Bike Cradle20.1 instructions manual | MINOURA JAPAN

Bike Cradle20.1 instructions manual | MINOURA JAPAN
Optional attachment BikeCradle20.1 instructions manual
(ver.1.0 2016/9)
Schematics of Bike Cradle
Clamping Bolt
M6 Spring Washer
Pivot Pin
Fixing Bolt
Left Arm (Foreside)
M6 Flat Washer
Clamp Body
Pivot Pin
Hook Fixing Bolt
Right Arm (Backside)
Angle Adjusting Bolt
Cradle Cap
Arm Connecting Bolt
How To Install Bike Cradle
The clamp body is pre-assembled on the bike
cradle. What you will do is installing it to the
pillar without removing the clamp body.
Make sure you never remove the center
Arm Connecting Bolt. If you do, the part
becomes unusable. Just loosen it, not
removing even when necessary.
Do not install the Pivot
Pin from the top.
You will not be able to
use the hex wrench.
Do not tighten the Pivot Pin
Fixing Bolt firmly yet.
If you tighten to much, the
next step will become difficult.
Remove the Clamping Bolt from the side, the
Pivot Pin Fixing Bolt from the top and the Pivot
Pin from the bottom in order to enable the
opening of the clamp arms. (see Fig. A)
Larger diameter
pillar (45mm)
(Fig. A)
Put the Pivot Pin through all 3 holes on the clamp
band from bottom side, and screw the Pivot-Pin
Fixing Bolt with a flat washer temporally.
(see Fig. C)
The clamp is universal with no specific
direction. But the pivot pin MUST come
from the bottom. If you don't, you will
be unable to tighten the bolt with your
hex wrench.
Turn the Pivot Pin to align the
thread hole to the side hole on
the Clamp Band.
Screw the Clamping Bolt into
the Pivot Pin. (see Fig. D)
Tighten the Clamping Bolt
first, then tighten the Pivot Pin
Fixing Bolt firmly (8 N.m).
Install the hooks to each
Cradle Arm with the bolt.
(Fig. C)
Install Shim
(Fig. B)
(Bike Cradle is deleted in this section for explanation.)
When installing the clamp band to the
smaller diameter (40mm) pillar, you
must put the plastic Shim between the
clamp band and the pillar as a spacer.
Make sure the dual ribs are located on
the single arm side. (see Fig. B)
(Fig. D)
Adjusting Cradle Width & Angle
The Bike Cradle Arm is size adjustable between 325mm
and 415mm (the distance of the Hook Fixing Bolts) and
also angle adjustable +/- 10 degrees in order to fit to
various types of bike frame as perfectly as possible.
How To Slide Cradle Arm
Insert the 5mm hex wrench into the hole
in the center of the Cradle Cap, and
loosen the inside Arm Connecting Bolt
(DO NOT REMOVE), then the arms can
After adjustment, tighten the bolt firmly.
How To Mount Bike
To mount a bike on the cradle, place the top-tube on the
Usually, you hold the top-tube by both hooks, but if the
bike frame design is specially sloping, you should set
either hook under the seat-tube to keep the bike from
sliding off.
Setting the front end to higher than the
rear of the bike may cause the wheel
to turn and possibly chip or damage
the frame from components touching.
Minoura recommends keeping the front
end lower if possible or using a strap to
secure the wheel to the frame or stand
to avoid such accidents.
The hook material may stain on your
bike frame, especially in light color
such as white, depending on the top
finish condition.
We recommend placing a piece of bartape between the hook and the frame
or wrapping the hook with bandage
in order to avoid direct touching each
(Fig. E)
Do NOT try to remove the Cradle Arm.
Do not over-pull the arm until the arm
end will become hidden in the brackets
which hold the arm.
Once you disassemble the Bike Cradle,
you will have to remove it from the
pillar and remove the Cradle Cap for
Do NOT try to slide the arm while the
bike is on the cradle. The bike may fall
off when the arm has come out.
Warranty Period
Minoura offers 1-year limited warranty to this product
from the date of your purchase.
Any natural wear and the problems caused by miuse
or unapproved modification will not be covered by this
For more details, read the enclosed Minorua Limited
Warranty Policy card in the kit.
Also please regularly check our Minoura web site for the
latest information.
How To Adjust Cradle Angle
1197-1 Godo, Anpachi, Gifu 503-2305 Japan
Made in Japan
Insert the 5mm hex wrench in the
center hole on the Cradle Cap, and
loosen the inside bolt slightly.
Then insert the hex wrench into the
lower hole, and loosen the inside bolt.
Now the cradle is ready for ajusting its angle.
After adjustment, tighten both bolts firmly.
(Fig. F)
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