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Safety & Precautions
1. Important Instructions
(1) This product is not a toy but a precision piece of equipment with integrated technologies
of mechanics, electronic, air dynamics and radio frequencies. In order to avoid accidents,
the operator must read these instructions carefully. Use safety precautions when operating,
if operated incorrectly, serious physical injury and/or property loss may occur.
(2) This product is suitable for operators with previous hobby flying experience, age 14 and up.
(3) Only fly in a safe environment that is legal for remote control flying.
(4) We do not take any responsibility for the operation and control of this device
and related safety responsibilities.
(5) We entrust authorized dealers to provide technology support and after sales service,
please contact your place of purchase with any operating questions or repairs.
2. Safety Instructions
(1) Operate far away from obstacles and crowds.
This drone has uncertain flying speed and conditions which present potential danger.
Fly away from people and animals, high buildings, high voltage wiring, etc. Avoid bad weather
conditions, wind, rain, thunder, and other conditions to ensure a safe and fun flying environment.
(2) Avoid high temperatures.
This drone is made of metal, carbon fiber, plastic, electronic components and
other materials. Keep away from any heat source and avoid using in high temperatures
such as hot sunny days to avoid transformation and broken parts resulting from the heat.
3. Flight Environment
The inside of this drone is integrated with precision electric and mechanical parts,
avoid water and wet environments. Water can enter the aircraft and result in part breakdown
and accidents may occur.
4. Attention Before Flying
(1) It is recommended that the flying area is at least an area of 10ft x 10ft x 10ft.
(2) Be sure that the transmitter and drone batteries are fully charged.
(3) Be sure that the throttle is at its lowest position to avoid premature flight.
(4) Before playing turn on the drone first, then turn on the transmitter. Incorrect
operation may result in failure and the possible influencing of other devices in area.
(5) Ensure that all plugs and wires are secure and in place, rocking during flight
loosen over time.
Parts Overview
USB Charger
Power Switch/
Charge Port
Card Slot
Picture / Video Indicator
Spare Rotors
SD Card & Reader
Power Indicator
Trim Mode
/Strafe Left
/Strafe Right
/Flip Stunt
/Turn Left
/Turn Right
Take Videos
Take Pictures
Flying Environment
Please fly in an open, spacious area with no obstacles, people or animals nearby.
- Please make sure your environment is suitable to fly in.
- When flying, do not fly out of your field of vision.
- Children should only fly under adult supervision.
-Range of control: Do not fly the drone beyond the range of 80ft. Doing so may result in loss
of control.
Warning: Do not fly in windy conditions, loss of control and damage may occur.
Flight Time: The drone will experience a loss in throttle power when battery is getting low.
When you notice this immediately fly back to your start position to prevent loss or damage.
Please refer to manual to ensure correct flight controls.
Please do not release the
throttle suddenly while flying.
Loss of control and damage
to parts may occur.
Do not fly near obstacles
to avoid unnecessary
The drone should be flown
at least 3 feet from the ground.
Battery Installation
Note: Make sure batteries are inserted correctly with the proper polarity.
1. Open the battery
cover on back
of transmitter.
2. Install 2 AAA batteries
3. Replace battery cover
on transmitter.
Drone Charging
Connect the drone to the USB charging cable as shown, insert USB into computer
or any USB charging port. The USB charger will light up to indicate charging.
When the light turns off charging is complete, disconnect drone promptly.
Take Off Guide
Follow the steps below to pair your transmitter to drone and start flying:
1. Ensure the transmitter is off and move the throttle
stick to its lowest point. (Figure 1)
2. Switch the drone on and place on a level surface suitable to take flight from, the
drones lights will be blinking.
3. Turn on transmitter and move the throttle stick all the way up (Figure 2) the
transmitter will beep. Move all the way back down (Figure 3) and the transmitter will
beep again to indicate pairing. The Drone will stop flashing at the same time.
You are now ready to fly.
Operation and Controls
Attention: Please understand the controls and movements of the drone during
operation to prevent injury. During operation drone will lose some power
as battery depletes, you will need to increase throttle to maintain flight.
THROTTLE - Control the drone to make it ascend or descend.
DIRECTION - Control the rotation of the drone left or right with the throttle stick.
RUDDER - Control the forward and backward movement of drone.
AILERON - Control the drones left to right strafing movements.
Note: When drone is facing you, controls are reversed.
Speed Control
This drone has three speed modes with increasing speed and sensitivity to the
controls for more advanced users and different flight areas.
Gently press in on the throttle stick (Figure 1) to cycle through the three modes:
One Beep : 30% Sensitivity for beginners and indoor environments.
Two Beeps: 50% Sensitivity for intermediate users indoors or outdoor environments.
Three Beeps: 70% Sensitivity for advanced users in large indoor or outdoor environments.
The more sensitivity, the faster the drone will move, the lower the sensitivity the slower
the drone will move.
Flip Stunt Mode
In any speed mode you can easily preform a stunt flip in any direction. Simply
press in on the right control stick (1), you will hear a beep when entering flip stunt
mode. Move the right control stick in any direction to flip in that direction (2).
When entering stunt mode make sure drone is hovering at least 4 feet before
flipping in any direction. The drone will lose some altitude after a flip so this
will make it easier to continue flight uninterrupted.
Trimming Adjustment
Step 1 - Press Trim Mode to start process;
Step 2 - Use the Left and Right control sticks to adjust drone trim;
1. Turn Left Trim
2. Turn Right Trim
3. Strafe Left Trim
4. Forward Trim
5. Strafe Right Trim
6. Backward Trim
Step 3 - Press the Trim Mode button again to stop adjusting trim;
Note: When in trim mode, the left and right control sticks can not be used to
control the direction of drone.
Camera Operation
Picture Operations:
While flying the drone, press the picture button on the transmitter once to take
a single picture. The indicator light will flash once to indicate image is captured
and saved to the installed memory card.
Video Operations:
While flying the drone, press the video button on the transmitter once to start
recording video. The indicator light will turn on to indicate video is being
recorded. Press the video button again to stop recording, the indicator light will
turn off and the video is saved to the installed memory card.
After flight, use the included card reader to view images and footage on any computer.
Accelerator Calibration
When the drone flies unstable or drifts quickly in one direction you need to calibrate
the accelerometer.
1. On a flat surface, pair the transmitter to the drone so it is ready to fly.
2. Set the drones speed to maximum, 3 beeps. Keep the throttle at its lowest
3. Push the left control stick to the bottom-left corner and the right control stick
to the bottom-right corner. The drones
lights will flash for 1-2 seconds to
indicate calibration is complete.
Troubleshooting of Drone
Maintenance Method
Rotors don’t work Turn off drone and transmitter, turn on and pair again.
or drone is drifting If problem persists, check rotor blades and replace if
on take off
Can’t take off
Turn off drone and transmitter, turn on and pair again.
Recharge drone battery. Replace transmitter batteries.
If still not working, perform Accelerator Calibration.
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