3 Attempt Automatic Engine Control Module 3 POS. IGNITION KEY

3 Attempt Automatic Engine Control Module 3 POS. IGNITION KEY
Model: AECM 103FBS lite
3 Attempt Automatic Engine Control Module
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The Model AECM103FBS lite is an Automatic Engine Control Module
designed to work as a replacement of standard 3 position ignition key
switch for diesel and petrol generating sets such as Kipor, Honda, etc.
It will indicate the operational status and fault conditions,
automatically shut down the engine and indicate the start engine
failure by a flashing “START FAIL”LED on the front panel. Other faults
are indicated by steady LED.
Operation of the module is via rocker switch mounted on the front
panel with AUTO/STOP and and RUN positions. Remote control of the
module is via terminal 1.
Relay outputs are provided for:
Fuel Solenoid Output
Starter Motor Output
Stop relay Output
All relays outputs are volt free.
Inputs/outputs are available for:
------------------------------------------------------------------START. Conditions: Rocker switch is in “RUN” position or remote
start is active and rocker switch is in “AUTO/STOP” position.
Start sequence: the stop relay will energize breaking connection
between terminals #6 and #10, the fuel relay will energize connecting
terminals #3 and #4 to terminal #5, the start relay will energize for 5
sec connecting terminals #3 and #4 to terminal #2. If the engine has
not fired by the end of 1st attempt, the starter is turned off for a
resting period. The sequence will then repeat up to a maximum
number of start attempts. Following a successful start, (100~240V
sensed on generator output via terminals 11 and 12), the start relay is
de-energized and latched out to prevent reengagement of the starter
with the engine running.
------------------------------------------------------------------STOP. Conditions: rocker switch is in “RUN” position or remote
start is active and rocker switch is in “AUTO/STOP” position.
Stop sequence: the fuel relay will de-energize, the stop relay will deenergize and reinstate the link between terminals #6 and #10 making
generator to stop.
Remote Start (terminal 1).
Start output (terminal 2)
Fuel output (terminal 5)
Stop relay outputs (terminal 6, 10)
Common terminals: 3 and 4
AC generator output sensing (terminals 11 and 12)
Battery positive (terminal 7)
Battery negative (terminal 8)
Multiple alarm channels are provided to monitor the following:
AC alternator output
Fail to Start
The AECM 103FBS lite series modules have been designed for front
panel mounting.
The module is fitted into the 68X68mm cut-out with the fixing clips
These are then fitted from the rear.
------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIFICATION
The starter relay can only energize for 2nd and 3rd crank cycle if
100~240VAC is NOT sensed, to confirm that the engine is stationary.
The loss of AC signal on terminals #11 and #12 during normal
generator run will cause a fault condition (LOW FUEL) and generator
Should the engine still fail to start after the maximum number of
attempts, “START FAIL” is displayed and the starter is latched out
until reset via “STOP/AUTO” position of rocker switch or remotely via
terminal 1 if the engine start was initially made via remote start signal.
DC Supply: 8~18 V Continuous;
Max. Standby Current: 9.8 mA @ 12 V;
Number of attempts: 3
Crank duration attempts: 5 sec
Pause between each attempt: 10 sec
Hold-off timer set for: 7 sec.
Starter relay output: 3A Max;
Fuel solenoid output: 3A Max;
Stop relay outputs: 3A Max;
Dimensions: 72 X 72 X 82mm;
Operating Temperature Range: -30 to +70°C.
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