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Easy. Smart. Fast.
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Phone Number
Digital monochrome MFP for departments
Why Lexmark?
Founded from an IBM heritage in
Lexington, Kentucky, in 1991, Lexmark
is one of the few American companies
to own, develop and market inkjet, laser
and color laser print technologies. As
a long-term member of the Fortune
500, Lexmark is poised to deliver on its
promise to produce quality, dependable
products well into the future.
We listen to our customerss and
we deliver solutions.
Raise your expectations, be
we are raising the bar.
When it comes to our planet, we
know there is no substitute. We
strive to provide industry-leading
environmental practices that
relate not only to our products,
but also to everything we do,
everywhere in the world. For
more details on our environmental,
health and safety practices, visit
our website at www.lexmark.com.
Over 75 percent of the world’s top banks,
retailers and pharmacies use Lexmark.
It’s time to put Lexmark to work for you.
To read about our customers, visit
Outstanding Performance
Be more productive
Increase your office productivity with fully
customizable workflow applications
Save money by producing a wide variety of
output in-house
Exceptional reliability for
fast-paced departments
Ensure your documents
are secure with user
authentication, confidential
printing and data
encryption options
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Complete tasks at the multifunction device through the
e-Task interface and manage devices with network
management tools.
Smart printing and security tools save you
time and valuable resources.
Be more productive with Lexmark’s
embedded solutions framework.
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Vant Dignib
e-Task interface
The Lexmark e-Task interface is the entry point
to your Lexmark multifunction device. It’s a
customizable touchscreen with capabilities for
high-demand multitasking. The e-Task interface
requires virtually no set-up or installation and
can be easily integrated with your network.
Easy network
Easy network management is accomplished
by well-designed tools that facilitate device
administration—streamlining workflow in daily
business operations. We understand networks.
Lexmark MarkVision Professional provides
network administrators with timesaving and
easy-to-use print management applications.
Work easier
The Lexmark embedded web server provides
administrators access to embedded web
pages in order to view, monitor and configure
the multifunction device directly from the
user’s computer.
Lexmark multifunction devices come
fully featured right out of the box. Aside
from providing monochrome printing,
copying, faxing and color scanning, our
multifunction devices come standard with
the following features:
Scan preview
Scan to e-mail
Priority copy
Print from and scan to USB drive
Fax redirect
Lexmark keeps
you secure
Lexmark ‘s MFPs and printers
support industry best practices
for network device protection,
and Lexmark’s enhanced
security features seamlessly
help protect user data without
sacrificing performance.
Confidential print
Operator panel lock
Data encryption
Scanning capabilities
Lexmark provides a variety of scanning options, in
monochrome and color. It is a fast, convenient way to
communicate with colleagues and customers by scanning
documents to your e-mail, desktop, network folder or FTP.
Scan Preview - Preview document prior to sending to
ensure accuracy.
Hard disk wiping
MFP lockout
Secure user authentication
Scan to E-mail - With a single touch of a button, easily scan
your paper based documents to e-mail accounts or groups.
Seamlessly integrates into your corporate LDAP directory.
Secure LDAP over SSL
Scan to Desktop - Multiple ways to scan documents to
a PC/desktop. The scanned file can be sent to an individual
workstation via web browser, ScanBack utility, local or
network TWAIN driver or scanned to network
embedded solution.
Physical locking capabilities
Lexmark multifunction devices have achieved the Common
Criteria Certification for security.
Scan to FTP - Ideal way to archive and share large files
with multiple people.
LDAP/Active Directory can be used by the MFP to
authenticate user credentials, and to look up e-mail or
fax numbers from the corporate directory during
scan-to-e-mail or scan-to-fax operations.
Quickly and easily scan and archive documents in a wide
variety of file formats including: JPG, TIFF and PDF.
Lexmark’s workflow software enables your
business to print less, move more information
fast, and manage documents more effectively.
Framework (eSF)
Lexmark’s eSF gives you control to accomplish
a variety of tasks from the multifunction
device, through an intuitive Java®-based
platform. We offer a wide variety of
embedded applications such as:
Scan to Network - Users can scan documents
to a shared network folder or to a desktop
with the click of a button, saving space on the
server and improving productivity.
Card Copy - This innovative feature helps
save paper and time by copying both sides
of an insurance or ID card onto the front of a
single sheet of paper.
