Draw Out is an entertaining family game that can also be played in

Draw Out is an entertaining family game that can also be played in
10 + 3 - 6 30 +
Draw Out is an entertaining family game that can also be played in teams. The game
contains 300 cards with words that you have to explain by drawing them. The game also
includes a gameboard, 1 drawing pad, 2 pencils, 1 sandtimer, 6 playing pieces and a die.
There are six different categories in Draw Out and every card contains one word from each
The categories are:
Red: objects
Blue: nature
Black: technical tems and objects
Green: events and actions
Yellow: persons, characters and professions
White: proverbs and sayings
Before the game starts
Shuffle the cards and place the deck face down on the table. The drawing pad and a pencil
are given to the player who starts. Each player chooses a playing piece and places it on the
Start-square. The sandtimer is placed on the table.
How to play
The player who starts rolls the die and moves his playing piece, counting off as many squares
as the number shown on the die. The colour of the square where he lands indicates the colour
and thus the category of the word he has to draw. The player then takes the top card from the
deck, checks the right word from the card and turns the sandtimer upside down. Then he
begins to draw the word. The other players try to guess the word before the sand in the
sandtimer runs from top to bottom. The player who comes up with the correct answer in that
time, gets to move his playing piece 2 steps forward.
If the sand in the sandtimer has run from top to bottom and no-one has yet guessed the correct
word, the player who has been drawing can now reveal the first letter of the word. The player
who answers correctly at this point, gets to move his playing piece 1 step forward. If no-one
still answers correctly, the player’s turn is over. On his next turn the player is not allowed to
roll the die and move his playing piece. Instead, he will take a card and try to draw another
word from the same category. Used cards are placed on the bottom of the deck and the turn
goes clockwise to the next player who takes his turn in a similar manner.
You are not allowed to draw letters or numbers. The player who is drawing is not allowed to
talk. You must guess the word exactly as it is written in the card. If in doubt, the players can
decide amongst themselves whether an answer is correct or not.
The Winner
The first player to reach the ”Finish” wins the game.
When you play Draw Out in teams you have to divide the players into groups of equal amount
of players. One player draws and the opposing team tries to guess the word. If the team guesses
correctly, on their next turn they are allowed to move their playing piece according to the roll
of the die. If the team, however, does not come up with the right word, on their next turn they
must stay put and draw another word from the same category. Thus, the teams are not allowed
to move their playing piece extra steps forward when they answer correctly.
The players in a team take turns drawing. Only one player from a team draws in one round,
when his turn is over the turn goes to the next team. The first team to reach the ”Finish” is
the winner.
Good luck!
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