Names of Parts
Flash mode button
Selftimer button
Shutter release button
Mid-roll rewind button
Autofocus windows
LCD panel
Selftimer indicator
Zoom buttons
Power button
Diopter adjustment dial
Date/time indicator
Battery compartment cover
Film window
Back cover
Back cover release
Quartz Date mode buttons
Strap eyelet
Compact Full-Auto 38~90mm Zoom 35mm Camera
Tripod socket
Viewfinder Display & LCD Panel
Flash indicator
mark (orange)
Battery check
Shutter release
mark (red)
Flash modes
Exposure counter
Main Specifications
Film format:
The Olympus Accura View Zoom 90 makes
photography fun again. It’s got a Smart Viewfinder
that gives you a bigger, brighter, clearer view of your
subject, and a precision-quality 38~90mm 2.4x
zoom lens for easy framing. Constructed for worryfree handling and on-the-go shooting, the Accura
View Zoom 90 is an ideal choice for family photo fun!
Full-automatic 35mm autofocus lens-shutter camera with built-in 38~90mm lens.
35mm standard DX-coded film (24 × 36mm).
Olympus lens 38~90mm zoom, F3.7~8.2, 7 elements in 6 groups.
Programmed electronic shutter.
Real-image zoom viewfinder (with in-focus indication provided autofocus mark,
close-up correction mark, flash indicator and shutter release indicator).
Active-type autofocus system. Focus lock possible. Shutter release locks to warn
when inside minimum working distance. Focusing range — 2.6 ft.~ ∞ (infinity).
Programmed automatic exposure control.
Auto exposure range — EV3.8~EV12.0 at wide angle; EV6.1~EV14.3 at telephoto.
Electronic selftimer with approx. 12-sec. delay.
Automatic setting with DX-coded film with ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and 3200.
Film speed
For non DX-coded film and film with less than ISO 50, film speed is set to ISO 100.
Film loading: Automatic loading.
Film advance: Automatic film winding.
Film rewind: Automatic film rewind. Rewind possible at any point with mid-roll rewind button.
Built-in flash. Recycling time — Approx. 0.5~4 sec. (at normal temperature with
new battery). Flash working range — 2.6~17.4 ft. at wide angle and 2.6~7.9 ft. at
telephoto with ISO 100 color negative film; 2.6~34.8 ft. at wide angle and
2.6~15.7 ft. at telephoto with ISO 400 color negative film.
Flash modes: Auto,
Red-Eye Reducing,
Off, Fill-In (forced activation),
Night Scene
Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene.
Power source: One 3V lithium battery (DL123A or CR123A).
Dimensions: 5.1 (W) × 2.9 (H) × 2.3 (D) in. (without protrusions).
10.4 oz. (without battery).
Specifications for Date Unit
Data coding: year-month-day, day-hour-minute, No data, month-day-year and day-month-year.
Automatic calendar system: Up to year 2049.
Power source: One 3V coin-type lithium battery (CR2025).
Battery life:
Approx. 3 years (approx. 40,000 imprints).
•Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
•Example photographs shown in this catalog are included to illustrate camera features and functions.
•The picture of the viewfinder shown in this catalog is a simulated photograph.
Internet: Telephone: 1-800-622-6372
Olympus business areas
Medical and health-care area
Imaging and information area
Industrial applications area
Tokyo, New York, Hamburg, London, Paris
C1336-0101D2 Printed in Japan
The smart way
Auto Flash Mode
Intelligent variable-power flash
to shoot
fires automatically in low-light and
provides soft-flash illumination
when your subject is close.
With Auto Flash Mode
Red-Eye Reducing Flash Mode
A rapid series of pre-flashes help your subjects’ eyes
adjust to the light, reducing the annoying red-eye effect
that often spoils group photos.
*Results may vary depending on subject’s eye color and exposure to pre-flash.
Fill-In Flash Mode
Fill-In Flash erases annoying shadows when you’re
shooting in harsh sunlight or backlight. It makes
beautiful pictures easy!
Flash Off Mode
If you prefer to shoot without flash — or are in a place
Big, bright, clear view assures easy framing
Frame your subjects with ease
38~90mm 2.4x Zoom
Our Smart Viewfinder makes it easy to take beautiful
The versatile 38~90mm 2.4x zoom responds at a touch,
pictures by framing your subjects creatively. It gives you
letting you zoom in or out to get the composition just
a bright, clear, real-image view that is approximately
right. High-performance aspherical lens elements assure
twice as large as the view offered by our conventional
crisp, clear photos with autofocus shooting ease.
where flash photography is prohibited — you can
simply switch the flash off.
Night Scene / Red-Eye Reducing Night Scene
Flash Mode
At night, you can capture both foreground subjects and
background lights with these two flash modes.
Electronic Selftimer
viewfinders. Illuminated indicators superimposed on the
A 12-second electronic selftimer gives you plenty of
viewfinder image provide visual confirmation of focusing
time to get in the picture yourself.
accuracy, flash readiness and shutter release. And
because the eyepiece is equipped with dioptric
correction, you can adjust viewfinder focus to suit your
personal preference.
Flash Indicator (orange)
Close-Up Correction Mark
Lights when the flash is
ready to fire.
Lights when the subject is
close up.
Shutter Release Indicator
Autofocus Mark (red)
Lights while the shutter is
being released.
Blinks on and off if the
subject is out of focus.
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