HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault

HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Store it, Secure it, Share it!
You have more pressing concerns than how to backup and share your data but you know it needs to be done and you know it would
benefit your business.
The HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault series provides a simple and cost effective solution for a small business to store, secure and
share data. The HP Data Vault, based on Microsoft Windows Home Server, provides a user friendly interface and easy installation
and management. The HP Data Vault provides you with automated backup for up to 10 PC clients and Mac's on your network and
provides additional protection with high tech features like folder duplication and de duplication. To provide for your file sharing
needs, the HP Data Vault offers both local file sharing and remote file sharing via a custom URL which is accessible from any web
browser. The HP Data Vault comes with a total of 4 bays for internal storage expansion and also offers external USB and eSATA
ports for additional external expansion. The HP Data Vault also includes some additional media file collection and sharing
functionality. Store it, secure it, share it.
HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault front view
HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault rear view
HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
HP X500 Data Vault series is in a compact desk top form factor. All models are very easy to install and manage, making them
perfect for a small business.
HP StorageWorks X510 1TB Data Vault
HP StorageWorks X510 2TB Data Vault
HP StorageWorks X510 3TB Data Vault
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North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Features and Benefits
Full System Protection
The HP Data Vault provides complete backup and restore of up to 10 PC's and Mac's. After
installing the included client software, the HP Data Vault backs up the client every day
without you having to manage the process.
Easy Computer Restore
In case of a PC or Mac failure, getting your computer back up and running is simple and
easy with included computer restore disc. Just insert the restore CD into the optical drive,
restart the computer and select the image to restore. It's that easy!
Automated Daily Backups
Automated daily backup provides peace of mind. Simply install the client software on any
PC on your network that you would like to protect and the Data Vault does the rest.
Protect Your Critical Files
The HP Data Vault lets you choose which file folders are the most important. With the ease
of a mouse click, you can tell the Data Vault to duplicate that folder to a second hard disk
drive. If a hard disk drive was to fail, your data will still be safe on the second hard disk
Restoring A File
Users can browse Daily backups. Unlike other image backups, you can open any backup,
select a single file or multiple files and copy them back to your computer. In addition,
customers can integrate backups with an online backup service. Nothing could be easier!
Built In Anti-Virus Protection
The HP Data Vault comes with an add-in free trial of McAfee Anti-Virus software which a
customer can choose to install. You can also use your existing Anti-virus to scan the Data
User Access Control
Using the HP Data Vault management console you can set Read/Write, Read Only or No
Access privileges for each user, to each shared folder. The HP Data Vault administrator also
controls the remote access privilege for each user.
Secure Remote Access
Secure Remote access to the HP Data Vault is realized by requiring a 128-bit secure https
session via a custom URL.
User Authentication
Users must login and authenticate, with a strong password, to access the HP Data Vault
shared folders or PC applications either locally or remotely.
Local File Sharing
Share files on the local network easily via the Data Vault shared folders icon or through the
HP Data Vault Control Panel. Create shared folders based on project, customer or whatever
structure best suits your needs.
Remote File Sharing
Use the remote computer like you are sitting right in front of it. Securely access your Data
Vault from any web browser via a custom web address that you create. You can also access
and control PC's remotely using Windows 7, Windows Vista Business, Windows XP Pro and
other operating systems.
Personalized Web Address
Create a custom web address of your choosing. Access your HP Data Vault through your
custom web address from any internet connected computer. Web addresses are registered
through HP's partner TZO.com. Your custom web address is free for the first year and cost a
nominal yearly amount to maintain.
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North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Features and Benefits
No Monthly Fee
Other online services charge a monthly fee to access your files, but with your HP Data Vault
that feature is already built in.
Easily Add More Storage
Easy to expand to 6TB+ with any standard 3.5" SATA I or SATA II hard disk drive. The HP
Data Vault supports hot swapping of hard disk drives which means you can add capacity
without power down the device. The HP Data Vault grows as your business grows.
External Capacity Upgrades
Four USB and one eSATA port are available to add additional storage beyond the 4 drive
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North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Software and Hardware
Operating System
Microsoft Windows Home Server
The Windows Home Server operating system backup engine stores data at the cluster level. Clusters are
typically 4 kilobytes (KB) in size. The backup database records include clusters and hashes of these
clusters (a hash is a number that uniquely identifies a cluster based on its contents). The database also
contains information on the structure of a hard disk volume (NTFS information).
During the backup process, a cluster from one computer that is identical to a cluster from a different
computer is sent to the server exactly once and stored exactly once. Because Windows Home Server
backs up multiple computers (space) every day (time) to a single database, it in essence supports "single
instancing of computer backups across space and time."
