Kawasaki wheel loaders have undergone a revolution. the new Z7

Kawasaki wheel loaders have undergone a revolution. the new Z7
From Kawasaki
Kawasaki wheel loaders have undergone a revolution.
The new Z7 Tier 4i Wheel Loader Series is totally
redesigned from the ground up. Models have
unprecedented fuel economy, outstanding reliability,
and beyond-the-competition productivity.
The Kawasaki Z7 cab provides
outstanding operator comfort.
Quiet, convenient controls,
excellent visibility, multifunction instrument panel,
all designed for operator
productivity and safety.
he new Kawasaki Z7 wheel
loaders are the most dramatic
new models that Kawasaki has introduced
in the past 30 years! Not only totally
redesigned in all areas, but improved to
provide better Efficiency, more Powerful
performance, Intelligent systems for easier
operation, and are more Comfortable to
operate at maximum productivity.
That’s it! Efficient. Powerful. Intelligent.
Comfortable. The new Kawasaki Z7s are
E.P.I.C. loaders in many ways. All this new
stuff, but not compromising on the quality,
durability, and reliability that Kawasaki
loaders are famous for. Just adding value to
the best wheel loader in the industry. That’s
what the Kawasaki Z7 loaders are all about.
These great machines start with great looks.
Sleek styling changes set the Kawasaki Z7s
off from the rest of the pack. When these
machines pull up to the job, people notice.
This is not your father’s Kawasaki loader!
But looks are just the beginning of the story.
Check out the E.P.I.C. value that is behind
these great looking machines.
First are the many features that provide
outstanding efficiency. Most noticeable in
this area is that great improvement in fuel
efficiency. These Kawasaki Z7 loaders have
great fuel economy. But there is more.
n Different power modes fit the
application efficiently.
n Efficient open-center, load-sensing,
excavator-style hydraulic system is
unique in wheel loaders.
n Down-shift switch, shift-hold switch
and quick power button allow the
operator to efficiently adapt to working
n Two automatic shift modes and a
manual shift mode give the operator
the flexibility to match transmission
performance to job conditions efficiently.
Servicing and maintenance are efficient on
the Kawasaki Z7 loaders too.
n Oil-change intervals are extended to
500 hours on engine oil, 4000 hours on
hydraulic fluid, and up to 500 hours on
loader-linkage lubrication.
n Ground-level fueling, grouped grease
fittings, accessible filters, and sight
gauges on tanks makes routine maintenance more efficient than ever before.
Power and productivity go hand in hand.
Kawasaki Z7 loaders continue a tradition
of powerful performance in the powertrain
and hydraulic systems. The reliable and
responsive engines provide great power
as well as great fuel economy. Of course
they are certified to Tier 4i emission levels
by using DPF/EGR technology that is
developed for the tough environment of
wheel loader applications. All engines used
in the Kawasaki Z7 loaders have designed
reserve capacity for long life and great
performance. The hydraulics are likewise
designed for powerful performance. Great
breakout force and lifting capacities make
these machines top in their class. Efficient
Z-linkage is used on all models for the most
efficient and powerful digging performance.
Hydraulic speeds keep shortened cycle times
to provide more production too.
This is the area where the Kawasaki Z7
loaders really excel. Taking the 50+ years
of design experience, Kawasaki developed
systems that figure out what the machine
is doing and adapt the machine to the
circumstances for greater efficiency. Some of
this is done automatically and some is done
with the operator setting the parameters. We
call this overall group of features IntelliTech.
Included in the IntelliTech system is:
n Patented IntelliDig system balances
Rimpull force and Hydraulic digging force
to match conditions.
n SimulLoad system allows for
simultaneous actuation of lift and tilt
while loading.
n QuickCycle system speeds V-loading
n FlexShift varies the shift points of
the transmission to match working
n Efficient Acceleration prevents
wasted energy from over-accelerating
and provides added power for fast
n Shockless Declutch provides smooth
declutch function for level or slope
n Automatic Reversible Cooling Fan is
controlled by multiple inputs for optimum
n All new cab designed for optimum operator
comfort, safety, and productivity.
n Tier 4i engines meet stringent component life standards.
The Z7 models are very responsive as a result of the
match between the engine and the powertrain.
n Proven emissions control.
n Standard back-up camera.
n SimulLoad system allows for
simultaneous actuation of lift
and tilt while loading.
n Automatic Reversible Cooling Fan is controlled
by multiple inputs for optimum operation.
n Patented IntelliDig system balances rimpull force
and hydraulic digging force to match conditions.
n Aerodynamic Fan blade design for
quiet operation.
n Fingertip, Pilot-assisted hydraulic
controls can be single or dual lever.
n Auto-Idle Shutdown senses excessive
idling and shuts down engine to reduce
fuel consumption and improve DPF
n Adjustable Side console to fit operator
The Kawasaki Z7 loaders are not just good
looking, they are smart too!
Operators love to run the Kawasaki Z7
loaders. The roomy, attractive ROPS cab
has loads of features to provide outstanding
n Quiet, well-sealed cab with great visibility
in all directions.
n The standard rear camera supplements
the dual interior and dual exterior mirrors.
n High Visibility front-dash design and
wide front windshield.
n Multi-function instrument panel provides
information and allows for control,
adjustments, and alerts.
n Deluxe, ergonomic air-suspension seat
can be equipped with heated cushions.
n Tilt/Telescoping steering column with
pop-up pedal for convenient entry and exit.
n Thermostatically controlled HVAC
system for year-round climate control.
n Excellent ventilation from sliding side
windows and full-length glass, latchback doors.
n Standard AM/FM/CD with AUX outlet
and dual speakers.
n 12V outlet and 24V lighter outlet, dual
interior lights.
n Convenient storage includes thermal
storage box, cup holders, coat hook, and
large storage shelf.
A comfortable operator is a productive operator, and the Kawasaki Z7 loader operator is
The Kawasaki Z7 loaders are E.P.I.C. loaders
in many ways. But the real proof is in the
seeing. You have to see the Kawasaki Z7
loaders in action. Whether it is in stockpile
or bank loading, working in a trash transfer
station or a scrap yard, equipped with quick
coupler or rock bucket, lifting logs or handling
hot slag, the Kawasaki Z7 loaders are the
loader that gets the job done.
n The industry-exclusive IntelliDig
feature matches the machine rimpull
with the hydraulic power when digging
to optimize the loading efficiency,
resulting in faster cycle times and lower
fuel consumption.
n SimulLoad, a new feature, provides
the ultimate in lift and tilt function. For
optimum loading, use of the lift and tilt
functions simultaneously is required.
This capability is available up to the
point selected by the operator.
n New Z7 technologies work together
to provide the highest fuel economy
possible for any given application or
environment. The Efficient Acceleration
feature, Advanced Cooling Fan Control,
Fuel Efficient Hydraulics, and Tier 4i
technology provide proven fuel savings.
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