Using the CCMUser Web Interface to manage

Using the CCMUser Web Interface to manage
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Using the CCMUser Web Interface to
manage your phone options.
The CCMUser website has various useful functions which are available for all University Users.
The URL is
Log in using your University IT Account username and password.
If you get a message saying you do not have access please contact the Service Desk on 01902 32
2000 who can activate this.
To change your Extension Mobility Pin.
Hover over your username along the top of the screen.
Click on the Change Phone Pin.
Enter your new Extension Mobility Pin on the screen. Characters are numeric only.
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Please note your Extension Mobility Pin is different from your Voicemail Pin.
Your Voicemail pin can be reset by calling the Service Desk.
Using the Home screen
Please ensure the home tab is selected. Controlled handsets and profiles are listed on the left hand
side of the screen, so please ensure you select the correct one.
Handsets such as your desk phone are identified by their MAC Address, eg. SEP001D457E531E
Profiles such as Extension mobility will be listed by description. Eg. in1234 7937
From the home screen you can enable Do Not Disturb (DND) on your controlled handset(s) and
profiles. Check the tickbox, this will turn off your handsets ringer.
You can enable a forward on your device to any number by clicking in the Tickbox and entering a
number in the field opposite as shown below.
Once complete click on the
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Using the Line Settings screen.
The Line Settings screen enables users to manage their forwards, offering more options.
Functionality is very similar to the Call Forward option on the home screen.
You can also manage your voicemail & ringer options.
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Setting up Abbreviated dialing.
This feature is useful if you have numbers that you need to dial often. It enables you to allocate a
favourite number to a one or two digit number, see the table below for some examples:
This can be used for external & mobile numbers also, but a 9 must be placed before the number.
99 Abbreviated dials numbers are available.
With these options the user would be able to contact the IT Service Desk by pressing only the 1 key
and then the AbbrDial softkey on their handset.
Eg. Pressing the 2 key and the AbbrDial softkey on their handset would put the call through to
Marble reception.
Once complete click on the
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