When the cluster size is different among volumes, no data is shared between the volumes in the backup
database. By default, every newly created NTFS volume gets a cluster size of 4 KB. A few volumes that
started out as FAT and were converted to NTFS have a cluster size of 512 KB. The only way to get any
other cluster size is to format the volume yourself and explicitly request a different size.
NOTE: You can maximize the efficiency of the Data Vault backup database by ensuring that all of the
hard drives on your computers are formatted with NTFS and with a cluster size of 4 KB.
The backup database is a collection of files that can be broken into three categories:
Global files - Files that track the history of all computer backups and all of the other files in the
backup database.
Cluster files - Files that store the actual cluster data from the computers. These are usually in
4096 byte increments. These files grow to 4 GB in size before a new file is created. These files are
stored as Data.XXXX.Z.dat, where XXXX=cluster size in bytes, and Z=0,1,2,…
Computer specific files - A boot record and data for each hard drive volume that gets backed up
from each computer.
Microsoft Windows Home Windows Home Server Drive Extender
Server Drive Extender
Windows® Home Server Drive Extender enables you to use internal and external hard drives for
additional storage. In addition, you can enable Folder Duplication for specific shared folders.
Maintaining two copies of a shared folder on separate hard drives helps protect against the failure of a
single hard drive.
Features and Functionality
The core features of Windows Home Server Drive Extender are:
Predefined Shared Folders:
Folders Your device is preconfigured with shared folders named Photos,
Music, Videos, Public, and Software. From the Data Vault Windows Home Server Console you
can specify user permissions for these folders and create new shared folders. You can easily move
files and folders from your local computers into the shared folders by using a drag-and-drop
Easy to add more storage:
storage From the Data Vault Windows Home Server Console, you can add a
new hard drive by following a simple wizard. The amount of storage available to your shared
folders and local computer backups increases proportionally. The hard drives you add can be
either internal or external (for example, USB 2.0 or FireWire).
Shared Folder duplication:
duplication If you have two or more hard drives, the Windows Home Server
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North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Software and Hardware
operating system helps protect against hard drive failures by ensuring that files stored in shared
folders are automatically duplicated to multiple hard drives.
Windows Home Server Drive Extender offers the following benefits for storage solutions:
Allows the seamless addition of more hard drives:
drives As you add more hard drives, they are treated
as a single large pool of available storage space. You no longer need to deal with drive letters
(such as E:, F:, and G: ) because you can add more hard drives.
Works with internal and external hard drives:
drives You can add internal or external (for example, USB
2.0 or FireWire) hard to increase the available storage.
Shared Folder Duplication:
Duplication Duplicating designated shared folders provides protection against
hard-drive failure by storing important data on separate hard drives. Duplication is configurable
for every shared folder-so a shared folder can have multiple copies with each copy stored on a
separate hard drive.
Makes hard drives and their content easy to move:
move It is easy to remove outdated hard drives.
You can store the content on other hard drives in the system and remove old or small hard drives.
Windows Home Server Drive Extender is different than and more powerful than a redundant array of
independent disks (RAID) in several ways:
You can use any hard drive, any time. You are not restricted to adding more hard drives of the
same type and size. When you want to grow your storage, you can buy and add any hard drive
you like.
Internal and external hard drives can be used to grow your storage.
Drive removal is easy. You can remove older, smaller hard drives and add new, larger hard drives
to upgrade your storage capacity.
Microsoft Restore
The HP Data Vault provides bare metal backup and restore of up to 10 PC's and Mac's.
To restore individual items from a previous backup stored on the HP Data Vault, a virtual volume driver
is loaded on the computer. This allows a previous image of a hard drive to be mounted, as if it were a
read-only volume, across the network. This driver opens a connection to the Data Vault, and it receives
the relevant clusters from the device to build a virtual view into what a given hard drive looked like on a
given day. The read-only volume is displayed in Windows Explorer where a user can drag the files and
folders that they want to restore to the Windows Desktop of the computer they are using.
A computer that is behind your firewall and has the Windows Home Server Connector software installed
can create a backup without further authorization or authentication. However, restoring individual files
and folders and restoring computers using the Computer Restore CD requires the Windows Home Server
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North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Software and Hardware
Windows 7
Remote Access
Remote Control
Client Backup OS Support Matrix
Microsoft Media
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Center Edition
(32 & 64-bit) Home (SP2) or XP
2004 (SP2)
Professional (SP2)
* with WHS Power
Pack 3 operating
system update
* Must be
Windows Vista
Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows Home Server Console
The Windows Home Server Console provides you with the ability to see which computers have been
configured to be backed up and the backup status of each of your computers. After you install Windows
Home Server Connector on each of your computers, they are automatically backed up each night to
your HP Data Vault.
