WiLine Network Extender
WiLine Network
Broadband Access
Beyond The Office
Broadband Connection
Unlimited Possibilities
Take The Power Of Broadband Into The Field
WiLine can give you high speed Internet access beyond the confines of your
office, so you are free to roam. With WiLine Nomadic Network Extender you
can quickly and symmetrically transfer data anytime, nearly anywhere within
WiLine’s network coverage area using a small portable antenna and your
laptop. Experience the same secure, high-bandwidth connectivity you have in
the office when you’re in the field.
WiLine Nomadic Network Extender keeps you connected within WiLine’s
coverage area. Unlike the asymmetrical services offered by cellular data
providers, our Nomadic Network Extender enables you to quickly transfer
data at symmetrical speeds up to 5 Mbps, realizing the same fast speed on
the upload and the download. So whether you're streaming video, sending
email, talking on a VoIP connection, setting up a one time event or
configuring temporary
Internet access, you can
count on WiLine to deliver
the speed you need.
Symmetrical speeds
up to 5 Mbps
Service availability
within WiLine’s
Network coverage
Secure and encrypted
24 x 7 support
All necessary
equipment provided
(WiLine software, SU,
tripod, GPS, battery
charger, inverter,
network maps and
soft carrying case)
WiLine Difference
Reduce Costs
WiLine Nomadic Network Extender is
an efficient and effective way to
transfer data or set up temporary
Internet access. Eliminate the need
for costly capital investments, like
satellite trucks or short term T-1
lines, when you can utilize WiLine’s
solution at a fraction of the cost to
do the job for you.
Maximize Productivity
Get the job done in less time with
fewer people when you have the
tools you need including a highbandwidth connection that is secure
and reliable. With WiLine Nomadic
Network Extender, a one or two
person team can tape, edit and
transmit a breaking news story in the
field in less time than it takes to drive
back to the newsroom.
Competitive Advantage
Go where you need to go to get the
business. Get a leg up on the
competition by freeing yourself from
the confines of your office domain.
Beat your competitors to the latest
news stories or go where your
customers are with a mobile event
using WiLine’s premium bandwidth
Increase Revenue
Make your business mobile, making
way for new revenue opportunities.
Reach out to your customer base in
new ways. Offer new service
features to existing customers.
Enhance the productivity of your
business all through a broadband
connection that goes beyond your
Reliable Support
24 x 7 support is always available to
assist should a service need arise.
WiLine Nomadic Network Extender Coverage Area
w w w. w i l i n e. c o m
WiLine Nomadic Network Extender has many applications in our mobile world
of business. It is the perfect solution for transmitting video feeds or setting up
temporary access at remote events, construction sites, or natural disaster
areas. Typical mobile network and WiFi connections can’t deliver the upload
speeds and reliability that most businesses require. WiLine Nomadic Network
Extender can give you the speed you need to get the job done as efficiently
and cost effectively as possible.
Setting up a temporary office location at a site that is under
construction can be a costly endeavor with other providers but
with WiLine, temporary Internet access and voice connectivity
is affordable. Though WiLine Nomadic Network Extender, the
construction team can move large CAD files at up to 5 Mbps
and maintain contact with the home office with as many
phone lines as you need. Save money yet improve efficiency
with WiLine Nomadic Network Extender.
Hosting a remote event for your employees or customers and
empowering them with Internet access is feasible and
affordable with WiLine Nomadic Network Extender. Your
business can take the power of broadband outside the office
and into the field for one-time events, conferences, seminars,
meetings and more. WiLine provides the service you need to
set up one-time events that require connectivity.
When you have a hot news story, every minute counts. Driving
the video tape back to the newsroom can use up hours and
minutes that you just can’t spare. Imagine getting it on-air
without the expense of a satellite truck or the wasted
transport time. WiLine Nomadic Network Extender is a
solution that will dramatically reduce your expenses and data
transfer rate so your story can go on-air in record time.
About Us
WiLine is a provider of fast, flexible,
affordable broadband solutions to
businesses of all sizes. We offer
configurable voice, data, networking
and hosting solutions that enable
businesses to select the right
combination of bandwidth and
services to maximize productivity.
Advanced Network
Our tailored solutions are delivered
over our private, facilities-based
Metro Ethernet Network. We bypass
the legacy architecture of the phone
companies, allowing us to offer all
the data and communication
services businesses have come to
expect but with configuration options
and price points that are truly
Personalized Support
We offer an industry leading Service
Level Agreement and our customer
support team is available 24 hours a
day, seven days a week.
Stay connected even when disaster strikes. Let WiLine
Nomadic Network Extender provide temporary Internet access
and phone lines so your business can maintain operations. Our
solution is quick to deploy and the connection speed is fast so
you can be back in business in no time.
Alternative Provider
Connection Speed
File Size
Upload Time
Download Time
5 Mbps
50 Mb
42 seconds
42 seconds
384 kbps/768 kbps
50 Mb
21 minutes
9 minutes
Alternative Provider defined as a typical Mobile Wireless or WiFi provider
Call WiLine to learn how our broadband solutions can help your business.
w w w. w i l i n e. c o m
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