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Tube Driver Amp
Congratulations on your purchase of the Tube Driver Amp. Tube Driver is the original brainchild of B.KButler. Actually the concept dates back to 1979 when he introduced the original Tube Driver pedal. Tube
Driver Amp incorporates the original E. Q. of the now classic pedal in the overdrive channel and adds
the finest clean tones available in the second channel. You get all this along with our famous MosValve
power amplifier section for unparalleled tonality in a medium-priced rig. Rated at a full 40 Watts, this
amp will deliver plenty of fat sustain and volume. Since the MosValve power section responds like a
power tube/power transformer and the overdrive channel has Real Tube Overdrive, you will not find
many amps that can compete with this amp no matter how high the price!
Real Tube overdrive. Tube is carefully matched and optimized to your Tube Driver's unique characteris tics and tone:
• 40 Watt MosValve power section
• Traditional, classic Tube Driver E.Q.
• Hand-built and wired in USA
• British-coned, American-made, 5OW speaker
• Built to last with rugged components - identical in quality and hand-construction to our higherpriced products
• Spring reverb
• Rugged Ozite covered enclosure for exceptionally long-life and good acoustic isolation properties
• Foot switch included
Your new Tube Driver amp bears a classic name and tradition. Completely designed from the ground up
by the original creator of the vintage Tube Driver pedals, it is destined to become another Tube Works
classic. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the controls and features as outlined in this
FRONT PANEL FEATURES (left to right)
TUBE DRIVE SWITCH — Selects either TUBE Channel (up), or CLEAN Channel (down). Red LED indicates Tube channel is on. Foot switch jack insertion SWITCH (rear panel) cancels the operation of this
INPUT JACK — Wide-range input allows plenty of headroom for all types of guitars.
TUBE DRIVE — Adjusts the amount of gain that drives the tube. Careful attention has been given to produce the most overdrive/sustain possible without creating unnecessary noise and feedback.
RED LED — Indicates that the Tube Drive channel has been selected.
TUBE MATER — Adjusts the amount of output volume from the Tube Drive Channel.
CLEAN GAIN — Adjusts gain level of clean channel. Although this channel is all FET, extremely warm
tubey tonality is produced thanks to the MosValve power section. lows are especially well-balanced.
HI, MID, LO — Classic, passive 3-band E.Q. to enhance the Tube Driver's unique tonal response.
HI 3.5KRz (upper shelving)
MID 800 Hz (center)
LO 150 Hz (lower shelving)
REVERB — Adjusts amount of reverb signal is mixed into the output. Reverb can be canceled by turning
the control to '0'.
HEAD PHONE — Standard 1/4” stereo headphone. Use 8 Ohm or higher impedance.
POWER — Supplies mains power to the amp. Be certain that the proper voltage is supplied to the amp.
The proper voltage for your unit is indicated just below the fuse holder on the rear panel.
REAR PANEL FEATURES (left to right)
POWER INPUT CORD — Heavy-duty cord supplied to the requirements of your local. In USA: Connect
only to 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz. Always use grounded outlet (3 terminal) to avoid operating problems and to
increase safety margin.
FUSE — Use fast-blo 2 Amp for 120 VAC or 1 Amp for 220-240 VAC models. Always replace with the
same type and size fuse.
SPEAKER — Connect only to speaker supplied. NOTE: Use of external speaker may void warranty.
FOOT SWITCH — Switches overdrive on and off.
EFFECTS SEND — Proper send level for most effects devices. Connects to the "in" or “guitar" jack of
your effects. Can also be used as a D.I. (Direct Input) to a mixing console or recorder.
EFFECTS RECEIVE — Unity buffered input from effects devices. Connects to the “out" or "amp" jack of
your effects. Can also be used as a direct Power Amp section input.
NOTE: A common problem many encounter while using effects devices is “ground loops". A ground loop
is often caused when an effects device, mixing board or tape recorder equipped with a 3- prong AC cord
are connected together with audio cables. The electrical difference between the AC ground (at the AC
plug) and the signal ground (audio cords) is amplified. This may result in increased hum levels and in
some cases high-pitched squeals or oscillation at a high gain settings of the amp. The solution is often to
use the same outlet strip for all equipment rather than plugging into various separate outlets. In extreme
cases it may be necessary to isolate the AC grounds. If this is attempted, consult a qualified technician to
insure safety. Tube Works cannot recommend the disabling of any 3rd prong grounding plugs.
The use and operation of this device constitutes an agreement of full release of any and all liability
connected with such use. Only personnel familiar with high-power audio equipment should attempt
to operate this device.
In addition, by the use of this device, user agrees to hold both Tube Works, its designers, sales
agents and all other affiliates and related parties harmless in the event of any accident, injury, damage or loss resulting from such use.
Manufacturer's sole responsibility is to provide a warranty on the specified performance of the product under normal conditions for a one-year period.
Your TUBE WORKS product is warranted for a period of three years against defects in workmanship or
materials in the electronic components. The speaker(s), reverb tank and cabinet (if applicable) are warranted for a period of ninety (90) days.
This warranty applies only to the original registered owner provided he/she has returned a completely
filled-out OWNER’S REGISTRATION CARD within fifteen (15) days of purchase.
This warranty covers parts and labor only; shipping charges remain the sole responsibility of the owner.
Damage due to misuse, modification or abuse is excluded from this warranty.
If service is required, you must contact Genz Benz Enclosures/Tube Works for a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RMA) by calling 480-941-0705. Whenever possible please use
original packaging material for all returns, this will insure that the units are not further damaged in transit.
a division of Genz Benz Enclosures, Inc.
7811 E. Pierce St. ¿ Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Ph: 480-941-0705 Fax: 480-946-2412
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