Processor / Cache
X510 1TB
Intel® Pentium® E5200
(2.50GHz, 2 Core)
X510 2TB
Intel® Pentium® E5200
(2.50GHz, 2 Core)
X510 3TB
Intel® Pentium® E5200
(2.50GHz, 2 Core)
Intel® 5520 Chipset
PC2-6400 unbuffered DDR2 800 MHz
Hard Drives
X510 1TB
X510 2TB
X510 3TB
Standard 3.5" SATA
Standard 3.5" SATA
Standard 3.5" SATA
Drives; External: USB
Drives; External: USB
Drives; External: USB
External HDD or eSATA External HDD or eSATA External HDD or eSATA
Maximum Storage
Capacity (raw)
Internal SATA
Internal plus External
DA - 13406
X510 1TB
X510 2TB
North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
X510 3TB
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Software and Hardware
Power Supply
Form Factor
X510 1TB
X510 2TB
X510 3TB
Internal Universal Power Supply Internal Universal Power Supply Internal Universal Power Supply
MODE: Conserves energy and saves money. When the Data Vault automatically
switches to the built-in sleep mode, it consumes only 1W of power.
X510 1TB
X510 2TB
X510 3TB
Connects easily to the home network through a built-in Ethernet port.
10/100/1000 (Gigabit) RJ45 Ethernet - Supports both wired and wireless PCs (via a wireless router).
DA - 13406
North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Add More Storage
HP X500 Data Vault comes standard with at least one installed SATA Drive
To Add drives: To insert a new hard disk drive, go to the WHS console to "add it" to your volume. The overall capacity increases,
and the LED glows solid aqua to indicate that the hard disk drive has been added to the overall storage capacity. The additional
drive can also be set to backup content from other hard disk drives on your HP Data Vault.
Add Optional Software
HP StorageWorks X500
Data Vault
McAfee Antivirus Protection
KeepVault Online Storage
Disk Utilities
Multimedia Management Tools
Many Other Add-Ins
DA - 13406
North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Service and Support and Warranty Information
HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault comes with a standard 3-0-0 warranty (3 year limited hardware/software support, 0 years labor
and 0 years onsite, next business day response). Software media is warranted to be free of physical defect for a period of 3 years
from delivery.
Services Included with the One year of HP Software Support, standard 9x5 business hours (software advisory and remedial software
telephone support, new version license rights, and media and documentation distribution service).
HP Services Awards
HP Services continues to be recognized for service and support excellence by customers, partners,
industry organizations and publications around the world. Recent honors and award reflect our services
team's dedications, technical expertise, professionalism and uncompromising commitment to customer
satisfaction. For a list of all our awards, please visit:
Additional Services
For more information about HP Care Pack Services for Storage, please visit:
If you have specific questions, contact your local HP representative. Contact information for a
representative in your area can be found at "Contact HP" http://www.hp.com
DA - 13406
North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Technical Specifications
HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
System Unit
Dimensions (H x W x D)
(with bezel)
Input Requirements
(per power supply)
25cm x 14cm x 23cm (9.75" x 5.5" x 9.875")
All hard drives, power
supplies, and processors
installed (out of box)
Rated Line Voltage
Rated Input Current
Rated Input Frequency
System Inlet Temperature Operating
Relative Humidity
Products and Approach
1TB: 5.00kg (11.02lbs)
2TB: 5.65kg (12.46lsb)
3TB: 5.75kg (12.68lbs)
90 - 132 VAC,
180 - 264 VAC
47 to 63 Hz
5° to 35°C (41° to 95°F) at sea level
-30° to 65°C (-22° to 149°F)
5 to 95% relative humidity (Rh), 38.7°C
5 to 95% relative humidity (Rh), 38.7°C
2300 m (7546 ft)
4600 m (15092 ft)
Less than 30dBA
Internal Universal Power Supply
100 to 240
Acoustic Noise
Power Supply
Input Voltage Range
Frequency Range
(Nominal) (Hz)
End-of-life Management
and Recycling
Hewlett-Packard offers end-of-life HP product return, trade-in, and recycling
programs in many geographic areas. For trade-in information, please go to:
http://www.hp.com/go/green. To recycle your product, please go to:
http://www.hp.com/go/green or contact your nearest HP sales office.
Products returned to HP will be recycled, recovered or disposed of in a
responsible manner.
The EU WEEE directive (2002/95/EC) requires manufacturers to provide
treatment information for each product type for use by treatment facilities.
This information (product disassembly instructions) is posted on the Hewlett
Packard web site at: http://www.hp.com/go/green. These instructions may
be used by recyclers and other WEEE treatment facilities as well as HP OEM
customers who integrate and re-sell HP equipment.
DA - 13406
North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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HP StorageWorks X500 Data Vault
Technical Specifications
© Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
Windows is a US registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Intel is a US registered trademark of Intel Corporation.
The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and
services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial
errors or omissions contained herein.
For hard drives, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less.
DA - 13406
North America — Version 5 — February 25, 2011
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