Yoghurt Maker
Operating Instructions
Yoghurt Maker
Item No: FYM100, GYM100
General care and safety guide
Thank you for choosing this GOLDAIR Yoghurt Maker. This
GOLDAIR appliance has been designed and manufactured to high
standards of engineering and with proper use and care, as
described in this leaflet, will give you years of useful service.
Please read these instructions carefully and keep them for future
✔ Always ensure hands are dry before
handling the plug or the Yoghurt Maker.
✔ Always operate the Yoghurt Maker in the
middle of a secure, dry, level surface.
✔ Always allow the Yoghurt Maker to cool
before cleaning and storing and before
removing and/or cleaning its components.
✔ Carry out regular checks of the supply cord
to ensure no damage is evident. If the supply
cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer, its service agent or similarly
qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
✔ Return the Yoghurt Maker after a
malfunction, or if it has been damaged in any
manner, to an authorised electrical service
technician for examination, repair or adjustment
as special purpose tools are required.
✔ Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
✔ Unplug from outlet while not in use and
before cleaning.
Item No: FYM100, GYM100
Power Supply: 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Power: 11-13W
✘ Never use this appliance outdoors.
✘ Never use this appliance for any purpose
other than its intended use. This appliance is
intended for household use only or in similar
applications such as:
Staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and
other working environments;
Farm houses
By clients in hotels, motels and other
residential type environments;
Bed and breakfast type environments
✘ Never leave the appliance unattended when
in use.
✘ Never allow the power cord to overhang the
edge of a table or bench top or to touch any hot
✘ This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack
of experience and knowledge, unless they are
supervised or have been given instruction
concerning the use of the Yoghurt Maker by a
person responsible for their safety.
✘ Never place this appliance on or near a hot
gas or electric burner or where it could touch a
heated oven or microwave oven. Do not place
in a hot oven.
✘ Never immerse the Yoghurt Maker’s power
housing, the cord set or plug in water or any
other liquid to protect against electrical
✘ Never place the Yoghurt Maker in a
✘ Never use harsh, abrasive or caustic
cleaners to clean this appliance.
✘ The Yoghurt Maker is not intended to be
operated by means of an external timer or
separate remote-control system. The use of an
extension cord is not recommended.
External lid
Internal lid
Power on indicator
Internal lid
(fits into internal lid)
Before first use
Before first use
Carefully unpack the Yoghurt Maker and
remove all packaging material.
Clean the Yoghurt Maker bowl and lid in
warm soapy water. Rinse very well and dry
thoroughly before use.
To avoid risk of electric shock, before
cleaning, you MUST ALWAYS switch off
and unplug the cord from the electrical
Wash bowl and lid in hot soapy water.
Rinse well and dry thoroughly.
Wipe Yoghurt Maker body with a damp
cloth and dry well.
Operating your Yoghurt Maker
Use commercially available yoghurt
sachets that include milk solids and
yoghurt culture. These are available from
supermarkets nationwide.
Following the directions on the sachet, mix
the contents of the sachet with clean water
in a jug. The yoghurt sachet directions
usually state to add water to the sachet
contents up to a total volume of 1.0L.
(Note that is not adding1.0L of water to the
sachet contents, rather it gives a total
volume of 1.0L including the sachet
DO NOT move the Yoghurt Maker while it
is in use.
DO NOT place the Yoghurt Maker where it
will be exposed to draughts or vibrations.
When you remove the yoghurt from the
Yoghurt Maker, be careful to prevent
condensation on lid from dripping into
When you remove yoghurt from the
Yoghurt Maker, place the yoghurt it in the
fridge for 8-12 hours before eating. DO
NOT place the Yoghurt Maker unit in the
fridge. You may need to stir the yoghurt
before consuming.
