DDX8017 - TriStar Distributing

DDX8017 - TriStar Distributing
Key Features and Lifestyle Solutions
6.5” Double Din Touchscreen - The easiest to
use, most intuitive user interface. Safe, fast and easy
to operate while driving. The Double Din mount offers
the best looking installation.
Navigation Input - Connects to the optional
KNA-DV4100 – The DDX8017 offers touchscreen
turn-by-turn information through the speakers.
The Complete Entertainment Center…
DVD/CD/VCD/MP3/WMA/JPEG receiver - The
DDX8017 supports a wide variety of entertainment
JPEG Picture Viewer - Displays favorite pictures and
Performance and Protection…
4 Digit Personal Security Code - Helps deter theft
can be set to automatically progress through the photos!
and the factory-installed look makes it less appealing to
New AV Remote, with Dual-Zone Control and
a thief.
Rear Volume - A perfect companion for rear seat
5.1 Digital Sound Processor - Includes time
video applications.
alignment, parametric EQ, PLII, CSII, Dolby Digital and
Two AV Inputs and an AV Output - Allow future
dts decoding.
expansion of the system; add games and video
sources as well as feed video to additional screens.
External Media Control - Kenwood’s optional
Reversing Image - Adds a safety element to the
IP500 iPod interface connects to the DDX8017 and
DDX8017. The screen switches to the reverse camera
offers touchscreen control for the iPod! It will display 6
input when the vehicle is shifted into reverse.
playlists, artist, genre… at a time!
DSP Key Features and Lifestyle Solutions
5.1 Surround Choices
DVDs - 5.1 Dolby Digital and dts Surround
Sound. These formats are found in DVD movies and
music. The software in the DDX8017 decodes the
Dolby Digital or dts information and produces true 5.1
surround sound. These formats offer the best surround
sound experience. Options are chosen in the DVD
Menu when playing a disc.
Sound Quality…
Best Sound Quality and Staging - Digital Time
greatly improves the sound stage by
making up for the fact that we are not sitting in the
middle of the speaker array. By digitally delaying the
channels, we can create the perfect sitting position!
CDs, Compressed Audio, Sirius… Dolby Pro
Logic II and SRS Circle Surround II. These formats
- To adjust Digital Time Alignment,
select the Audio Icon.
create a 5.1 listening experience from any 2 channel
source. With both of these technologies, the better
From the Audio menu select the position button.
the source, the better the 5.1 listening experience.
Selecting PLII and CSII- Both of these technologies
Select the Adjust button.
are found in the audio menu.
Once in the Audio menu, select surround control.
Surround Control
Select a speaker and adjust
the distance.
(CSII adjustment controls are found in the SRS WOW menu.)
PLII or CSII. Which should I use? - Both
both work
Complete Audio Control - The DSP also includes
really well. In the end it’s a matter of personal choice.
front and rear 4 band parametric equalizers, SRS
Most in dash video products spend 90% of their
life playing audio (CD/Sirius, etc). These formats
crossovers and a center channel output.
technologies work in a similar way, and
sound great in 5.1!
Kenwood USA, Training Department.
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