102RLE.1-I437 RULE

102RLE.1-I437 RULE
Pendant linear downlights
Pendant linear downlights with symmetrical light distribution to achieve an effective task or general lighting.
Linear fixture in 576mm length and in a width of 50mm.
Powder painted extruded aluminium profile available in assorted finishes, customized RAL under request.
Range of PMMA optics to achieve specific photometric results.
Highly efficient linear printed circuit board.
Accessories available to create customized linear systems.
Built-in driver.
Electronic options for lighting control: DALI/ DSI.
Passive temperature management.
Ceiling-mounted with adjustable steel wire suspension ( 1m ) and transparent electrical wire. Different
suspension length on request.
Matching products:
GREENWICH recessed.
HORIZON frameless recessed.
MERIDIAN surface mounted.
TROPIC pendant double emission.
AXIOM and WINDA wall-mounted.
RULE WW as wallwasher.
It is possible to combine different lengths and junction modules in different ways to create customized
Magnitude data
Power: 10 W
Constant Current: 350 mA
Luminous flux: 1320lm
Luminous flux of the fixture: 1220lm
CRI: 90
Colour Temperature: 3000K
Chromaticity Tolerance: MacAdam 3
Beam Angle: 73º
Average Service Life: 50000h
LED reliability: L80B10 >60000h
UGR: 20
Cd/Klm: 698
Luminous efficacy: 122 lm/W
lmax: 852 Cd
Energy efficiency class: A++
Electronic equipment
S: On/Off
D: DALI/DSI/switchDIM/corridorFUNCTION
There are accessories available for dimming devices.
*Add the suffix -S, -D after the reference to indicate your electronic equipment choice.
1: RAL9010: Pure White, 2: RAL9005: Jet Black, 3: Satin Bronze, 4: RAL7016: Anthracite Grey,
5: RAL1036: Pearl Gold Bright, 7: RAL9006: White Aluminium
LED technology and performance data are constantly changing. Current details should therefore be checked with ROVASI in order to ensure that it is still the most up to date
reference. Updated data will be supplied on request. [Last revised on 10.03.2017]
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BSI Cert ISO 14001:2004 - nºEMS 55468
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