90767 MIU Mandoline Manual.pub

90767 MIU Mandoline Manual.pub
If you have any problems with this unit, contact Consumer Relations for service.
Email: customerservice@miufrance.com
Please read operating instructions before
using this product.
Please keep original box and packing materials in the event that service is required.
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without notice
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Model: 90767
Made in China with exact specification from MIU France
MIU France is a registered trademark of MIU, LLC
Model: 90767
Limited Warranty
Your MIU France Stainless Steel Mandoline features a selection of blades
with variable thickness adjustments which make it one of the most versatile kitchen tools available for slicing and cutting vegetable and fruits. By
switching blades and adjusting the thickness of each cut, this Mandoline
can produce various cut styles including French fry, julienne, paper-thin,
crinkle, and waffle cuts.
This warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials in the mechanical parts, arising under normal usage and care, in this product for a
period of 12 months from the date of purchase provided you are able to
present a valid proof of purchase. A valid proof of purchase is a receipt
specifying item, date purchased, and cost of item. A gift receipt with date
of purchase and item is also an acceptable proof of purchase. Product is
intended for household use only. Any commercial use voids the warranty.
Warning: Blades are extremely sharp. Always use the included safety
holder / pusher and please read all instructions and use with care and
caution. Always hold the rubberized hand grip on top of the mandoline
when processing food. Use extreme caution when handling blades as
they are very sharp. Never store your blades loose in a drawer or on the
countertop. Always use the included plastic storage holder. Do not attempt to use this Mandoline until you have carefully studied and understand these instructions. Failure to do so may result in injury to yourself
or the Mandoline.
This warranty covers the original retail purchaser or gift recipient. During
the applicable warranty period within normal household use, we will repair
or replace, at our discretion, any mechanical part which proves defective,
or replace unit with a comparable model.
All metal parts of the Mandoline are made up of high quality 18/10
stainless steel, making the Mandoline completely dishwasher safe. The
straight carbon blade is for slicing while the serrated blade is mainly used
for crinkle or waffle cuts. The julienne blades can create vegetable or fruit
sticks of various widths. The stainless steel guiding plate located on the
upper section of the Mandoline is for adjusting the thickness of the vegetable or fruit slices. Finally, the safety holder / pusher protects your hands
from the blade. For use on the kitchen counter, unfold both the upper and
lower legs. When you want to use the Mandoline directly on a container
such as mixing bowl, the Mandoline should lay flat across the container,
but please remember not to fold the upper leg.
Damages from improper installation
Damage from service by other than an authorized dealer or service
Note: For best results, vegetables should be pre-cut into manageable
chunks in order to properly fit within the safety holder.
To obtain service under the terms of this warranty, call our customer
service at: (206) 605-0555
Defects other than manufacturing defects
Damages from misuse, abuse, accident, alteration, lack of proper
care and maintenance
This warranty gives you special legal rights and you may also have other
rights to which you are entitled which may vary from state to state.
Replacement Parts
Replacement parts are available for purchase. Please check our website
for up to date parts list and prices. http://www.miufrance.com/parts.htm
Page 1
Page 10
Care and Cleaning
The Stainless Steel Mandoline is designed to require only minimal maintenance. The body and the blades are dishwasher safe, but hand washing
is always preferred to extend product life. The slicing blade should be
sharpened from time to time, while the serrated blade should be brought
to a cutlery specialist for occasional sharpening services. Any good gourmet store should be able to give a recommendation. For storage, place
Mandoline in a clean, dry location.
Before Your First Use
Carefully unpack your Mandoline and wash thoroughly according to the
Care and Cleaning section of this manual.
Warning! Always remove blades from the Mandoline before attempting
to clean to prevent laceration.
It is recommended to wash the Mandoline in hot water before use. It
should also be washed after every use, with hold soapy water in the sink
or in the dishwasher. Rinse with hot water in order to flush out vegetable
residues. You may then towel and/or air dry. Do not clean the Mandoline
with any implement which might damage the edge of the blades. The
Mandoline does not require any lubricating greases or oils. Lubricants
that are unsafe for human consumption should not be applied.
