EVault Software
EVault Software
Data Sheet
Key Benefits
• Superior performance
and reliability
• End-to-end data security
• Automated, scalable
• Regulatory compliance
• Ensured disaster
• Broad platform support
• Easy data center
and network edge
Get professional-grade data protection and
anytime, anywhere access.
EVault Software from Seagate is a proven, reliable, disk-to-disk backup
and recovery solution trusted by customers globally to protect missioncritical data and keep their businesses running. Advanced, patented
technology ensures you can securely protect a growing, heterogeneous
and geographically dispersed network using one simple solution.
Ensured Data Availability and Recoverability
EVault Software ensures that you can meet your growing business and regulatory
demands for data availability and recoverability. There’s broad support for operating
systems and platforms, and it’s easy to back up and recover critical data within
individual databases, mailboxes, or cluster nodes using EVault agents for Microsoft
Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Cluster Services,
and Oracle. EVault Software’s single-pass technology rebuilds backups dynamically,
so there’s no need to restore from multiple incremental backups.
Scalable and Efficient
EVault Software readily scales to accommodate your company’s growth, and provides
a compelling ROI. You can easily and efficiently manage multiple terabytes of backup
data. EVault delta block-level processing technology speeds your backup operations
and dramatically reduces storage costs by backing up only new and changed data
blocks. All data is compressed using EVault’s industry-leading Adaptive Compression
technology before being transferred, dramatically reducing your storage footprint and
backup windows. Data deduplication decreases this further by eliminating duplicate
data within storage. Open files are backed up seamlessly, and variable bandwidth
throttling ensures protection without interrupting operations.
EVault Software centralizes the backup and recovery of all computers distributed
throughout an organization—local and remote.
End-to-End Data Security
Data is encrypted before and during over-the-wire transmission, and remains
encrypted in storage. During restores, decryption occurs only when the encryption
key holder enters the correct passcode. There are no “back door” decryption keys.
EVault Software
Web-based Centralized Management for Distributed Environments
EVault Software simplifies data protection across networks, including remote and branch
office (ROBO) locations. You manage and monitor your backups through a secure
centralized interface, accessible from anywhere with a web browser. Wizards ease
setup and administration, and a dashboard confirms that backups occur as expected.
Customizable views make it easy to manage agents, and role-based user access lets you
delegate backup tasks. To facilitate large deployments, you can apply backup settings from
one system to a group of agents.
Compliance with Industry and Corporate Governance Requirements
EVault Software’s disk-to-disk technology makes it easy to comply with regulations for
confidentiality, accessibility, and secure storage. An intuitive interface lets you configure
retentions flexibly to satisfy your company’s governance policies for data retention. Support
for WORM storage further protects your data, and a tiered storage capability lets you
migrate seldom-used data to lower-cost media.
Broad Platform Support
You can use EVault Software in nearly any combination of platforms and applications
including Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX,
IBM i, VMware, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft
Cluster Services, and Oracle. This is not only easy, but cost-effective: A single solution
unifies data protection across your entire enterprise.
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Features and Benefits
Automated, disk-to-disk
There are no tapes to manage, so you save time and virtually eliminate errors.
End-to-end encryption
Encryption is applied in transit and in storage, ensuring the security of your sensitive data.
Delta processing
EVault “delta” technology backs up only the data blocks in new or changed files, resulting in
significantly faster backup times and minimal back-end storage.
Data deduplication
Reduces your storage footprint, thereby increasing your ROI and helping you manage data growth.
Single-pass restores
Builds complete backups dynamically. . You restore in just one step.
Tiered storage
Reduces administrative complexity and cost of ownership by automatically moving long-term backup
data to more cost-effective storage tiers. Quickly access data to respond to e-discovery requests.
centralized management
Lets you manage your backups from anywhere with a browser.
Broad platform support
With one solution you can cost-effectively protect multiple platforms and applications, including
Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM i, VMware, Microsoft
SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Cluster Services, and Oracle.
Hot backups
Supports 24/7 operations by backing up mission-critical applications while they are online.
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