rockman™ midipedal

rockman™ midipedal
A) 3 DIGIT LED DISPLAY: Shows all 128 program change
commands, upper and lower bank ranges and MIDI channels 116.
B) LEDS: A single LED “on” indicates which program number has
been selected. A row of LED’s flashing indicates which range of
numbers (1 to 5 or 6 to 10) the program button will choose from
in the bank that is active.
D) PROGRAM BUTTONS: Dual function buttons activate
programs 1-5 or 6-10 within a given bank.
E) MIDI OUT: Jack connects MIDI cable from the MIDI IN jack of
equipment to be controlled.
F) POWER: Push button ON. If LED display is not lit, the unit is off
C) UP/DOWN BUTTONS: Select program BANKS and RABGES for
access to all 128 programs. Press once to increment or
decrement through ranges, hold down to scroll quickly.
General Operating Instructions
The ROCKMAN MIDIPEDAL is designed to allow instant access to all
the programs in your ROCKMAN MIDI programmable amplifier, MIDI
OCTOPUS switching system, and all other MIDI signal processors
and keyboards.
Connect the power cord of the MIDIPEDAL to an AC outlet.
CAUTION: line voltage must match the voltage requirement printed
on the rear panel of the unit.
Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT jack on the MIDIPEDAL
to the MIDI IN jack on the processor to be controlled. To chain
together more equipment, connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI
THRU jack of the first unit to the MIDI IN jack of the next unit. You
can chain several units together in this fashion.
Push the MIDIPEDAL power button ON. Also turn on your other
equipment. When first powered up, the MIDIPEDAL display should
read “0” with a flashing bar and the GREEN LEDS will flash,
indicating that the MIDIPEDAL is ready to send program changes 1
through 5.
Since the MIDIPEDAL does not have 128 separate buttons, the
programs are divided into 13 BANKS, each of them with two
ranges. The five PROGRAM buttons access the programs in any
selected range (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, etc.).
Hitting the UP and DOWN buttons will change the range that the
five program buttons will acess within a given BANK. The display
will show the BANK (0-12) followed by a flashing bar and LEDS
indicating the RANGE. When the lower bar and GREEN LEDS
flash, the LOWER numbers are active (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). When the
upper bar and RED LEDS flash, the UPPER numbers are active
(6, 7, 8, 9, 10).
When any PROGRAM button is depressed, a MIDI PROGRAM
CHANGE message is sent, the DISPLAY shows the PROGRAM
NUMBER, and the corresponding program LED is lit.
If your next desired program is in a different range, use the
UP.DOWN buttons to scroll to the correct BANK and RANGE. The
display will show the BANK number, and the LEDS will flash
indicating the RANGE. The LED next to your last button selection
will stay on to remind you of the program that is still active. Use this
feature to preset your next slection range for quick access to your
next program.
NOTE: since the highest program number is 128, only three
buttons in the highest range will work (126, 127, 128). The last two
buttons are disabled.
Use of the DOWN button while in the lowest range (1-5) will roll
over to the highest range (126-128). Similarly, using the UP button
while in the highest range will roll over to the lowest range.
When first turned on, the MIDIPEDAL send program change
commands on channel 1. Most MIDI applications will work well in
this mode. If you wish to change the MIDI channel, or check on the
current channel status, hold down both the UP and DOWN buttons
for about 2 seconds, until all the PROGRAM LEDS begin to flash.
The display will show the current MIDI channel number.
Use the UP/DOWN buttons to select a new MIDI CHANNEL
NUMBER. To exit the MIDI CHANNEL SELECT mode, press any
one of the five PROGRAM buttons.
NOTE: this channel selection will remain in effect as long as the
MIDIPEDAL is turned on. When the MIDIPEDAL is turned off and
restarted, it will return to channel 1.
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