Intel® Education Classmate PC Convertible

Intel® Education Classmate PC Convertible
Intel® Education
Classmate PC
Convertible Intel classmate PC brings enhanced teaching and learning to students
with new education-specific hardware features and software applications. Based on
extensive research in classrooms worldwide and in collaboration with educators and
local vendors, convertible classmate PCs bring advantages from localized content to
interoperability with school networks and infrastructures.
Pine Tree Peak Refresh Highlights:
• A tablet and laptop in a single device designed with students in mind
• Intel® Celeron® processor on Windows* 8 or Intel® Atom™ processor on Windows* 7
• Reversible docking gives students flexibility to collaborate and create content
• Rugged, durable design supports anytime, anywhere learning, with 70 cm dropresistance1 on concrete and water and dust resistance meeting IP51 standard
• Snap-on magnification lens supports inquiry-based learning
• Temperature sensor probe works with SPARKvue* software to enable experiments and
inspire curiosity
• Front-facing and rear-facing cameras promote content creation and scientific
• Eight hours of tablet battery life plus optional additional three hours when docked
• Intel® Education Software engages students in 21st century learning and empowers
• Intel® Education Services3 enables IT to protect students and manage the technology
• Intel® Education Resources3 support students and= provide professional development
for teachers
Convertible Intel classmate PC includes Intel Education Software, a comprehensive
suite of applications to improve education.
The software is designed to:
• Engage students in 21st century learning and build communication, collaboration,
solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy skills.
• Empower educators with tools to improve the learning experience and effectively
manage their
eLearning classroom.
• Enable IT to protect students, secure data, and manage infrastructure.
McAfee Antivirus Plus and McAfee Mobile Security both part of Intel Education monitor
and protect devices in real time against malicious software, risky websites, dangerous
emails and various online threats, such as viruses, trojans and spyware. Also, protect
user privacy through intelligent analysis of apps and blocking risky web links
embedded in emails, search, social media and QR codes.
Intel® Education Lab Camera by Intellisense turns a webcam into a useful tool to
explore nature, deeply getting to know the microscopic world of nature, promote
scientific inquiry and make abstract concepts tangible through observing,
experimenting and measuring nature phenomenon.
Intel® Education Media Camera by Intellisense allows user to capture and edit video
and photography. Hence it may promote creativity and development of digital skills and,
help students improve their visual communication ability, and produce and publish their
own content.
SPARKvue* is a data analysis application used to study science and math concepts.
The sensor-based data analysis tool provides a meaningful and engaging way for
students to experience 21st century science learning.
Designed specifically for education, Kno Textbooks* is an interactive e-Reader that
provides powerful navigation and search tools, annotation tools, course management,
and reference capabilities.
ArtRage* is a painting and drawing application that simulates real-world materials to
enable students to easily create sophisticated digital artwork. Because it is intuitive
to use, students can spend more time nurturing their inner Picasso than laboring to
learn a complex program.
Classroom Management can enhance overall classroom productivity and support
collaborative student work. The application provides teachers with tools to organize
and send/receive lessons, administer assessments, and control student activity while
eliminating distractions.
Helps protect capital and operational investments. Tools include a Management
Server that supports complex deployments, a Management Dashboard that monitors
clients and implements policies, and Hardware Hardened client rendering stolen
systems valueless. Easy for students to use with no student interactions and no login
passwords required.
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