Blade Storage
Figure 11 The straight, serrated and julienne blades
should be stored in the plastic holder as
shown in figure 11.
Page 9
Page 2
Using Your Mandoline cont’d
Figure 8
Figure 9
Serrated Blade (Crinkle & Waffle Cuts)
The serrated blade (figure 8) must be inserted from the side of the Mandoline in the
horizontal position (figure 7). It is ideal for
crinkle and waffle cuts. A crinkle cut requires only one pass over the blade. For
waffle cuts, you have to adjust the height of
the upper plate so that the slices you are
creating are very thin. First, you make one
slicing pass with the serrated blade. Next,
you rotate the safety holder/pusher 90 degrees, and make a second pass over the
serrated blade to complete the waffle cuts.
Note: The serrated blade should not be
used in conjunction with julienne blades,
because the blades may interfere with each
Figure 10 The Julienne Blades
The julienne blades (figure 9) must be inserted
on the opposite side of the straight blade in the
vertical position (figure 10). You should only
the julienne blade in conjunction with a straight
slicing blade (figure 6). Always hold the julienne blades by their handle. They are ideal
for making sticks, fries and shoestring potatoes. These blades are to be inserted into the side of (i.e. body) opposite the side
that the straight and serrated blades are inserted into (figure 7). Insert the desired
width julienne blade and be sure to insert it all the way into the slot, seating firmly.
Adjust the thickness of the upper plate and then place the vegetable lengthwise into
the safety handle. Use firm and even pressure to slide the safety holder/pusher
Page 3
Page 8
Using Your Mandoline
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7
Page 7
Adjusting the Thickness
You can adjust the thickness of a given cut
by moving the lever beneath the gliding
plate in a downward arc for thinner slices,
and in an upward arc for thicker slices
(figure 5). When holding the Mandoline
and looking down the top of the gliding
plate, the gap between the upper plate and
the blade is actually the thickness of the
cut. (figure 4) The incorporation of a thickness adjustment lever allows you to adjust
the lever to any desired position within its
arc and the thickness will stay the same
during slicing. Applying firm pressure
should not change the thickness.
Inserting Blades
Warning: Please hold blades by their handle to prevent accidental injury.
Straight Blade (Slicing)
The straight blade (figure 6) must be inserted from the side of the Mandoline in the
horizontal slot, (figure 7). It is ideal for slicing a variety of foods, such as carrots, cabbage, lemons, and potatoes, just to name a
few. Your imagination is the limit. However, the blades works best on firm vegetables and fruits. Overly soft vegetables and
fruits will tend to tear, rather than slice
cleanly. The straight blade is especially
useful to make paper thin slices. It must be
use in conjunction with a julienne blade to
create julienne cuts.
Table of Contents
Before Your First Use
Know Your Mandoline
Assembling Your Mandoline
Using Your Mandoline
Care and Cleaning
Blade Storage
Limited Warranty
Parts Ordering
Page 4
Know Your Mandoline
Figure 3
Stainless Steel
safety holder /
Assembling Your Mandoline
Rubberized non-slip
grip handle
Figure 1
Plastic container
to hold all blades
for easy storage
Figure 2
Folding leg
with non-slip
Figure 3
High carbon
stainless steel
straight slicing
2mm, 4mm, 7mm and 10mm Julienne blades are included
Page 5
High carbon
stainless steel
serrated blade
for crinkle and
waffle cuts
Page 6
Unfold the legs as shown in figure 1.
Ensure that the bottom leg clicks into
place as shown in figure 2.
Insert the blade of choice according
to the section “Using your Mandoline”
Place food to be processed onto the
safety holder spikes and using the
S.S holder with downward pressure
move back and forth across the
blades to process food, figure 3
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