SRU6008/10 Philips Universal remote control

SRU6008/10 Philips Universal remote control
Philips Prestigo
Universal remote control
Total control simplified
Full functionality with only the keys you need
It’s time to put away all those remote controls! The Prestigo SRU6008 controls up to 8
devices in one and presents the keys you need, easily accessible via the LCD screen. Set
up your Prestigo via computer and enjoy your home entertainment.
Intuitive navigation
• Easy access to specific functions via the 3.8-cm LCD screen
• Backlit buttons to control your devices in the dark
Fast, easy access to your entertainment
• Activities to control multiple devices
Simple and easy setup
• Control any device of almost any brand
• Software updates via Internet
• Easy computer setup in a few simple steps, on Windows or Mac
Universal remote control
Control virtually any device
Future Proof
• USB cable: 1.2 m
The Prestigo infrared code database with over
300,000 devices allows you to control virtually every
device on the market today, regardless of model or
brand. Via the computer setup, the correct infrared
code will be selected for your devices in the
The Philips Configo software automatically informs
you about online updates for your Prestigo. The
Configo software will download the updates and
take care of the installation.
Easy computer setup
3.8-cm LCD screen
Backlight buttons
Battery low indication
Display Type: LCD
Number of activities: 8
Number of devices: 8
Online updates: available
On-Screen Display languages: Danish, Dutch,
English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian,
Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
• Supported devices: AMP, Audio system, Blu-ray
recorder, DVD-VCR combo, DVDR-HDD combo,
Digital Media Receiver, Game console, HD-DVD
player, HTS, Hard Disk recorder, Home Theatre,
MP3 Player Dock, Minidisc, PC, Projector (IR),
RECEIVER, SAT, TAPE, TV, TV-DVD combo, TVVCR combo, TV-VCR-DVD combo, Tuner, VCD,
Laser Disk, VCR
Infrared Capabilities
• Learning IR codes
• Operating distance: 33 ft (10 m)
• Batteries included
• Setup Method: PC Setup
The remote features a 3.8-cm (96 x 64 pixels) LCD
display. Less frequently used buttons are available via
the display, so you can add your own buttons or
remove the ones you do not need.
Connect your Prestigo remote to your PC or Mac
via USB for an easy computer setup in your language.
Customise any functionality in a few simple steps.
Backlit keys
Activity-based control
Start your home entertainment activities with one
touch of a button instead of controlling each
individual device in separate steps. Simply press the
activity button like 'Watch a movie' and the Prestigo
will automatically switch on the different devices,
such as the TV, DVD player and Home theatre
system, to watch a movie.
The illuminated keypad makes it easy to control all
your devices, even in the dark.
Issue date 2011-01-06
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