Lacrosse All in One

Lacrosse All in One
Lacrosse All in One
Lacrosse All in One - the first-rate stroller set - for all trips.
This super lightweight set provides you with everything you need from birth up to
kindergarten age: carry cot with mosquito net and changing bag, car seat with head
cushion and seat wedge, buggy with boot cover, seat cover, rain cover and cup holder.
The Lacrosse is very manoeuvrable thanks to its lockable and swivelling front wheels.
The large wheels and the suspension are ideal for off-road adventures. A locking brake
acting on the rear wheels offers safety. The telescopic push handle can be adjusted
individually in height for optimum comfort on every ride. Your baby bottle will always be
ready to hand in the cup holder and your baby items can be stowed in the large shopping
basket conveniently.
In combination with the cuddly carry cot, the Lacrosse can be transformed into a stroller
for newborns. Your baby will be safe and secure in this carry cot. The carry cot can be
installed in no time via Easy-Fix system on the adapters integrated into the armrests of
the stroller.
The car seat Zero Plus Comfort 0+ can also be used for your newborn. The innovative
side-impact protection system with patented use of shock-absorbing PU foam and the
padded 3-point harness guarantee optimum safety on every ride. For your shopping trips,
just combine car seat and chassis in order to form the practical Shop'n Drive System.
This way, you can let your baby sleep along even when you want to get the car seat out
of the car.
When your child grows too old for the carry cot, you can install the buggy seat in only a
few simple steps on the chassis. The buggy seat is convertible. Your child can either
watch you or the surroundings. The 5-point harness and the removable front bar offer
The extendable sun canopy provides protection against sun, wind and rain. The
colour-matching boot cover and rain cover provide additional protection. Due to the
multiple-adjustable back rest and foot rest, you child can make itself comfortable in any
position and can also have a recreative sleep in the lying position.
The practical changing bag completes this great set.
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Lacrosse All in One
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super lightweight pram set
with extensive accessories
all moduls are interchangeable within a second per Easy-Fix-System
with convertible buggy seat unit
with height-adjustable handle
Characteristics FRAME
Aluminium frame
Reversible seat unit
Height-adjustable handle
3 x 98 -105 cm
Lockable and swivelling front wheels
Detachable front wheels
Detachable rear wheels
Large shopping basket
Plastic wheel
Locking brake
Cup holder
Characteristics PRAM
incl. Mosquito net for pram
Easy-Fix system
Characteristics INFANT CARRIER
3-point safety harness
Side protection
Removable head protection
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Lacrosse All in One
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Characteristics INFANT CARRIER
Removable seat wedge
Removable seat cover
Removable canopy
Characteristics BUGGY
One Hand Backrest adjustment
Back rest inclination
109 - 156 °
Adjustable back rest (different positions or continuously)
Adjustable foot rest
1 x
Detachable front bar
Detachable cover
Detachable canopy
5-point harness system
Combinable with soft carry cot
Measurements and weights FRAME/ BUGGY
Weight frame (incl. wheels)
7,4 kg
Weight buggy seat unit
4,0 kg
Weight buggy ( in total)
11,7 kg
Measurements folded (min.)
88 x 63 x 34 cm
Measurements built-up (max.)
96 x 63 x 105 cm
Seat width
30 cm
Height of handle
105 cm
Height-adjustable handle
3 x 98 -105 cm
Measurements lying area
90 cm
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Lacrosse All in One
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Measurements and weights FRAME/ BUGGY
Lengths of seat and back rest
22 / 49 cm
Wheel diameter (back wheel)
23 cm
Wheel diameter (front wheel)
16 cm
Measurements and weights PRAM
Weight carry cot
5,3 kg
Inner measurements carry cot
76 x 33 x 19 cm
Measurements and weights INFANT CARRIER
Weight infant carrier
3,7 kg
Seat width
25 cm
Measurements infant carrier
66 x 45 x 60 cm
Recommended age range
Pram: from birth to 9 kg
Infant carrier: From 0 month to 13 kg
Buggy / push chair: From 0 month to 15 kg
Sending information
Pack size
56 x 56 x 91 cm
Weight total single item (incl. box)
25,2 kg
Infant carrier
Seat unit
seat pad
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Lacrosse All in One
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Changing bag
moscito net
Rain cover
Bottle holder
Boot cover
Test results and awards:
Washing information:
Product Videos
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Lacrosse All in One
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143544 Chilli
143599 Dots Grey
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Lacrosse All in One
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Lifestyle Image
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Lacrosse All in One
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