Overview Now with iSound - Seidio`s FM wireless

Overview Now with iSound - Seidio`s FM wireless
Now with iSound - Seidio’s FM wireless sound adaptor kit, you can extend
your listening enjoyment in the car and at home. It wirelessly brings portable,
stereo audio to your vehicle and home directly from your mobile audio device.
iSound comes with a top quality, digital FM transmitter, a powered cradle with
lighter charger arm, and a retractable audio cable. Seidio offers two different
iSound models: SM-400. SM-400 comes with a full Spectrum
Digital transmitter and SM- 200 comes with an 16 channel digital FM
The ultimate Car and home solution for your mobile audio devices.
If you frequently travel in your vehicle or just have a long
commute, then you are going to love what iSound can do for
you. It can broadcast your tunes, GPS commands, or any
digital sounds to your car stereo system wirelessly, through
the digital FM transmitter. At home, it can also bring portable,
stereo audio to your home stereo system directly from your
mobile audio device. Ideal for MP3, CD, DVD players, satellite
radios, GPS navigation system, PDAs, smart phones, laptops,
PCs or any portable audio devices with a headphone or
lineout jack.
Extend listening enjoyment with iSound
Your music sounds best through your own stereo speakers in the car or at
home. The iSound's core functionality lies here. With its unique high quality
digital, drift-free FM transmitter, it can transmit crisp and clear music through
your stereo speakers in the car or at home. Featuring unlimited tuning
capability, this full spectrum digital FM transmitter operates from 88 MHz to
108 KHz in 0.1 MHz step, giving you the full FM spectrum to choose from. It
also offer a very impressive sound quality, great transmitter range, easy to
use, front panel tuning control with backlit LCD, and a very attractive style.
Whether in your car or truck, or your home or office, iSound will not
It is amazingly easy to use
Seido wants you to spend more time to enjoy your portable music devices. .
We have made iSound incredibly easy to use. In the car, simply slide the FM
transmitter into the powered cradle, plug the cradle into car cigarette lighter
socket, connect the audio cable to your mobile audio device, then dial FM
transmitter to match the unused FM frequency on your car or home stereo.
You are ready to go. At home, use the AC adaptor instead.
Go wirelessly and extend your listening enjoyment with Seidio’s iSound. A
great performance digital FM transmitter at a very affordable price.
Best sound quality with no obvio
treble can be heard clearly from
clear music through your stereo
Full spectrum digital, drift free d
capability, this digital FM transm
MHz step.
PPL Digitally tuned
Great transmitter range - works a
Easily retune with its backlit disp
High tech car powered cradle wi
power and securely hold the tran
Retractable audio cable (include
Small, stylish and light weight
Best performance digital FM tran
iSound SM - 400
Full Spectrum Digital FM
Power Input
5V / 100mA (max)
Power Source
Car power Adaptor (12-24V DC
Car Powered Cradle (12 - 24V
DC input)
Output RF Range
88Mhz – 108Mhz
Frequency Adjustment
0.1Mhz per step
Audio Cable
Retractable audio cable (2.45 ft)
Display LCD
Backlit LCD Display
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