alternating top and bottom
Targeted drivers are informed of
their speed with a 15 inch character
high intensity LED speed readout.
The feedback message can be
programmed to escalate in line
with detected speed by introducing
flashing beacons and Slow Down
warning message.
• Plug and play install (all cables,
brackets provided)
The DF15 driver feedback sign
series are to be used in tandem
with existing static regulatory
signage being deployed downstream
as a targeted reminder and are not
to be used as a replacement for the
static signage.
• Reflective fascias available in
DG or HIP in yellow, yellow
green and white
• 50% power saving mode to
allow 24/7/365 solar operation
in most applications
Drivers are informed of their speed and if excessive speed is
detected the warning message escalates to include Slow
Down message and flashing corner beacons to emphasize the
requirement for the driver to reduce speed.
• Data logging software can
prove the effectiveness of the
sign through the analysis of
vehicle and speed data
• Automated School Calendar
scheduled operation
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Technical Specifications
Model Reference
DF15 YU fluorescent yellow (U Channel mounting) part code DF15A----LDPC-P (D26.26140)
DF15 YGU fluorescent yellow green (U channel mounting) part code DF15B----LDPC-P (D26.26140)
DF15 WU white background (U channel mounting) part code DF15C----LDPC-P (D26.26140)
DF15 YZ fluorescent yellow (Z bracket mounting) part code DF15A----LDPC-P (D26.26139)
DF15 YGZ fluorescent yellow green (Z bracket mounting) part code DF15B----LDPC-P (D26.26139)
DF15 WZ white background (Z bracket mounting) part code DF15C----LDPC-P (D26.26139)
Display Technology
ITE color tested high intensity amber LED display clearly visible in all daylight conditions at up to 600 feet. Auto Luminosity control to suit ambient
light conditions.
Display Format
Amber LED display, Speed numerals in 15” high characters, with overlaid SLOW DOWN and SLOW ICE Message, enhanced further by dynamic
amber flashing beacon pairs top and bottom of display. Slow Down/Slow Ice text height 6”. Beacon size 2” diameter.
Reflective YOUR SPEED fascia in 5” character height.
Vehicle Detection
FCC compliant K band radar microwave vehicle detector integrated into the sign, factory preset range of 600 feet / 182 metres, Speed range of 5
to 150mph (8 to 240 kmh). 12 degree beam accuracy +/-1 unit of measure. Simple set up.
Model Dimensions
46.6” (1186 mm) high x 32.6” (828mm) wide including reflective front fascia. Rear case 6.4”(162mm) deep.
Model Weights
66 lbs (30.5Kg) (plus battery reservoir).
Power Supply
Display is available in either AC 110V or Solar DC or dual power compatible. In the case of solar power a separate solar kit should be ordered
for each sign comprising panel, side of pole mount and battery reservoir which is mounted internal to sign. Important for optimum operation,
solar panel must be facing due south and have clear unobstructed view of sky with no shadowing. Optionally the sign may be fitted with hybrid
charger to allow hook up to 110V AC night time street lighting supply in locations where solar power alone is insufficient to power the unit
Sign Configuration
Configuration of sign is via custom windows based software over Bluetooth™ wireless connection from client supplied Laptop or Netbook.
Configuration parameters include 4 activation speed trigger levels to allow warning message to be escalated to suit detected speed and scheduled
time of day operation to suit school zone applications.
Data Logging and
Analysis Software
Datalogger windows based software is available to download date and time stamped traffic speed data from sign over Bluetooth™ for evaluation
analysis in Excel.
VAMP© windows based scheduler software is available to create schedules for upload to the sign, enabling automated operation in accordance
with the time of day posted speed limits in your school zone. Operator can schedule 10 different switching intervals per day and 40 exception
periods per year.
Purpose fabricated lightweight aluminium vandal resistant NEMA Type 3S ingress rated enclosure.
Matt black front face Aircraft Grey rear powder coat finish or color to suit, 60 micron min thickness. YOUR SPEED front plate available in black
text on reflective background, color to suit application.
¼” (5mm) anti reflective Polycarbonate.
Operating Temp Range
-30 to 165˚F, 95% non condensing.
Mechanical Interface
Two mounting options are available:
1. Sign will be supplied equipped with sign fix U channel supports on rear and SX0220 channel banding interface brackets to allow ¾” band
mounting to a variety of support posts.
2. Sign will be equipped with horizontal Z bracket mountings on rear which are then drilled to suit post by installer and sign is then clamp mounted by stainless steel U bolts (Not supplied).
Solar Panel equipment is supplied with side pole mount to allow ½” banding.
Electrical Interface
Cable kits are supplied to facilitate plug and play connection to solar panel and sign. Sign is also equipped on rear with naked AC socket Type 3S
connection and separate ¾” knock out for conduit cable entry. Dust caps are supplied to protect any unused sockets. Internal power
connections are screw terminal.
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December 2014
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