operation manual - Native Instruments

operation manual - Native Instruments
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Operation manual written by: Florian Schneidmadel, Christian
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Special thanks to the Beta Test Team, who were invaluable not just
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Welcome to NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Service Center!
Service Center will help you to activate all NATIVE INSTRUMENTS products
on your computer in one go.
The Product Activation is necessary to assure that NATIVE INSTRUMENTS products are used ac­cording to the license agreement. Most NATIVE INSTRUMENTS
products require activation after installation. After having activated your products
you will be able to enjoy a growing number of benefits such as free product updates,
our ever extending user libraries, online tutorials and other additional content, and
you will have access to free technical support.
Service Center's Update Manager provides access to the latest updates, hotfixes
and more for your products. You can select the files you wish to download and view
informa­tion regarding the update as well as manage all downloads.
Service Center uses a secure connection with encryption that meets current security standards to transmit your personal data over the web. NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS uses these data, observing the Data Protection Laws and as long
as it is in a form that does not personally identify you, to improve its products or
to provide services or technologies to you and unless you object to such using in
writing. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS does not give these data to third parties or send
unsolicited newsletters or advertisement to you as long as you uncheck the option
“Send me the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS newsletter”.
If you have any questions regarding the use of the SERVICE CENTER, please do not
hesitate to contact us through our Online Registration Support form on
SERVICE CENTER – 1 Installation and Start
SERVICE CENTER takes care of all NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Product Activations,
including earlier NATIVE INSTRUMENTS products formerly authorized with the
Registration Tool.
SERVICE CENTER is part of every NATIVE INSTRUMENTS product installation. Additionally, a stand-alone installer is available for free download on the
1.1 Launching SERVICE CENTER
You can start SERVICE CENTER using one of the following methods:
► On the splash screen of a NATIVE INSTRUMENTS product that has not yet
been activated, click Activate. This screen appears on every start of the product
until it is activated.
► From the Help menu of a NATIVE INSTRUMENTS product, select the entry
Launch Service Center.
► In the SERVICE CENTER installation folder, double-click Service Center.
By default, SERVICE CENTER is installed here:
On Windows: C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Service Center
On Mac OS X: Applications\Native Instruments\Service Center
► Windows only: From the Windows Start menu, select Programs > Native
Instruments > Service Center.
Administrator privileges.
Please make sure that you have
an Administrator’s account name
and password at hand.
SERVICE CENTER – 1.2����������������������������
Checking Internet Connection
If you have an internet
firewall running, you will
get a warning message as soon as
SERVICE CENTER tries to connect to the internet. This is a normal behaviour that protects your
computer. Please allow SERVICE
CENTER to pass the firewall in
order to proceed.
SERVICE CENTER checks for an existing Internet connection first. While it is trying
to connect, it shows an animated circle. If your computer is currently not connected
to the internet, read on in chapter 1.3 “Internet Connection failed”.
If you know that your computer is not connected to the internet, read on in chapter
3.2 “Offline Activation”.
NATIVE INSTRUMENTS strongly recommends using the latest SERVICE CENTER
software version. As soon as a new version is available, it is downloaded au­
tomatically during start up, provided that an internet connection is available. This
self-update procedure is indicated by the message “Performing self update” and may
take a short while. When SERVICE CENTER is up to date, it will relaunch itself.
1.3 Internet Connection failed
SERVICE CENTER – If SERVICE CENTER cannot connect to the internet, it offers three options to proceed:
If your computer is set up for connecting to the Internet but fails to establish a
connection just now, check the following:
► Is the network cable plugged in?
► Did you activate your network interface card or WLAN card in your operating
system’s settings?
► Is your router/switch/WLAN access point switched on and configured
► Are you using a proxy server? Then proceed as described in the “Proxy” section
(see below).
After you have connected your computer to the internet, click Retry to continue
with the activation procedure.
If your computer is part of a larger network (which is probably the case if it is
located inside a company building), a direct internet connection is usually not allowed. For security reasons, a proxy server is used instead. In this case you need
to enter the settings for that proxy server before you can connect to the Native
Instruments registration server. The settings in Service Center are the same
as in any web browser. You can easily copy them from your browser’s proxy settings.
The following settings are required:
► Host: Host Name and IP address
► Port: Port Number
After you have entered the correct proxy settings, click Proxy to continue.
SERVICE CENTER – Offline mode
If your computer has no internet connection at all, click Offline to continue with
the SERVICE CENTER in Offline mode. Read more about the Offline Activation in
chapter 3.2 “Offline Activation”.
In Offline mode you can
only activate products. No
other features of Service Center
are available in Offline mode.
SERVICE CENTER – 2 Login and User Account
In order to activate your products you need a NATIVE INSTRUMENTS User Account.
With your User Account you will have access to product updates, technical support,
user libraries and more.
