Guaranteed Lowest Prices On All Tascam Products!

Guaranteed Lowest Prices On All Tascam Products!
CDRW700 Rack-Mount CD Recorder/ Player
TASCAM’s budget-minded CD recorder–the only CD recorder its class that will
rack mount. Features include: • Standard unbalanced RCA I/O, and S/PDIF
digital I/O in coax and optical formats • RAM buffer • 24-bit A/D and D/A
converters for premium sound quality, digital gain adjustment • Digital
processing of fade in and fade out from 3 to 30 seconds • Monitor function
allows use as an A/D converter or sample rate converter without the need to
place a recordable disk in the tray or enter record mode • Built-in timer for
preset play/record • Adjustable gain on digital I/O • Sync start • Auto or
manual track increment • Wireless remote included. List price: $649.
CDRW2000 Professional CD Burner
The CD-RW2000 is the most advanced stand-alone CD recorder
available for professional use. Features include: • XLR balanced and RCA
unbalanced analog I/O • AES/EBU, S/PDIF coax and optical digital I/O
• Records and plays 74min and 80min CDs • Sample rate conversion
• Word sync input and 15-pin parallel port • Selectable SCMS copy
protection • Adjustable gain on digital I/O allows level adjustments without
going back to the analog source • Adjustable auto cue function lets you
locate right to the start of actual audio, rather than the track ID • Call
function for checking play cues • Digital fade in/out • Built-in RAM buffer
for precise ID markers • Wired remote included. List price: $1125.
CDRW402 CD Recorder/ Duplicator
CD Duplicator
The CD-D1x4 is an affordable solution for musicians, independent record
labels or anyone else that requires multiple copies of their audio CDs or CDROMs. TEAC CD-ROM and CD-RW drives offer years of reliable
performance. Designed for everyone from bands distributing their own music
to churches and businesses that require multiple copies of their audio CDs or
CD-ROMs, the CD-D1x4 is the perfect disc duplication solution from the
world leader in recording technology. Features include: • Creation of four
exact CD duplicates at once • Burns Compact Discs at up to 16x regular speed
for high-speed duplication runs • Duplicates audio CDs and CD-ROMs using
CD-R, CD-RW, CD-R-DA, and CD-RW-DA media • Cascade port allows two
CD-D1x4’s to be chained for duplicating up to eight CD’s at once • Disc
Analyze and Disc Verification features • Uses reliable, industrial grade TEAC
CD-ROM and CD-RW mechanisms, including a CD-ROM master drive
coupled with four CD-RW slave drives • Standard 19” 4U rackmount design.
List price: $1999.
The CD-RW402 offers professional-quality CD burning, CD duplication
and CD playback in one three-space rackmount unit. You can burn CDs of
your music, create as many copies as you need and playback discs via your
studio’s monitoring system. Features include: • Multiple disc copying modes
• 1x/2x/4x duplication speed • Duplicates audio CDs and CD-ROMs
using CD-R, CD-RW, CD-R-DA, and CD-RW-DA media • Table of contents
edit function • Supports CD-text with front-panel computer keyboard
connector • Jog dials on both CD drives • ±9.9% pitch control on CD
player • Multiple playback functions • XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced
analog I/O • Coaxial and optical digital inputs and outputs • Parallel
Control I/O port • Sample rate converter • Headphone jack with source
select switch and level control • Includes wired remote. List price: $1249.
The CD-RW4U is a compact audio CD recorder perfect for cost-conscious recordists
who want to produce fantastic sounding CDs with the quality and durability for which
TASCAM is renowned. Like TASCAM’s high-end CD recorders, the CD-RW4U uses
reinforced construction and computer CD-RW mechanisms for long life and durability.
The CD-RW4U is everything you need for making great CDs in your own studio.
Features include: • Analog audio inputs and outputs on unbalanced RCA jacks • Digital
S/PDIF interface • Functions for digital level adjustment and digital fades • Auto ID with
adjustable sensitivity level and input monitor capability • Works with both CD-R and CD-RW discs • 20-bit digital converters for superb audio quality • Sample
rate converter allows the digital connection of DATs, MiniDiscs or DVDs recorded at other sample rates • Analog and digital I/O with input level control
• Comprehensive custom display • Stereo headphone output • Repeat Play, Shuffle Play and Program Play performance functions • Selectable COPY ID
• Synchronized recording • Auto Track/Manual Track division • Wireless remote included. List price: $479.
Guaranteed Lowest Prices On All Tascam Products!
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