Ride-On Car Formula Installing Ride

Ride-On Car Formula Installing Ride
Ride-On Car Formula
Exclusively produced for passenger cars, trailers, caravans and
light trucks. The Ride-On Car Formula is, as far as is known,
the only product in its class that continuously balances tires.
The Car Formula offers superior protection for tires of
passenger cars and light trucks against punctures of objects up to 6,4 mm in diameter.
Installing Ride-On
Before getting started…
Make sure you have a compressor at your disposal.
You need it to successfully complete the installation.
Step 1. Rotate the tire so that the valve stem is positioned at 4 or 8 o’clock*
If there is a cap covering the valve stem, remove it.
Step 2. Remove the valve core
Place the provided valve core removal tool onto the valve and unscrew it by turning
counterclockwise. This will allow you to remove the valve core and deflate the tire.
Step 3. Slide the provided hose onto the car valve
The hose fits exactly onto the car valve.
Step 4. Place the hose onto the bottle
Take the cap off the Ride-On bottle. Cut the tip of the bottle at the indicated line so the gel can
easily go through.
Attention: Make sure when you cut that the hose can still fit on the bottle tip.
Tip: If you prefer you can also place the bottle tip directly (without hose) on the valve.
Step 5. Squeeze the entire contents of the bottle into the tire.
Step 6. Use the compressor to put a bit of air into the tire
Injecting a short burst of air will clear the valve stem.
Step 7. Reinstall the valve core
Screw the valve core back in by turning it clockwise with the provided tool. Do not overtighten.
Inflate the tire to the recommended pressure.
Tip: If you’re not sure about the right pressure, this can often be found on a sticker on the
inside of the car door, the fuel cap or your car’s instruction manual.
Step 8. Repeat the steps for the other tires.
The tire is now successfully filled with Ride-On. Starting back at step 1, repeat the steps until
all the tires have been treated.
When all tires have been successfully filled with Ride-On, it is time for the final step:
Step 9. Drive your vehicle so the Ride-On can spread evenly over the tire tread.
Drive 5 to 10 kilometers to allow Ride-On to spread sufficiently. You may experience a slight
vibration at first, but this will wear off as you drive further and the formula spreads out.
Attention: Ride-On needs to be run in at every speed, so the vibrations may reoccur as you
speed up. Eventually the Ride-On will coat the tires evenly and balance out.
If you have very large tires, we recommend you start off driving slowly. The Ride-On will need
a bit more time to spread.
*Tip: For more convenience, you could jack up your vehicle first
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