The Perfect Stage Piano for Beginner or Pro.

The Perfect Stage Piano for Beginner or Pro.
Digital Piano
The Perfect Stage Piano
for Beginner or Pro.
With its attractive looks, improved weighted hammer-action keyboard and 64 world-class piano
and instrument sounds, the new RD-170 Digital Piano is a worthy addition to Roland’s acclaimed
stage piano lineup. New half-pedal recognition and Master Keyboard functions make this lightweight
instrument perfect for professional players, while the RD-170’s affordable price keeps it within
reach of all musicians.
*Product pictured is a prototype model. Actual product appearance may be subject to change.
Affordable 64-voice digital piano ideal for
students and stage performers alike
16 Programmable Setups allow instant recall
of custom settings
88-note weighted hammer-action keyboard
with improved touch response
New half-pedal recognition for sustained playing
just like an acoustic piano
64 high-quality Tones including an amazing
stereo grand piano and more
Split and Layer functions for dividing the
keyboard or playing two Tones at once
New Master Keyboard functions for controlling
external MIDI modules
Onboard 2-track recorder makes recording
performances easy
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Professional Quality
at an Affordable Price
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The RD-170 is a marvel of design. Inside this sleek, lightweight
package is a surprisingly powerful digital piano with features
that rival instruments costing much more. From its improved
weighted hammer-action keyboard to the simplified front panel
and classy wooden end bells, the RD-170 simply outshines
the competition.
Legendary RD Piano Sounds and More
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As one might expect, the RD-170’s piano sounds are nothing
less than phenomenal. The acoustic grand piano is a real
standout; thanks to stereo sampling, every nuance can be
faithfully captured. Of course, there’s also a selection of fine
instrument Tones ranging from electric piano and strings to
organs, mallets and more—64 Tones in all.
New Half-Damper Capabilities
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With new half-pedal recognition, the RD-170 takes on all the
expressiveness of an acoustic grand piano. When used with
the supplied Damper Pedal, this technology allows the RD170 to sense pedal positions other than just “On” and “Off.”
The result is more natural sustained playing that captures the
true spirit of an acoustic piano.
Built-In Song Recorder and More
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The RD-170’s onboard 2-track recorder makes capturing a
performance ultra-intuitive. Or if you don’t feel like playing,
simply listen to one of 16 outstanding demo songs. A built-in
metronome makes it easy for students to stay on beat while
practicing. Whether for home use or on stage, the RD-170
has the features you need most at a price you can afford.
Convenient Master Keyboard
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Whether taking advantage of the onboard Split and Layer
functions to play the internal sounds, or controlling a rack of
MIDI modules, you’ll love using the RD-170 as your master
keyboard. With controller functions built-in, you can play
and control external MIDI modules simultaneously—all with
minimal fuss. The RD-170’s 16 programmable setup memories
make it easy to save and recall custom settings—great for
RD-170 Specifications
■ Keyboard
88-key hammer-action (new) ■ Max polyphony 64 (Max.) ■ Tones 64
TONES, 16 Family. 4 tones for each family ■ Slider Controls Master Volume,
Brilliance, Volume Upper/Layer ■ Display 7-seg (3-digit) LED ■ Play mode Split, Dual,
Full ■ Master Tuning (0.1 Hz Steps) 415.3Hz, 466.2 Hz ■ Transpose (-6 / +5 Semitone
step) ■ Effects Reverb 8 levels, Chorus 8 levels, Resonance 8 levels ■ Touch control
4 types of Touch Sensitivity ■ Tuning 7 Temperament Scale ■ Pedals Damper (Half
damper recognition), Soft/Sostenuto (selectable) - Expression (auto detected) ■ Sequencer
tracks 2 tracks ■ Sequencer note 5,000 notes ■ Metronome Beat: 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4,
5/4, 6/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 8 volume levels ■ Setup (Perform.) Yes ■ Master kbd. func. Yes
■ Demo 16 ■ Connectors Pedal jack x2, Headphone Jack x 2 (Stereo), MIDI In/Out,
Output L/M-R ■ Power supply AC mains ■ Dimensions (mm) TBD ■ Weight 18.0 Kg
■ Supplied accessories Owner’s Manual, Power cable, Music rest, Damper Pedal
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.
Faxback # 10695
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