HD2430/80 Philips Sandwich maker
Sandwich maker
900 W
The easiest 3-in-1
Tasty results in no time
One convenient appliance to make tasty sandwiches, waffles and grill your favorite foods!
Discover fuller flavours
• High power for heating up fast and keeping a constant heat
• Adjustable thermostat ensures perfect results for every food
Easy to use
• Cut and seal plates seal ingredients inside sandwich
• Heating-up and ready-to-cook light
• Cool touch handle
Easy to clean
• Easy cleaning thanks to non-stick coated plates
Easy to store
• Vertical storage position
• Cord winding facility
Sandwich maker
900 W
General specifications
• Non-slip feet
Design and finishing
• Color(s): White/yellow/silver
Adjustable thermostat
Adjustable thermostat ensures the perfect result.
Technical specifications
High power
• Power: 900 W
The high power of the appliance enables the grill
plate to heat up quickly, reaching operating
temperature very fast and saving you precious time.
It also means that the grill surface keeps its heat
when food is placed onto it because the high power
ensures a fast recovery to the correct temperature.
Cut and seal plates
Cut and seal plates of the Philips sandwich maker
seal ingredients inside sandwich.
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