You may already have a
User Account, e.g. if you have purchased a product in the NATIVE
2.1 Login Page
This page allows to log in with an existing account or to create a new User
► E-mail address and Password: Enter your e-mail address and password for your
NATIVE INSTRUMENTS User Account if you have already created an User
► Log me in automatically next time: Activate this check box to store your login
information (i.e., your e-mail address and password) permanently on your
computer. Once this information is stored, you will not have to enter it every
time you launch SERVICE CENTER anymore.
► Forgot your password? Click this link to receive an e-mail containing a new
password. Please note that the password will be sent to your registered e-mail
► Create new User Account: Choose this option if you do not have a NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS User Account yet. A form in which you can enter your address
details will open. For details, see the “Create a new User Account” section
2.2 Create new User Account
This step is only necessary if you do not have a NATIVE INSTRUMENTS User
Account yet. If you already have a User Account, you can directly enter your e-mail
address and password on the previous page (as described in the previous section
“Login Page”).
An User Account is necessary for all types of
Product Activation as well as for
update downloads, access to our
web site content and technical
A secure connection
with encryption is used
for data transfer. We will treat the
information you provide confidentially. It will be used for registration purposes only and not be
passed on to third parties.
On the Registration page, titled “Create new User Account”, please perform the
following steps:
► Enter your e-mail address
The e-mail address is your user name. You have to enter it whenever you have
to log in with your NATIVE INSTRUMENTS User Account. You also will receive
your password with this e-mail address, so make sure to enter a complete and
valid e-mail address.
► Enter your name and address
Make sure to keep your postal address up to date. In case you order a product
from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, it will be shipped to your registered address.
When you create a User
A c c o u n t a t N AT I V E
INSTRUMENTS, make sure to
enter a complete and valid e-mail
address as your user name, since
your password will be sent to this
e-mail address.
► Choose a Forum Username
You can create a nickname here that will be used when you participate in the
forums on the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS website. You also need this username
when you log into the forum.
► Confirm your personal data
When you have entered your personal data, please check it (and correct it if
neccessary), then click Next to proceed. In the following step, confirm your
personal data by clicking OK. After that you will be guided back to the Login
screen. From this screen you can log into your NI User Account with your e-mail
address and the password that has been sent to your e-mail address.
Enter musical profile
When you login for the first time you will be asked to create your musical profile.
Your data contributes to improve our products to meet your needs. Your profile will
not be published or passed on to third parties. For further information please read
the privacy policy on the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS website:
3 Product Activation
This chapter describes how to activate your NATIVE INSTRUMENTS software, including third party products. If your compter is connected to the internet, proceed
with chapter 2.1 (below). If you cannot access the internet from the computer
thyt you want to activate a NATIVE INSTRUMENTS product on, please proceed in
chapter 3.2 “Offline Activation”.
3.1 Online Activation
If your computer has an internet connection, follow the steps described in this
chapter to activate your software online. If your computer is not connected to
the internet, you can activate your software offline, as described in chapter 3.2
“Offline Activation”.
If your registry/ PLIST
still contains entries of
products although you have performed uninstall procedures before, the products will still appear
within the product list.
Only inactivated products are displayed on
the Activate Tab. You can use every inactivated product in Demo
Click the Activate Tab. A list with all products that are not activated yet is
Enter the serial number for the products you want to activate. If you do not
own a product from the list (e.g. if you have installed a demo version), you can
click the shopping cart icon which will forward you to the NI Online Shop web
Click Activate to start the activation procedure. Service Center will contact
the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS registration server. The server will return a list of
Activation Keys for these products which will unlock them permanently.
The results of the activation procedure are shown on the next screen.
After activating a product
for the first time, its serial number is allocated to your
e-mail address in our registration
database, and you gain access
to all product-specific content
web site.
You can register NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS products that do not require activation (i.e. those released before
2003, e.g. FM7) on the NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS website as usual.
After having activated your NATIVE INSTRUMENTS product successfully, SERVICE
CENTER will check for product updates. If there are updates available, either click
the Update Tab or the Update Button to view the list of updates. The number of
relevant software updates is indicated in a little red circle in the update tab.
For more information about how to update your products continue with chapter
4 Update .
A red star icon on the
Update Tab indicates that
there are updates for your NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS products available.
Activation failed
If the activation procedure fails, you will receive an error message. To get more
information about the error, click the Help Button beside the message. To solve
the problem please follow the instructions.
3.2 Offline Activation
If your computer is not connected to the internet, you need to activate your NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS products in Offline mode. In that case you will need a second computer that has internet access. As described in chapter 1.3 “Internet Connection
failed”, choose Offline mode - Continue without connection to the internet. The
Offline Activation Assistant Screen appears (see below).
You have to perform the steps described in the following sections in order to activate
a product in Offline mode.
3.2.1 Create an Activation Request File
Click Create to proceed with the activation procedure. A list with all inactivated
products is shown. Enter the serial number for the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS products
you want to activate and click Create. An Activation Request File will be created.
Save this file on a portable storage device, e.g. an USB stick.
3.2.2Transfer and open the Activation Request File
Take the Activation Request File (*.arf) to a computer with internet access, using
the portable storage device.
