Patriot 4430 Sprayer Specifications Description Engine Case IH FPT

Patriot 4430 Sprayer Specifications Description Engine Case IH FPT
Patriot 4430 Sprayer Specifications
Case IH FPT 8.7L (531 cu. in.) inline 6-cylinder, 325 rated hp (243 kW), 356 peak hp (266 kW), 1,084 ft-lbs. (1470 Nm) peak torque, turbocharged,
after-cooled, electronically controlled diesel
Hydrostatic with full-time 4WD. Infinitely variable speed control returns wheel motor swash plates to maximum angle each time the hydro lever is
returned to neutral. Allows maximum torque for each start.
Wheel Track Adjustment
120-157 in. (305-399 cm) hydraulically adjusted from the cab, with manual stops at 1 in. (2.5 cm) increments per wheel
Travel Speed
30 mph (48 kph)
Dry Weight
27,020 lbs. (12,256 kg) (90/100-ft. Boom); 28,520 lbs. (12,936 kg) (120-ft. Boom)
Solution Tank Size
1,200 gal. (4,542 L) stainless steel
Nozzle Spacing
20 in. (50 cm) off-center or 20-30 in. (50-76 cm) with 30 in. (76 cm) on-center
Overall Length
29 ft. 2 in. (8.9 m)
Overall Height
12 ft. (3.7 m)
Overall Width
Wheels retracted 11 ft. 6 in. (3.5 m); Wheels extended 14 ft. 7 in. (4.5 m)
13 ft. 4 in. (4.1 m)
Tire Size
Available with 320/90R46, 380/90R46, 380/90R46 Michelin, 650/65R38 and 620/70R38
Ground Clearance
53 in. (135 cm)
Turning Radius
24 ft. 9 in. (7.5 m) from center line of rear axle
Boom Length
60/90 ft. (18.3/27.4 m), 60/100 ft. (18.3/30.5 m), 60/90/120 ft. (18.3/27.4/36.5 m) self-centering
Boom Adjustment Height
19-84 in. (48-213 cm)
Full Boom Breakaway
30 degrees
Wingtip Breakaway
90 ft. – 5 ft. 6 in. (1.7 m) / 100 ft. – 10 ft. 6 in. (3.2 m) / 120 ft. – 9 ft. (2.7 m)
4-wheel, independent trailing-link with spring and shock standard; active suspension optional
Hydraulic power steering with master/slave re-phasing cylinders
Fuel Tank/DEF Tank
140 gal. (530 L) / 25 gal. (95 L)
Sprayer Control
Case IH SCS 5000, Case IH AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper Pro
Product Pump
Centrifugal-hydraulic motor driven by product control system
Foam Marker
55 gal. (208 L) high-volume foam marker system. Air supply taken from turbocharger or optional air compressor.
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patriot 4430 sprayer
New Patriot 4430 sprayer
•New Case IH FPT 8.7-liter engine: Fuel-efficient power
and EPA Tier 4A compliance
•New AFS Pro 700 display option – Faster, lighter, portable
to Case IH Steiger, Magnum and Axial-Flow cabs
•More power to you – 325 base hp that can grow to 356 hp
•Exclusive AIM Command® Spray System – Accurate, high-quality application
•New SCR engine technology – Simply top-off DEF tank
during every other fuel fill
•New Michelin tire offerings – 380/90R46 SprayBib or 620/70R38
•Upgraded Case IH Surveyor Cab – 90.1 square feet of overall glass area
Custom applicators and growers alike are accustomed to long days during short application windows.
They need machines ready to work as long and hard as they do – and do it as efficiently as possible.
So that’s what the new Case IH Patriot® 4430 sprayer delivers:
•Added power in a more fuel-efficient package that also meets Tier 4A emissions requirements
•An improved Surveyor™ cab design to make the days - and acres - fly by in comfort
•And the most advanced spray technology on the market with the AIM Command spray system
for accurate and consistent chemical delivery
Just how tough are these machines? Here’s a hint: Patriot Number One is still up and running. Maybe it’s the
welded one-piece tubular frame design. It could be the simple, durable aircraft-style suspension. And don’t forget
our booms and boom suspension. Just like Patriot frames, they are engineered for field conditions – maximum
strength, unequaled durability, unmatched reliability.
Taking care of these sprayers is easy; everything is located on one side of the machine and easily accessible. That
saves time, so maintenance is less likely to get skipped when things get busy.
With more than a 12 percent increase in horsepower
The updated Case IH Surveyor cab offers more space to work
Constant rate, constant pressure, no matter what
over the previous model, the new 8.7-liter Case IH FPT
and more glass to see what you’re doing than anyone else. But
your speed: this adds up to better coverage and
engine is rated at 325 horsepower and can grow to 356
that’s just a part of the Patriot story. Our visibility – both to the
better weed control with the AIM Command spray
hp at 2,100 RPMs. Utilizing SCR technology to meet
front and the sides – is the best in the business, so you see
system. You can hold down input costs while
Tier 4A emission requirements, the new engine is tuned
less crop damage and less stress. Just line up the gun sight on
covering more acres within the ideal application
for performance and efficiency, allowing you to cover
the front of the hood and drive all day.
window. Because our exclusive technology
more ground with less fuel.
Line-of-sight instrumentation puts critical operating
maintains a constant application rate under a
In addition, the trademark Patriot cab forward, rear
functions right up front, leaving you free to focus on the field
engine design creates more even weight distribution,
ahead. Chassis and sprayer controls are attached directly to
single tip for multiple applications.
so you get into fields sooner for more timely application,
the sprayer seat or within the normal field of view for easy,
Plus, when your Patriot is equipped with
with less rutting and soil compaction – even as the
intuitive operation.
AFS AccuGuide autoguidance, you can reduce
tank empties. And 360-degree HID lighting and
The optional AFS Pro 700 color display offers sprayer guidance
skips and overlaps, eliminate foam marker
AFS AccuGuide guidance systems can add hours
to your day so you take advantage of the right
agronomic moment.
and application rate control plus track ground speed, acreage
covered and other variables, and integrates with AFS software
to store, view and manage precision farming data, helping you
adjust for in-field variability and improve yield potential.
range of speeds and conditions, you can use a
expense and minimize operator fatigue. With
AccuBoom automatic boom section control,
automatically turn on and off boom sections
using GPS-based as-applied maps.
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