DX340 | HD Football Coach Headset Brochure
DX340 |HD
Fast Setup, Reliable Operation
DX340 | HD takes only minutes to set up before the game.
It requires no special start-up procedures or confusing
antenna configurations.
Additional Benefits:
Lift the boom on the
HS25/HS25D headset
for quick and easy
microphone muting.
•Supports up to eight coaches in hands-free
(two up, six down), full-duplex mode with
the EB340 | HD extender base
•Expandable to support four up and six down,
hands-free with an additional MB340 | HD
base station
•Mute the microphone on the HS25/HS25D
headset by lifting the boom
•Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
technology prevents opposing teams from
listening in on your conversations
•Lithium-ion batteries provide up to 20 hours
of operation on a full charge
Changing the Game with HD Audio
2X the Audio Bandwidth
The only high-definition audio headset system designed for
the high school football market, DX340 | HD delivers unprecedented sound quality to coaches on the sidelines and in the
press box. A true game changer in coach-to-coach communications, DX340 | HD provides sound so clear you have to hear
it to believe it.
The revolutionary DX340 | HD uses advanced wideband technology to capture twice the audio range of traditional narrow-band
headsets. With expanded bandwidth, DX340 | HD delivers the
clearest, most intelligible sound of any football headset on the
market—even in the noisiest stadiums. From the sidelines to the
press box, your staff can hear and understand your instructions
with unmatched clarity.
> Fast, Easy Set-Up
> No Frequency Coordination Required
> HD Audio Sound Quality
> Secure, Encrypted Communication
> Hands-Free Operation
> Rugged, Ergonomic Design
> Expandable for up to 8 Coaches
in Full-Duplex Mode
> Easily Mute Microphone
by Lifting the Boom
Effortless Game Management
Systems can be configured to suit a number of coaching
requirements, making it easy to switch between the offense
and defense. You can even capture game communications
on your audio or video recorder for replay at post-game
coaches’ meetings.
The system works extremely
well. The quality of the sound
is excellent whether we are
playing at home or away.
—Coach Roger Engle
Head Coach, Scripps Ranch High School
EB340 | HD Expandability
The EB340 | HD extender base easily expands the system
by allowing an additional three coaches to communicate
wirelessly at the same time. This set-up allows eight coaches
to talk at once.
Optional Accessories
Headset Extension Cable . . . . . . . S ix-foot headset extension cable for
HS25 and HS25D headsets.
Headset Splitter Cable. . . . . . . . . . A llows two coaches to share one
base station headset connector.
6 Ft. Remote Antenna Kit . . . . . . . Two six-foot cables with right angle
bracket for remoting base antenna.
30 Ft. Remote Antenna Kit . . . . . . Two 30-foot cables with right angle
bracket for remoting base antenna.
HS25D Dual-Ear Headset
Its full HD audio clarity and reliability make the HS25D
headset the top pick for coaches who prefer to tune out
the crowd with dual-ear coverage. And for those moments
you don’t want broadcasted to your team, mute the
microphone by simply lifting the boom.
MB340|HD Base Stations, EB340|HD Extender Bases, and DX340|HD
Belt-Pacs carry a 2-year warranty from the purchase date. Battery
chargers, batteries, HS25 headsets, and HS25D headsets carry a 1-year
warranty from the purchase date.
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