Open the Activation Request File on the computer with internet access by doubleclicking it. A page will open in your standard web browser.
Follow the instructions displayed in the browser. Click Send to be forwarded to
our website. Depending on whether or not you have a NATIVE INSTRUMENTS
User Account, choose either Yes - I do have an NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Account
and enter your Login data or choose No - I don’t have an NATIVE INSTRUMENTS
Account and register.
At the end of the Online activation procedure click Next to download the Activation
Return File (ActivationReturnFile.naf) and save it on your portable medium.
3.2.3Transfer the Activation Return File and activate the product
Transfer the Activation Return File (*.naf) to the computer with the products you
want to activate.
Open SERVICE CENTER and go to the Offline Activation Assistant Screen again.
Click Open to load the Activation Return File. The results of the activation procedure
are shown on the next screen.
Note: You can also simply drag and drop the
file onto the Service Centers
Activate Screen.
After having activated your NATIVE INSTRUMENTS product successfully, SERVICE
CENTER normally checks for product updates. The Update Service is not available
in Offline mode, hence you should use a computer with internet access and download the updates from the support section of the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS website.
A red star icon on the
Update tab indicates
that there are updates for your
For more information about how to update your products please see chapter 4
“Updating your products”.
3.3 Activation failed
If the activation procedure fails for a product, you will receive an error message.
You can get more information about the error by clicking the Help Button beside
the message. To solve the problem please follow the instructions provided by
4 Updating your products
Service Center provides the most convenient way to get updates for your NATIVE
INSTRUMTENTS products once they are activated. We strongly recommend that
you always install the latest software updates to make sure that your NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS products works properly on your computer! If your computer is
not connected to the internet, you should use a computer with internet access and
download the updates from the Support section of the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS website. The Update Screen shows the available updates divided into four categories:
Software Updates, Driver and Patch Downloads, Manual and Tutorials Downloads
and Sound Downloads. If there are no files available in one category, the category
will not be shown.
Click Show
to show all updates from a category:
Step 1
Select the updates you want to download by checking the checkboxes on the left.
By default, all files in the Software Updates category are selected for downloading.
We recommend downloading these updates. After installing one of these updates,
it does not appear in the category anymore.
You can change the
download location, i.e.
the folder to which the files are
saved, in SERVICE CENTER’s
Step 2
Click Download to start downloading the updates you have selected. The progress
bars show the progress. To cancel a single download, click the red Cancel Icon left
to the progress bar. To stop all downloads immediately, click Cancel.
Note that files in the
categories “Driver and
Patch Downloads”, “Manual and
Tutorial Downloads” and “Sound
Downloads” are not selected by
Step 3
Once an update has been downloaded successfully, the progress bar disappears.
After all files have been downloaded, the download folder will open automatically.
Now you can launch the installers to update your products. Finally, click E xit to
All files will be saved on
your desktop by default.
You can change the download
location in the Settings, which
are discussed in chapter 6 of this
5 Overview
The Overview view displays a list of all NATIVE INSTRUMENTS products on your
computer. In the main view you will see if the product is activated or still requires
Show Details
Click Show Details to reveal information that may be useful when contacting NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS support. The view displays product details like serial number,
System IDs, Activation Key and the location and version number of your installed
Standalone/VST/DXi/RTAS versions.
You do not have to change anything here. When requested by the NATIVE
INSTRUMENTS support, you can edit the Serial Number or the Activation Key
entries here in order to solve problems.
Never change the Serial
Number or Activation
Key entries unless you were instructed to do so by a member of
the NI Registration Support team.
Editing these entries may damage
your Product Activation, and you
will have to activate the regarding
product again.
6 Settings
On the Settings page you can change the language of SERVICE CENTER, choose
the download location and edit your personal details, e.g. your postal address.
As a standard setting, Service Center uses the language of your operating
system, provided that the language is available in SERVICE CENTER.
You can select a different language: Click the L anguage Menu to display the languages Service Center currently supports and selectingt the desired language.
After changing the language, click OK. The changes will become effective on the
next start of SERVICE CENTER.
Log in with other User Account
Click this link to log into a different NI User Account. You will be logged out of the
User Account you are currently logged in, then presented with Service Center’s
Login screen.
Create new User Account
Here you can create a new User Account. A form in which to enter your address details
will open. Usually you don’t need to create a new account when you already have one.
Edit User Account data
If you need to change your e-mail or postal address, click Edit account data. A page
on which you can edit your personal data will open in Service Center.
Editing your User Account
data is only possible in
Online mode.
Edit musical profile
If you want to edit your musical profile, click Edit musical profile. Keeping your
musical profile up to date helps us to improve our products. Your profile will not
be published or passed on to third parties.
By default, all downloaded updates will be saved on your desktop. To save them
to another folder, select the desired directory path, using the Download location
7 Support Information
The Support page contains links to the Registration Support and Technical Support
form as well as to the Knowledge Base on the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS web site.
There is also a link to the Contact page with all information you need to contact
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