Ultrasonic Jewelry Steamer

Ultrasonic Jewelry Steamer
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Ultrasonic Jewelry Steamer
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IMPORTANT: Before using the Brilliant Spa, please be certain to
read the following pages including the specified safety precautions.
Failure to do so may result in bodily injury or damage to your Brilliant
Congratulations on your purchase of the GemOro Brilliant Spa! The
Brilliant Spa has been factory tested for performance as well as safety
and does an incredible job cleaning jewelry just like the professionals.
Please be aware that not all jewelry may be steam cleaned. Please
check with a qualified jeweler prior to cleaning your jewelry to confirm if
the jewelry in question may be steam cleaned. Always avoid subjecting
soft porous stones like emeralds, turquoise and pearls to heat or steam
Power Voltage: 120V AC
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Rated Power: 1000W
1. Be certain that the Brilliant Spa is plugged into a grounded power
outlet that has a power rating sufficient to operate the product.
2. The Brilliant Spa is not a toy. Children should never operate it.
3. This product is specifically designed for cleaning jewelry.
GemOro Superior Instruments
Although there are other cleaning applications in which the
Brilliant Spa may be used, caution should be used at all times as
depending on the item being cleaned it could cause damage to it
and potentially you.
4. After being filled with water and plugged in, the Brilliant Spa
automatically heats water into steam and quickly builds up
pressure. Since the product releases hot steam under pressure,
caution should always be used while it is in operation.
5. Always be certain the fill cap with its built-in safety release valve
is hand screwed on tightly prior to use. Never operate the Brilliant
Spa without the fill cap installed.
6. The Brilliant Spa may only be used with pure regular tap water.
Never add any chemicals or cleaning agents to the water as it
could void the warranty and cause unecessary damage to the
product as well as potentially harm you.
7. The Brilliant Spa is designed to operate with a maximum of 10oz
of water in its tank. Never overfill the tank, as this will cause
sputtering of water until the water level has been reduced to its
optimal level and it will not operate as designed.
8. Never plug in and attempt to operate the Brilliant Spa without water
in its tank. If it runs out of water during operation, unplug it and
allow sufficient time for cooling of approximately 30 minutes prior
to refilling the tank with 10oz of water. When removing the fill cap
after it has cooled, always unscrew it slowly while allowing the
tank to gradually release its pressure.
9. Never attempt to unscrew the fill cap and refill the Brilliant Spa’s
tank while it is still hot and under pressure. You must wait
approximately 30 minutes prior to attempting to refill the Brilliant
10.Keep the power cord away from heat generating appliances and
never allow it to become wet.
11.Never direct the steam from its nozzle toward your face, other
people or other electrical appliances. Care should always be
given when steam cleaning jewelry so as not to touch the hot
BrilliantSpa Manual
steam with your fingers or hands. Always use the supplied
stainless steel jewelry holding tweezers or mesh basket when
placing items under the hot steam.
12.Never lift the Brilliant Spa by its steam nozzle as it may damage it
and burn your fingers. Only lift or move it by its easy-lift handles.
13.Always unplug the Brilliant Spa when not in use.
1. Stainless steel removable mesh basket.
2. Water fill funnel.
3. Water fill measuring cup.
4. Stainless steel jewelry holding tweezers (located in rear storage
1. Place the Brilliant Spa upright on a flat, dry, level surface near the
edge of a sink or counter.
2. Be certain the stainless steel mesh basket is installed into the
slot located under the steam nozzle. Insert the basket firmly,
while being sure to press hard enough to be certain it is installed
securely and completely.
3. With the steamer being sufficiently cool, carefully unscrew the fill
cap slowly until it is removed, insert the funnel and while using the
water fill cup, pour 5oz of tap water into the tank twice, making a
total of 10oz. Never guess at the water level as you might overfill
the tank beyond 10oz capacity. Always use the supplied water fill
4. Replace the water fill cap by hand tightening. Do not over-tighten.
5. Plug in the Brilliant Spa to a grounded electrical outlet that has a
power rating sufficient to operate the product. Locate the in-line
switch on the power cord and turn it on. Within approximately 3
minutes it will automatically heat up the water in its tank creating
steam under pressure. The red LED light will indicate that the
steamer is warming up and building pressure.
GemOro Superior Instruments
6. When the green LED light becomes illuminated that indicates that
it is ready to begin steaming. Please note that the green LED light
will cycle on and off as the steamer automatically heats up while
maintaining constant pressure.
7. Using the stainless steel jewelry holding tweezers, firmly yet
carefully grasp the item being cleaned and hold it approximately
one inch beneath the steam nozzle located above the mesh
basket or simply place the item being cleaned in the mesh basket.
Please note that the mesh basket may be removed when cleaning
larger items.
8. To begin steaming, press down on the steam release button
located behind the water fill cap in short, one second bursts while
being aware that the longer the item being cleaned is exposed to
the steam the more it will naturally heat up and become hot. Allow
a brief delay between bursts to allow the steamer to rebuild steam.
Rotate the item under the nozzle while positioning it in different
angles to clean it on all sides. Always allow the jewelry being
cleaned sufficient cooling time prior to use.
9. Inspect the item after cleaning and if it requires additional
steam cleaning repeat these steps noted in #8. For dirtier items,
additional steaming time may be required, presoaking in hot
water or for faster results it is recommended to also first use the
GemOro Sparkle Spa personal ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (sold
separately) to loosen up the dirt and pre-clean prior to steaming.
10. When it is necessary to refill the Brilliant Spa, first turn it off and
then unplug it from the power outlet. Press the steam activation
button to release the remaining steam in its tank. Allow sufficient
cooling time of approximately 30 minutes prior to refilling the
tank with 10oz of water. When removing the fill cap after it has
cooled, always unscrew it slowly while allowing the Brilliant Spa to
gradually release any remaining pressure in the tank.
11.When you are finished cleaning your jewelry, unplug the Brilliant
Spa from the power outlet by grasping the end of the power cord
closest to the outlet.
BrilliantSpa Manual
12.Prior to storing the Brilliant Spa after use, always release any
remaining pressure in its tank by holding the steam activation
button down. After allowing sufficient cooling time, remove the fill
cap by unscrewing it slowly while allowing the tank to gradually
release its pressure. Then lift the Brilliant Spa by its easy-lift
handles and pour out the remaining water.
1 Remove cap, fill
with regular tap
water and then
replace cap.
Power on to
quickly build
When the
green LED light
illuminates, press
steam activation
Your Brilliant Spa is designed to be a very low maintenance appliance.
With moderate usage the tank (only when cool) that is located
inside the steamer should be cleaned annually since water will leave
a residue in the tank that can be flushed out. With the steamer
unplugged, pour a small amount of any household cleaner, which
is designed to remove hard water deposits that is non-caustic and
non-flammable or combustible and that can be used on metal into the
tank. Then fill the tank with water, swish around and then allow it time
to remain in the tank for a while. Then pour out the solution in the
tank; flush the tank out thoroughly multiple times with tap water and
resume normal use. The exterior of the Brilliant Spa may be cleaned
by hand using a soft cloth and a mild household cleaner that may be
used on plastic as well as stainless steel. Wipe dry using a soft cloth
when finished.
GemOro Superior Instruments
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