ATI FireGL V3100 Graphics Card - Server

ATI FireGL V3100 Graphics Card - Server
ATI FireGL V3100 Graphics Card
ATI FireGL V3100 PCI-Express graphics controller kit.
Includes: PCA with ATX bracket, DVI to VGA converters, CD and manual.
The new ATI FireGL V3100 graphics card offers workstation feature-set and performance. With programmable shaders, and dual
display support, the FireGL V3100 is a powerful and robust entry workstation graphics product. The FireGL V3100 represents a
revolutionary combination of performance and features, including 128 MB DDR memory, programmable graphics pipeline and
performance optimized OpenGL and DirectX drivers. The FireGL V3100 Graphics Controller is a perfect solution for the CAD and
professional DCC user communities requiring breakthrough application performance at an entry price point.
Performance & Features
Features include a unified memory architecture, which dynamically allocates memory between graphics subsystems, which optimally
load balances across ATI's patented crossbar memory controller, resulting in maximum memory bandwidth utilization. Other features
128MB DDR graphics memory
Dual outputs (1 DVI-I and 1 VGA) for dual monitor support
Hardware overlays
Hardware accelerated antialiased points and lines
Two-sided lighting
Occlusion culling
Advanced full-scene antialiasing
Optimized and certified for OpenGL1.5 and DirectX 9.0
Programmable pixel and vertex shaders
Multi-display productivity
PCIe x16 bus
The ATI FireGL V3100 graphics card is supported on HP xw4200, xw4300, xw6200, and xw8200 Workstations.
Service and Support
The ATI FireGL V3100 graphics card has a one-year limited warranty or the remainder of the warranty of the HP product in which it
is installed. Technical support is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day by phone, as well as online support forums. Parts and
labor are available on-site within the next business day. Telephone support is available for parts diagnosis and installation. Certain
restrictions and exclusions apply.
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ATI FireGL V3100 Graphics Card
Technical Specifications
Form Factor
Graphics Controller
Bus Type
Multi-monitor support
PCI-Express x16
128 MB 200MHz DDR unified frame buffer, Z-buffer and Texture storage
1 DVI-I analog/digital and 1 VGA analog monitor output
Dual integrated display controllers supporting up to two analog displays at 2048x1536 @ 85Hz on
both displays.
Dual 400 MHz integrated
Architecture features
128-bit memory interface
128-bit IEEE floating-point precision
24-bits per RGBA color precision
4-bit sub-pixel precision
2 parallel geometry engines
4 parallel pixel pipelines
2x/4x/6x FSAA
Hardware accelerated antialiased points and lines
Hardware OpenGL overlay planes
Hardware accelerated two-sided lighting
Hardware accelerated clipping planes
Hardware accelerated occlusion culling
Hardware accelerated clip planes
Shading architecture
Smartshader™ technology
Programmable pixel and vertex shaders
16 textures per pass
Pixel shaders up to 160 instructinos with 32-bit floating point precision for each RGBA component
Multiple render target support
Shadow volume rendering acceleration
High precision 10-bit per channel frame buffer support
Supported graphics APIs OpenGL 1.5
DirectX 9.0
Available graphics drivers HP-tested: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000, and Linux
HP qualified drivers may be preloaded or available from the HP support Web site:
Maximum Resolution
DVI-I output – drives digital display at resolutions up to 1600x1200
Internal 400MHz RAMDACs – drives dual analog displays up to 2048x1536 @ 85Hz each
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Worldwide — Version 4 — August 9, 2005
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