Buy any Takamine PRO guitar at a 40% discount off of MSRP and

Buy any Takamine PRO guitar at a 40% discount off of MSRP and
Recognizing the need to provide the aspiring drummer an easy, economical, and complete Gretsch drum set choice, the 5-piece Blackhawk drum
set has been upgraded to include a full hardware pack. The Gretsch
Blackhawk basswood/poplar drum shells project a full, resonant tone and
are neatly finished in gloss wrap. The Gretsch toms feature 6-ply basswood/poplar shells and 2.5mm flanged hoops. The 7-ply kick drum
includes matching maple wood hoops with telescopic spurs. The GTS
tom suspension system allows tom drums to fully resonate and features a
ball/socket holds toms securely and is easy to
position. INCLUDES:
22" x 18" kick, 12" x 9" and 13" x 10" toms
14" x 14" floor tom, 14" x 6-1/2" steel snare, Kick
pedal, Snare stand, Straight, Boom and Hi-Hat
cymbal stands, OSP “BR” Cymbal Pack, Throne
Includes a Squier SE Special Strat and SP10 10W amp, plus cable,
electronic tuner, instructional DVD, guitar stand, gig bag, strap, picks
Choose guitar in black, brown sunburst, or artic white finish.
MSRP $970 MSI $698
MSRP $315….. MSI $239…. Christmas
The Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Kit is the perfect solution for beginning or intermediate drummers who want the
quality of a Yamaha drum kit, without the hefty price tag.
Includes hrdwre & Paiste 101 14” Hats, 20”
Ride, 16” Crash cymbals. 22"x16" kick,
13"x9-1/2" and 12"x 9" toms, 16" x 16" floor
tom, 14"x5 1/2” snare. Includes 900T
Throne. Kick drum shell is 7 plies of basswood/poplar, floor toms, rack toms, and
snare drum shells are 6 plies of basswood/
poplar. Each is equipped with triple-flange,
1.6mm steel hoops and pro-quality lugs.
Includes: Guitar,
Gig Bag, Pitch Pipe,
Picks, Instruction Book
Buy any Takamine PRO guitar
at a 40% discount off of MSRP
and get a Takamine GS430S
NEX acoustic guitar FREE!
$459 Value. Hard Case w/PRO
Pearl's Forum FZH 5-piece drum kit really would be a great value if you just got the
drums but Pearl takes it one step further, making the Forum FZH a one-stop solution for
any drummer - and quite the steal, at that. Included with the kit are five quality drums,
including high-quality Integrated Suspension System tom mounts to maximize resonance.
Also included are a 14" hi-hat, a 16" crash cymbal, and a 20" ride cymbal, improved to
provide a much higher-quality sound. Then,
you also get a hardware pack, a drum throne, a
kick pedal, a pair of Vic Firth drumsticks, and
an Instructional DVD that shows you how to set
up your Forum FZH kit. Just open up the box,
and you'll be 100% ready to set it up, sit down,
and start grooving.
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For Only
Locking Strap
Replacement Peg
System. Pair
Jackson JS23
22”x14” - Kick
16”x16” - Floor
13”x11” - Rack
12”x10” - Rack
14”x5.5” Snare
Snare Stand
HiHat Stand
Straight Cymbal Stand
Kick Pedal
Pair 14” HiHat Cymbals
16” Crash/Ride Cymbal
Pair Sticks
DVD Setup Video
guitar features the same satin-smooth
playability and molten tone of the JS22R, but with a humbucking
bridge pickup, scalding single-coil neck and middle pickups, and a
fulcrum tremolo bridge. This series features super-affordable takes on
classic and instantly recognizable Jackson guitars, all built without
compromising all-important tone and playability. All guitars including
the JS23 Dinky feature the 24-fret compound-radius necks and shark
fin inlays beloved of Jackson shredders worldwide.
This Fender Affinity Special Strat
and Frontman 15G Amp Value
Pack includes a Squier Affinity
Stratocaster electric guitar and a
Fender Frontman 15G amp, an
electronic tuner, Hal Leonard
instructional DVD, instrument
cable, gig bag, guitar strap, pick
sampler, and stereo headphones.
Includes a naturalfinish Fender dreadnought guitar with a
solid spruce top,
Fender's best chromatic tuner, a gig
bag, shoulder strap,
picks, guitar strings,
string winder, and a
Fender instructional
The Hohner Piedmont
Blues 7-Harmonica Pack
with Case is a super value.
Includes 7 harps with
Hohner-quality brass reeds,
aluminum plates, precision-molded combs, and a
plush-lined nylon case.
Keys: G, A, Bb, C, D, E,
and F (lowest to highest).
The Zoom
Handy Recorder has the
renowned recording technology and studioquality microphones in the easiest, most portable device ever! The Zoom H1 Handy Recorder, while the smallest of the Handy Recorder family is by no means small in performance or features! Powered by a single AA
battery (allows for approximately 10 hours of
recording time) and small enough to fit in your
shirt pocket, the Zoom H1 is as portable as
can be. The Zoom H1 Handy Recorder is truly
the most convenient, best value, in a Portable
Digital Recorder. Whether you’re a songwriter,
live sound engineer, videographer, field recordist, journalist, student, sales associate, or
simply love recording, you’ll love the Zoom H1
Handy Recorder.
A remarkable value, the Takamine S35
Acoustic Guitar features a spruce top with
nato back and sides. Full body binding
and chrome machines are combined in
one very playable dreadnought. The satin
finish maximizes resonance.
This Squier Affinity Precision or Jazz
Bass Guitar Pack is an all-in-one starter
pack. Includes a Squier Affinity Series
Precision or Jazz Bass, Fender Rumble
15 Combo bass amp, bass strap,
instrument cable, a gig bag and a pick
sampler. New bassists simply open the
box, plu g i n, and roc k.
The DTXPL has the module, a snare pad,
three tom pads, a kick pad, hi hat and two
cymbal pads. The kit even includes a
bass pedal, rack, & cables. 32 Factory
Kits, 10 User Kts, 214 Voices
61 Piano Style Keys with 400
Tones and 150 Rhythms and a
Built-In Learning System.
76 Key workstation with
570 tones, 180 rhythms,
recording & much more.
88 Weighted
Hammer Action Keys
Great entry level kit
for the budget
minded musician.
Percussion Plus is a
tried and true brand
STORE because of
attention to detail.
Aluminum Rack, Digital
Controller Module, 3 Toms, Snare, 3 Cymbals, HiHat Pedal, Kick Pad w/pedal, All Labeled Cables,
Operation Manual, 215 Voices, 20 Preset Drum
Kits, 10 User Kits, 50 Preset Songs
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