The Lexmark Document Solutions Suite is
a set of powerful applications that will enable
execution of advanced workflow solutions
like form merging, document capturing and
on-demand printing.
Customer Support Application - An icon on
the e-Task interface will link directly to your
dealer’s contact information for quick and
easy service and supplies calls.
Remote Copy - Users can scan a document
directly from the MFP to be printed on a
remote Lexmark color printer.
The eSF allows applications to run directly on
Lexmark’s multifunction devices. The flexible
architecture of the Lexmark eSF allows:
Embedded solutions help your
multifunction device through:
Tailored solutions
Lowered initial hardware cost
Application solutions for your entire fleet of devices
Easy implementation
Easy downloads to the device
Uncomplicated support
Straightforward scanning to many locations
Increased security
Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Feature Gallery
Standard Features
USB Port
Scanner & ADF
Robust Paper
Operator Panel
Work seamlessly
with fax
from the device,
desktop or
Equipped with
the customizable
e-Task interface
and simple
number pad.
results with
PCL 6 emulation
and PDF printing.
Use a USB drive at
Up to 55 ppm
Supports up to
the multifunction
mono and 27
3,100 sheets from
device to scan
ppm color duplex five input sources.
to and print from scanner with up to
a wide variety
75-sheet capacity
of file types,
for hands-free fax,
including PDFs.
copy and scan.
Optional High-Capacity Feeder and Finisher
PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Print Speeds
Black: Up to 35 ppm
Black: Up to 45 ppm
Black: Up to 55 ppm
Paper Capacity:
Standard Input: 3,100 (500 + 500 + 2000 + 100 Bypass)
Standard Output: 500
Maximum Input: 5,100 (500 + 500 + 2000 + 2000 + 100 Bypass)
Maximum Output: 3,800
Paper Handling
Media Information:
Types: Plain Paper, Paper Labels, Card Stock, Transparencies, Envelopes
Size: Letter, Legal, Ledger, A4, A5, A3, JIS B5, JIS B4, Executive, Folio, Statement, Universal
(3.5 in. x 3.8 in. to 11.7 in. x 17 in.), Envelopes (7-3/4, 10, DL, C5)
Weight: Plain Paper: 17 to 28 lb. (64 to 105 g/m2); Card Stock: Up to 110 lb. Index (199 g/m2)
ADF Capacity: Up to 75 sheets
Memory: 256MB/768MB
Time to First Page: As Fast as 5.0 Seconds
Copy Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi
Copy Features: Reduce/Enlarge (25-400%), Paper Saver (2-up and 4-up), Collation, Darkness
Adjustment, Copy Select 1-999, Date/Time Stamp, Duplex, Message Overlay, Priority Copy
(Job Interrupt), Custom Job Build, Mixed Originals
Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi, 2400 Image Quality, 600 x 600 dpi
Processor: 625 MHz
Hard Drive Size: At Least 80GB
Connectivity (Standard): Parallel, USB, Ethernet, USB Direct Interface
Connectivity (Optional): Wireless, Serial, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Optic
Speed: 33.6 bps max; Transmission Speed: Approximately 3 Seconds per Page
Resolution: 200 x 100 dpi, 200 x 200 dpi, 300 x 300 dpi, 400 x 400 dpi
Fax Features: Fax Redirect, Group Fax, Manual Fax, Fax from PC, Up to 512-Character Shortcuts,
Fax Preservation, LDAP Look-up, Caller ID, Speed Dials, Block Junk Faxes
Scan Features: Output Resolutions: Up to 600 x 600 dpi Black, Up to 300 x 300 dpi Color; Scan
Destinations: Network TWAIN, USB, Direct Interface, E-mail, FTP, LDSS, Scan to PC; File Formats:
TIFF, JPG, PDF; Maximum Scan Area is Entire Size of Platen Glass (>11"x17"); Duplex Scanning
Supplies Yield
Toner Cartridges: 30,000*-Page High Yield Toner Cartridge
*Average continuous black declared cartridge yield up to this number of standard pages in
accordance with ISO/IEC19752.
Duty Cycle
Other Options
Up to 150,000 Pages per Month Up to 200,000 Pages per Month Up to 300,000 Pages per Month
Ask your dealer about Lexmark Fleet Manager, Lexmark Document Solutions Suite (LDSS)
Supports Section 508
With high capacity feeder
With finisher
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