TekTalk WELCOME GUIDE - TekSavvy Help Centre

TekTalk WELCOME GUIDE - TekSavvy Help Centre
“Follow these
instructions for
an accurate guide
to your TekTalk
hardware setup.
W hen first connecting TekTalk, connect the included Ethernet cable to an available
Ethernet port on a modem.
onnect the other end of the Ethernet cable C
to the TekTalk Adapter’s WAN port.
onnect a telephone to the TekTalk Adapter’s
PHONE 1 port using a standard telephone cable.
onnect the included power adapter to the
TekTalk Adapter’s POWER port. Connect the
other end to a standard electrical outlet.
heck the phone for a dial tone. If there is a C
dial tone, place a phone call to make sure the
ATA (analog telephone adapter) is working. This
process may take as long as 20 minutes,
so do not disconnect the adapter.
TekTalk Welcome Guide
Once your phone is working,
congratulations – your phone has been
successfully provisioned. In some
instances having your TekTalk Adapter
plugged directly into your modem could
affect your Internet speeds. If you
are using a router with your Internet
modem, you may plug your TekTalk
Adapter into your router AFTER it has
been provisioned through your modem.
Anonymous Call Rejection
*341 to *346
*351 to *356
Automatic Callback
Automatic Recall
Call Barring
Call Forward
Call Forward Busy
Call Forward Fixed
Call Forward No Answer
Call Hold
Call Pickup
Call Trace
Caller ID Blocking
Calling Name and Number Delivery
Cancel Call Waiting
Directed Call Pickup
Do Not Disturb
Last Caller ID Erasure
Off-Premise Extension
PIN Change
Priority Call
Regular Reminder Calls
*314 to *317
Reminder Calls
*310 to *313
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Forwarding
Selective Call Rejection
TekTalk Welcome Guide
Speed Dial 30
Speed Dial 8
Unlimited Local Calling
Through TekTalk, you can call anyone in your local
region as many times as you want and for however
long you want.
Local Area Restrictions may apply. Please visit
localcallingguide.com to view your local calling area.
Free calls between TekTalk customers
All calls between TekTalk phone numbers are free of charge. No matter where and when.
100 minutes North America Long Distance
The first 100 minutes of calls made outside of
your local calling area within North America (NA)
(excluding Mexico) are on us. All calls made after the
first 100 minutes are subject to $0.029/minute rates.
100 NA Long Distance rates apply for TekTalk
Premium customers only.
Caller ID
This feature allows TekTalk users to see who is
calling by showing their name and telephone number.
For this feature to be useful, your telephones/
handsets must have a visual display, and support this feature.
After one to two telephone rings, the name and
number of the caller will be displayed, including calls
made from non-published numbers. If a caller has
intentionally blocked the display of their name and
number, ‘Private Number’ and ‘Private Name’ will
appear on your display screen.
You can withhold your Outbound Caller ID by using
the TekTalk Portal (under Settings, Calls). This
is accessible to TekTalk Premium and Unlimited
customers only.
Displaying incoming call name and number
(individually or both) can be done in the TekTalk
Portal (under Settings, Calls). This is accessible to
TekTalk Premium and Unlimited customers only.
Call Forwarding
To turn on Call Forwarding from your phone:
1 Dial *72
2 Enter the 10-digit phone number you want to forward calls to
3 Press #
To turn off Call Forwarding from your phone, simply dial *73.
TekTalk Welcome Guide
Features for
TekTalk Premium
AND Unlimited
Advanced Voice Mail
Advanced Voice Mail allows you to customize how and when your messages are delivered to you.
You can set different options for each type of call.
This feature allows callers to leave a voicemail for
a TekTalk user if the user is unavailable. It can be
managed both through your handset connected to the Phone Adapter (dial *98 and follow the prompts),
or by using the TekTalk Portal.
To initialize Voice Mail, dial *98 from your TekTalk
phone. Note that the password you select for your
Voice Mail will be your TekTalk PIN and will also be
your password for the TekTalk Portal. You cannot log in to the TekTalk Portal until you have setup your voice mail and have chosen a password.
TekTalk Portal to Manage Service
Our TekTalk Portal allows you to manage all of
your features that are included with your TekTalk
service. To access the TekTalk Portal, go to:
1 https://tektalk.teksavvy.com/portal
2 Enter your 10-digit TekTalk phone number and your TekTalk PIN as your password. You
will have created your PIN as a part of your
Advanced Voice Mail setup.
3 Click “Login”
The TekTalk Portal can be used to manage all
the features of your TekTalk.
Visual Call Waiting
Visual call waiting not only shows you who is calling,
it also displays the information of who is calling while
you are already on the phone. This feature allows you
to see who is calling (name and telephone number)
while you are on a call.
Note that for this feature to be useful, your
telephones/handsets must have a visual display,
and support this feature.
When you wish to take the second incoming call, you
simply press the FLASH button to switch between
the current call and the new call.
TekTalk Welcome Guide
Three-Way Calling
Selective Call Blocking
The Three-Way Calling feature allows you to connect
up to 3 different callers (including yourself) at one time.
The Selective Call Blocking feature allows you
to create a list of numbers to prevent them from
calling you.
To enable this feature, after connecting
to the first caller, you would:
1 Press the FLASH or LINK button on your
handset, wait for dial tone, then dial *71
Call Privacy
Call Privacy allows you to select how calls with
Unknown Names/Numbers will be routed to you.
2 Next you should dial the second number
3 W hen the second party picks up, press FLASH or LINK on the handset to connect all three people
Do Not Disturb
The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to temporarily
disable your line to prevent inbound calls.
