ID station CamFi controller - ID station Biometric passport photos

ID station CamFi controller - ID station Biometric passport photos
Installation Manual
ID station
CamFi controller
Last change : July 12th, 2016
Installation Manual
This manual will guide you through the process of connecting a CamFi
controller to your camera and pairing it to an ID station.
Please visit for more information on ID station.
Getting started
What you need to get started:
The CamFi controller
You camera. Note you need to insert a memory card!
Short USB cable to connect the CamFi controller to the camera
The frame (including 2 screws) or hot-shoe adapter to mount the
controller to the camera
Assemble camera and controller
The CamFi controller is an accessory that is connected to the camera
with a short USB cable. You may mount the controller onto the
camera’s hot shoe or use the special frame we developed for it:
Once the controller and camera and connected and the controller is
fixed to the camera you may:
- Switch on the controller
- Switch on the camera, make sure it has a memory card inside
Ready for the next step: install the CamFi software
Installation Manual
Photomatic wireless software settings
Two options to connect your ID station with internet:
1. Cable “LAN”
2. Wi-Fi connection
Start ID station and
follow these steps to
change the settings.
1. Select the
“Options” menu
2. Click on
3. Start the “Scan
Folder Settings”
Installation Manual
1) Select “Wireless mode”
2) Make sure the folder to
Scan is set to
This is the default setting so
probably this is already ok.
3) Select the checkbox “CamFi mode”.
The CamFi controller will generate a network to which the ID station
will connect. This network has a certain name (SSID) and password.
Every CamFi controller we ship along with ID station generates a
network called “ID station Camfi” and requires a password
These names are preset by Photomatic software, so you only need to
select the checkbox “CamFi mode”. However, you should verify that
the SSID and password are preset to these values.
When using the CamFi controller yor ID station will be connected to
the CamFi controller. So your ID station is not connected to WiFi
Internet! How to use internet then?
1. Connect your ID station to a wired internet connection (cable
LAN). We have or can provide a USB to UTP connector for this.
2. Let ID station switch automatically to a WiF internet when you
need to Email. For this you need to add an aditional Wi-Fi
connection (store Wi-Fi). This option is implemented in
Select the switchbox “Auto switch to Wi-Fi internet”
Enter your store’s Wi-Fi internet
network name and password.
Please do not select this option when using wired (cable) internet!
Installation Manual
When you email an ID photo with ID station it will now autoconnect to
your store Wi-Fi to send the email. When the email is send it will
reconnect to ID station Camfi for the transfer of new
If there is no internet cable connection on the USB
Hub you can use an accessory “USB to UTP”, see
image. Note that when using wired internet you must
deselect the “Auto switch to Wi-Fi internet” option!
Finally save your changes and exit the tool. Now
you’re ready to test your new CamFi controller.
Final check
Final check:
 CamFi controller connected to camera
 Camera and controller are switched on
 Photomatic software settings are changed for CamFi support
Now reboot the ID station and wait until the Photomatic software has
restarted. You should be seeing this:
If there’s a red exclamation mark on the “Wireless mode” button the
ID station is not yet connected to the
CamFi controller. Click on the button
to force ID station to connect to the
CamFi controller (remember the WiFi signal from the controller is
named “ID station Camfi”). The ID station tablet needs to be
connected to that WiFi network. Pushing the button will enforce this.
Installation Manual
When your ID station is connected to the CamFi controller every
picture you take will automatically be sent to the ID station and
displayed by the software.
Instruction videos also available on our YouTube Channel:
Troubleshoot guide for CamFi can be downloaded from the ID station
Don’t forget to charge the batteries!
The CamFi controller runs on a battery that needs to be charged every
day! The CamFi kit contains a USB cable for charging the battery
inside the controller. The battery doesn’t need to be removed from
the controller. Just insert the USB cable into the controller and on the
other end insert the USB cable into a USB port of the ID station or a
AC adapter for 5V USB devices.
Supported cameras
1Dx 5D II 5D III
70D 100D 500D
5Dsr* 6D 7D 7D II* 50D 60D
600D 650D 700D 1100D 1200D
DF* D3 D3s D3x D4 D4s D90 D300
D300s D600
D750* D800* D810* D3200 D3300 D5000*
D5100* D5200* D5300* D5500* D7000* D7100* D7200*
* The USB cable with ID-Fi does not match for these cameras. Please
use the original USB cable that came with the camera.
Installation Manual
CamFi controller Overview
USB connector for connecting to the camera
Network port for connection to the PC (do not use)
Status Indicators;
System status
Flashing indicates the system is starting up.
Constant light indicates successful start-up
Battery status
Will turn “Orange” when the battery is running
Battery charging status
Will turn “Red” when the battery is being charged.
Will Turn “Green” when the battery is charged fully.
Micro USB Battery charging port
Reset button (factory reset)
Lanyard hole
Power switch
tapping hole for the frame
Charging battery:
Use the micro USB cable to connect to the USB port of
the ID station to charge the battery.
Charge the CamFi controller when you when you
are not using it!
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