Whisk/beat contents and water together
until smooth then pout into the Yoghurt
Maker’s inner bowl. Place internal lid and
external lids in position. Plug in Yoghurt
Refer to yoghurt sachet for instructions
Maker and turn on at power outlet.
regarding how long the yoghurt can be
Leave Yoghurt Maker overnight, or for 7 ½ kept.
to 12 hours. Generally, the longer you
leave the yoghurt in the Yoghurt Maker, the
thicker it will become.
Yoghurt starters (eg freeze-dried) are
available in New Zealand via specialist
online retailers, though not generally in
Whereas supermarket-stocked sachets
usually contain milk solids and are added
to water, yoghurt starters contain the
culture but no milk solids, and are
generally added to warmed milk before
placing in the Yoghurt Maker,
Yoghurt starters vary in their composition
and in how they are used. Follow the
directions on the packet of your chosen
yoghurt starter. Unused yoghurt starter can
usually be usually be stored in the fridge or
freezer; refer to the instructions on the
yoghurt starter packaging.
Just as with sachets, you will need to
experiment to achieve your preferred
Tips and ideas
Yoghurt consistency is a matter of personal
preference; you will likely need to
experiment with how long you leave the
yoghurt in the Yoghurt Maker, and for how
long you refrigerate it before consuming.
On cold days, adding a little warm water to
the mix can help make the yoghurt thicker.
The liquid around/on top of the yoghurt
when it comes out of the Yoghurt Maker
can be drained off and used in baking in
place of milk.
Yoghurt sachets are available in many preprepared flavours. Alternatively, use a plain
flavour and, AFTER making and
refrigerating the yoghurt, add your own
flavours such as:
Fresh, canned or cooked fruit
Jams or syrups
Honey; lemon curd/lemon honey;
passionfruit curd/passionfruit honey
Yoghurt flavours/toppings
Dessert flavours/toppings – check out
the dessert shelves and chillers at your
supermarket for inspiration!
Adding uncooked fruit or flavourings to the
mix before placing in Yoghurt Maker kills
the culture and prevents it from working.
The internal bowl and lid must be very
clean before you start. Even tiny food
particles can kill the culture and prevent it
from working.
PO Box 100707, NSMC, Auckland
Monday – Friday 8am-5pm
Phone: 0800 232 633
Website: www.goldair.co.nz
Two year warranty
Your Goldair product has been inspected and
tested and is guaranteed subject to the
following for a period to two years from the
date of purchase against defects in
workmanship and materials. During this
period, such defects will be rectified by repair
or replacement of the product purchased.
Your product contains no user serviceable
components and this warranty becomes
invalid if in our opinion the product has been
misused, abused, incorrectly installed,
tampered with, connected to an electrical
supply not corresponding with the name plate
specification, or subjected to power surges.
The warranty does not include any labour or
other associated expense that may be
involved in removal or installation of the
product. Normal wear and tear is expressly
If the product is to be replaced (cannot be
repaired) then that replacement will be of the
same or similar product or accessory
excluding packaging, instruction card etc.
Where a replacement product is supplied, this
shall be guaranteed for the balance of the
original warranty period.
If your Goldair product fails to operate
satisfactorily, please return it to the retailer
from whom it was purchased. To obtain a
repair or replacement product under this
warranty, you will need to produce satisfactory
evidence of date of purchase. The completed
warranty and purchase receipt must be
presented with the product. The warranty
should be filled out at the time of purchase. It
is in your interest to make sure this is done.
Consumers Guarantee Act (1993).
Any model that is no longer available will be
replaced by a model of a value and with such
features as we consider appropriate in the
circumstances. Goldair Ltd is not responsible
for freight forwarding charges, losses or
damage in transit.
If service is required after the warranty period
has expired, the product should be returned to
a qualified electrical technician. Service
outside of the warranty period will be at your
In accordance with the above act consumers
are advised that: The manufacturer does not
undertake that repair facilities and parts are
necessarily available for this product.
If any of the provisions of the foregoing are
contrary to any relevant legislation, then that
provision shall be deemed to be excluded from
the warranty and the rest of the provisions will
continue to apply.
IMPORTANT: Please retain this warranty card
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