Illuminate Gradecam Scanning

Illuminate Gradecam Scanning
Illuminate Gradecam Scanning
Toan Pham x.2620
AverVision 355AF
Base - Back
Right Side
Left Side
Base - Left
(VGA cable from laptop or
desktop to RGB Input)
(VGA cable from
RGB Output to projector)
Base - Front
Connecting the USB cable
1. The mini plug (smaller end) of the
cable connects to the left side USB port.
2. The larger end connects to
the computer’s USB port.
(VGA cable to external monitor
if connecting to a desktop)
Important: Make sure the base switches are
in the correct positions before scanning!
Left Side – The TV/RGB toggle button should be
switched to RGB (right position).
Right Side – The USB toggle button should be
switched to the front of the camera (left position).
Base - Back
Base - Left
The TV/RGB toggle button should be
switched to RGB (right position).
(VGA cable from
laptop to VGA IN)
AverVision 300AF+
(VGA OUT cable
to projector)
Connect USB
cable to laptop
Removing/Installing Plugin
Black Screen – If the scanning window is black, the old plugin
must be removed first to be able to install an updated version.
Please follow the steps below.
1. Click on the Start button on the
left of the toolbar and choose
“Control Panel” on the menu
2. Click “Uninstall a program”
If you have an icon menu, then
look for “Programs and Features”
3. Select “GradeCam Plugin” from the
list of programs and click “Uninstall”
1. Launch Illuminate in
Chrome Browser and
open a test to scan.
You will be prompted
to install the
GradeCam Plugin.
Please click on the
screen to download
the plugin.
2. After downloading, click on
the plugin file at the bottom
of the screen to install.
Always allow plug-in from
3. Go back to Illuminate and scan the test. If you see a
puzzle piece on the scanning window, this means the
plugin must be enabled. Click the red x on the address bar
and choose “Always allow…”
“No camera detected” or “Failed to connect with camera”
Failed to configure the camera
Camera Error: Failed to configure camera.
- Check doc cam power cord, on/off button, USB cable,
and side switches are at the correct positions.
- Check if Aver+ are is installed.
The A+ icon should be on the desktop
or Aver+ in the Programs menu.
- Plug into a different USB port on the computer.
- Change USB port.
- Restart camera.
- Camera drivers need to be installed or reinstalled.
No scanning window
- Click on “Tools” and select the “AverVision Digital Visual Presenter”
camera. Click “Done, Return to Scanning” button.
- Exit Illuminate. Unplug the USB cable from the computer and use
another available USB port. Restart Illuminate.
AverVision Digital Visual Presenter 2
There’s a scanning window but Gradecam is not scanning
- Are there stray marks on the answer sheet? The answer sheet printed or copied lightly?
Too much light or too little light can be a problem because it creates glare. Bubbles should appear black, not silver
or white. Try one or a combination of the suggestions below. The main purpose is to reduce the amount of glare
on the answer document.
- Turn on/off the light on the camera head. Turn on/off the room light.
- Move the camera to a different part of the table to minimize direct light or shadows.
- Angle the camera arm or elevate the answer sheet at one end with a binder will sometimes work the best.
light switch
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