Screening List
Reminder Call
The TekTalk Screening List allows you to filter which
calls ring to your phone. You can customize specific
numbers to have specific outcomes.
The Reminder Call feature allows you to set
reminders that are delivered to you by a phone call
for specific events.
Enhanced Call Forwarding
The Enhanced Call Forwarding feature allows you to customize how and when calls are routed to you.
You can set different options for each type of call.
The SimRing feature allows you to set a list of
numbers which will ring (in addition to your own
number) whenever someone calls you. Any of the
other numbers that ring can answer the call.
The Caller ID Block feature allows you to block your
Caller ID on outbound calls.
To enable this feature, you will need to:
1 Dial *67 before you dial the number
2 Note that if you wait too long to dial the number
after dialing *67, your phone may be temporarily
disabled. You will have to dial *68 to start over.
TekTalk Welcome Guide
“call me when you
get teksavvy so i
don’t worry.
Does TekTalk
provide access
to 911 Services?
Yes, we do offer access to
emergency 911 services, but
there are some differences and
limitations in how 911 calling via
TekTalk operates relative to 911
calling via traditional telephone
Does network
congestion cause
any problems with
911 calling?
It is possible that there may be
a reduction of the speed in the
routing of 911 calls via TekTalk
during periods of heavy network
TekTalk Welcome Guide
How does 911 calling
via TekTalk differ
from the traditional
telephone services?
With traditional 911 telephone
services, your call is sent directly
to the nearest emergency
response centre. In addition,
your call-back number and
last address are visible to the
emergency response call centre.
With 911 calling via TekTalk,
your call is sent to a national
emergency call centre. Whether
or not your call-back number
and the last address registered
with us for your TekTalk Service
are visible to the emergency call
centre operator, you will be asked
to confirm your location. The call
centre operator will then transfer
you to the emergency response
centre nearest your location. You
should be prepared to provide
your name, address and call-back
number with the operator. Do not hang up unless told directly to do so.
What happens if
my 911 call gets
If your 911 call gets disconnected,
you should immediately dial 911 again.
If you are unable to speak
during a 911 call, and the call
centre operator has access to
a call-back number and last
registered address associated
with your TekTalk Service, the
operator will transfer the call to
the emergency response centre
closest to that address. In order
for emergency services to be
dispatched to the correct address
in such cases, you must ensure
that the registered address that
you have provided to us is always
the same as the physical address
where your TekTalk service is
located. Whenever you move the
physical location of your TekTalk
Device or you add a line, you must
update your registered address
Address registrations and
updates may be completed here:
What happens
if I am unable to
speak during my
911 call?
911 calling will not function in the
event of a power or broadband
outage. Further, following a
power failure or disruption, you
may need to reset or reconfigure
your TekTalk Device prior to
completing calls, including 911 calls.
What happens
to 911 calling if
there’s a power or
broadband outage,
or if my broadband
is disconnected?
In order for TekTalk 911 calling
to function as intended, yes, you
will need to register your address
for each changed, newly added or
newly ported number.
Can faulty
affect 911
Yes, improper installation or
configuration of a TekTalk Device
will prevent 911 calling from
functioning as intended.
What can I do to
prevent improper
installation of a
TekTalk Device?
You can register your address here:
Do I need to
register my
address for
911 calling
to work?
TekTalk Welcome Guide
Immediately following installation
of your TekTalk Device, and
following every power outage,
you should immediately make
a test call from your device to
ensure the service is functioning
correctly (DON’T CALL 911
If your TekTalk Service is not working, Call Technical Support at:
What should I
do if my TekTalk
Service is not
TekTalk 911 Service might not
function correctly, or at all, for the
following reasons:
If your hardware fails, is not
configured correctly, or does
not meet our requirements.
In the event of a high-speed
Internet outage.
In the event of network or
power failure.
If you tamper with or, in some
cases, move the hardware.
Following termination of
your account.
Why might my
911 Service not
work properly?
Is TekSavvy
responsible for
the completion
of 911 calls over
No, we do not have any control
over whether calls using our
911 service are answered by
any local emergency response
centre. We are not responsible for
the conduct of local emergency
response centres and the national
emergency calling centre. We
rely on third parties to assist
us in routing 911 calls to local
emergency response centres and
to a national emergency calling
centre. Since we rely on third
parties to assist us, we deny any
and all liability in the event that
the third party data used to route
the calls is incorrect.
Can I access
services through
the operator?
No, TekSavvy and TekTalk
do not currently offer any
operator services.
TekTalk Welcome Guide
Yes, TekSavvy reserves the right
to do this in any of the following
You are in breach of TekSavvy’s
Terms and Conditions.
You exceed your prescribed
credit limit.
You exceed the reasonable
usage limits.
You have given false, misleading
or outdated information to
We suspect fraudulent, unlawful
or improper usage.
You harass, threaten or abuse
us or our employees/agents.
Can my TekTalk 911
Service be restricted,
suspended, blocked
or terminated
without my consent?
First, you should check to see if
you have an outstanding balance
that needs to be paid.
If the problem persists, please
call Technical Support at:
You fraudulently or improperly
seek to avoid payment to us.
We need to install, maintain,
inspect, test, repair, remove,
replace, investigate, protect,
modify, upgrade or improve the
operation of the Services, the
hardware or our facilities or
Any account or service on which
TekTalk depends is terminated for
any reason.
We reasonably believe that there
is an emergency or extreme
circumstance that would warrant
such action.
How can I
reregister my
suspended, blocked
or terminated
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