Troubleshooting guide

Troubleshooting guide
If you find that something is wrong with your refrigerator, you can carry out some easy checks before calling for
service. You may be able to fix the problem and save time and costs, and spare yourself from some inconvenience.
When your appliance
is not operating
• Check that the power cord is plugged into the power outlet properly
and that the outlet is switched on.
• Try running another appliance from the same power outlet. If no
power is coming out from the outlet, you may have a blown fuse or
tripped your household power supply circuit.
• Try adjusting the temperature control to a slightly colder position.
• It is normal for the freezer fan to NOT operate during the automatic
defrost cycle or for a short time after the refrigerator is turned on.
When there is
refrigerator noise
If there are odours
inside the refrigerator
• The interior may need cleaning
• Some foods may produce strong odours and need to be tightly
If the temperature
in the refrigerator
is too warm
• Check that the refrigerator has enough clearance at the sides, back
and top. Refer to the installation instructions in this manual.
• Refer to ‘Temperature Control’ section.
• The door may have been opened for too long or too frequently.
• Food containers or packaging may be holding the door
If the temperature
in the refrigerator
is too cold
• Refer to ‘Temperature Control’ section.
• Increase the temperature to avoid high energy consumption.
Your refrigerator uses energy efficient components that may produce
different noises from your old refrigerator.
Occasionally, a gurgling sound of the refrigerant flowing or the sound
of parts contracting or expanding may be heard.
These sounds are quite normal. If the refrigerator is rattling or making
vibrating noises, check that it is level and adjust levelling foot.
If the problem persists after you have made the above mentioned checks, contact your nearest service centre or the
dealer where you bought the refrigerator from. Be ready to quote the model number which is stated on the label found
at the inner plastic compartment liner wall of the refrigerator.
Important notice
Before calling a service technician, please check carefully the operating instructions,
service booklet and warranty terms and conditions.
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