set up Parental Controls on the Xbox 360™

set up Parental Controls on the Xbox 360™
set up Parental Controls
on the Xbox 360
The Xbox 360™ console lets you customise
and manage your family’s access to games,
film and TV content. The Xbox 360™ Parental
Controls can be used to control the console
itself and also to control access to the online
service, Xbox LIVE.
What is Xbox LIVE?
Xbox LIVE is the online entertainment service for
Xbox 360. You can connect for free to rent and buy
HD movies or download Xbox 360 games and keep
them fresh with new songs, workouts and levels.
With a Gold membership, you can play Kinect and
controller games with friends wherever they are.
Parental Controls allow you to control things such as:
kkWhich games can be played (e.g. are they
age appropriate?)
kkWhich films and TV shows can be watched
(e.g. are they suitable for your child?)
kkHow long each family member can use the
console on a daily or weekly basis
kkWhether or not someone can access Xbox LIVE
(e.g. do you want your child to be able to play
games online against friends and other people?)
Parental Controls are divided into two groups: ‘console
controls’ and ‘online safety and privacy’. Console
controls are located in the Family Settings or Family
Centre area on your console (depending on your Xbox
LIVE membership type).
Step 1
Turn on console
a.On your console, go to
‘Settings’, then select ‘Family’
b.Select ‘On’ to turn
on Console Safety
c.Enter a 4-button pass code
using your controller
Please note:
If you cannot see Settings on
your console, you might be
using an older version of the
console software. You can find
information on how to update
your console software
d. Select ‘Save and Exit’
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Step 2
Decide what you want to control
Ratings and content
These settings let you restrict
games and video content based
on the content’s rating. You can
also set whether or not unrated or
explicit content can be played on
this console. You can even set up
exceptions for individual games
that are outside of the rating
restrictions you have set.
Family Timer
This setting allows you to limit the
time that your console can be
used on a daily or weekly basis.
Xbox LIVE access
This setting allows you to decide
if your family can connect to
Xbox LIVE from this console.
Membership of Xbox LIVE
enables you to do things like rent
films and play games against
other people online.
membership creation
This setting allows you to control
whether or not new Xbox LIVE
memberships can be created
from your console.
Step 3
Set the Family Timer
Use the Family Timer to limit the
amount of time that your family
can use your console on a daily
or weekly basis. Family members
can see how much time remains
by pressing the Guide button
on the Xbox controller. When
the time expires, the console
shuts down and can’t be used
again until the Family Timer
automatically resets the next day
or week.
a.On your console, go to
‘Settings’, then select ‘Family’
b.Select ‘On’ to turn on
Console Safety
c.Enter your 4-button pass
code using your controller
d. Select ‘Family Timer’
e.Select whether you want to
set a ‘Daily’ or ‘Weekly’ timer
f.Move down to the time period
and use the left stick to
increase or decrease the time
period, then select ‘Continue’
g. Select ‘Save and Exit’
When the Family Timer is on,
notifications will appear 1 hour,
30 minutes, 15 minutes, and
5 minutes before the time runs
out. These give players sufficient
warning so that they can save
their games and come back to
them at another time. However,
when one of these notifications
appear, you can add time or
disable the timer altogether by
entering the pass code.
Xbox LIVE online safety and privacy
Xbox LIVE offers a variety of
online safety and privacy settings
so you can control the Xbox LIVE
The default online safety and
privacy settings are divided into
three age groups: child, teen
and adult. Xbox LIVE determines
which default safety and privacy
settings to use based on the
birthdate that was entered
when the Xbox LIVE account
was created. The default ‘child’
setting does not allow video
communication or purchases,
for example.
You can, however, completely
customise the default online
safety and privacy settings to
For further information, go to:
whatever is best for you and your
family. For example, you can
choose whether to allow or block
your child from online gameplay
and accepting friend requests.
You can also do things like tailor
who can see their Xbox LIVE
profile and determine whether
they can upload photos they take
while playing games to services
To change your child’s settings:
1.Sign into Xbox LIVE using
an adult account
3.Select the child account that
you want to manage
5.Change the settings to
whatever you’d like
2.Go to ‘Settings’, and then
select ‘Family’
4.Go to ‘Online Safety’, and
then select ‘Change Settings’
6.To exit, press the ‘B’ button
on your controller, and then
choose ‘Save and Exit’
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