White Balance Gray Card Set

White Balance Gray Card Set
Quick Setup Guide | NS-DWB3M / NS-DWB3M-C
White Balance Gray Card Set
Thank you for choosing Insignia and congratulations on your new Digital Gray Card
set, the most economical, portable, easy-to-use and accurate tool you can use for
perfect digital color. This Insignia Digital Gray Card set can be used to set the
custom white balance in your camera at the time of your shoot or during
post-production editing, using software such as Adobe Photoshop®. As an added
benefit, you can use it to set proper exposure, using the 18% neutral gray card as
1 Remove the cards and lanyard from
the package.
2 Attach the lanyard to the cards by
passing the end of the string through
the holes of all three cards.
3 Loop it back through itself and pull to
Gray card
Black card
White card
Detachable lanyard strap
Quick Setup Guide
Why use a White Balance Card?
When you use a digital camera, it records the color of light (measured in degrees
Kelvin [K]) very accurately. Your eyes may not notice if the light is too blue or too
red, but the camera does and the resulting images may not be acceptable. To
help correct this, your camera allows you to set the “white balance” (WB) for the
pictures you take. You can set this automatically (AWB or A), or use a custom
setting. For the best results, use a gray card to set the custom white balance.
AWB or A
Auto White Balance
Other common presets
Custom White Balance
Using the Gray Card to achieve perfect white balance in your photos:
The three cards are designed to be neutral in color. This provides a reference
image to allow the camera, or a post-processing software, to dial-in the correct
color for the entire image. The cards are especially helpful when the lighting is
made up of a mix of different colored lights (incandescent and fluorescent for
example). They also provide a reference for white balance correction when there
is a single type of light used or under natural lighting.
Note: Your camera’s white balance setting will have to be set with the gray card each time the
lighting condition changes.
1 Position the gray card in front of your subject or at the location where your
subject will be photographed.
2 Access the White Balance menu on your camera (see reference menu image in
previous section) and select the Custom White Balance mode.
Before using your new product, please read these instructions to prevent any damage.
3 Activate the camera’s Custom White Balance Set button (refer to camera’s user
manual to locate this setting). This sets the proper white balance for your next
set of photos under current lighting conditions. Now you are ready to take
pictures of your subject.
Using the White Balance Gray Card with post-processing
1 Position the digital gray card (or all three cards if more shadow and highlight
control is desired) in front of your subject or where the subject will be located. If
your camera is equipped with a RAW image capture mode, activate it, as this
provides more control than normal (JPEG) mode.
2 Set the camera as you normally would for proper exposure using Auto White
Balance mode.
3 Capture the photo, once with the Gray card in the shot and once without.
4 After loading the images from the camera to your post-processing software,
such as Photoshop®, select the center of the gray card and instruct the software
to use that point to set the white balance for the entire image. You can also use
the white card image to set the highlight limit and the black card image to set
the black level as needed. These settings can then be copied and applied to all
the remaining photos that were captured in the session.
• Dimensions: 5.1 × 3.9 in. (12.9 × 9.9 cm)
Without digital gray card
With digital gray card
Note: The above photos show the difference that using a white balance card can make. The
photo on the left was taken under incandescent lighting, causing the image to appear too
yellow. The photo on the right appears more natural because it was taken after the white
balance was corrected using a digital gray card.
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