The NEST brochure

The NEST brochure
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Learning Thermostat ™
Programs itself.
Saves energy.
Meet Nest. The world’s
first learning thermostat.
Thermostats control about half of your home’s
energy. That’s more than refrigerators, lighting,
TVs, computers, and stereos combined.
Water heating
A traditional
A huge amount of that energy—
and money—is wasted, mostly
heating or cooling empty homes.
With regular thermostats, you
have to remember to turn the
temperature down every time you
leave. But we’re human. We forget.
Programmable thermostats were
supposed help, but they’re too
complicated. Their inflexible
schedules can’t keep up with our
changing lives and most people
never program them to save
energy. The Environmental
Protection Agency even took
away their Energy Star rating.
The Nest Learning Thermostat
makes things simple. It programs
itself and helps you save energy.
Learn more about why we made Nest at
Nest’s chameleon design
blends in with any décor.
Learning to save
Just treat Nest like a regular thermostat—turn it up
when you’re cold, down when you’re hot. Nest learns
what temperatures you like in about a week and
creates a custom schedule for your home. And as
Nest learns, it’ll turn on energy saving features.
Nest will learn a schedule based
on the temperature changes you
make. So turn Nest down two
nights in a row, and the next night
Nest will do it for you. Nest’s
schedule is always adapting to you.
The Nest Leaf
You’ll know you’re saving energy
when you see the Nest Leaf.
The Leaf helps guide you to
energy-saving temperatures.
When you’re not home, Nest
will notice and turn itself to an
energy-saving temperature. This
will help you avoid heating or
cooling an empty home.
Energy History
Nest tracks your energy use and
shows how much you’ve saved in
Energy History. You can also see
what affected your savings most:
your temperature adjustments,
Auto-Away or the weather.
Learn more about how Nest saves energy
Easy to use
We designed Nest to be simple. Just turn
the ring to change the temperature.
Turn it down when you’re hot,
up when you’re cold. Press the
ring for the menu.
Turns blue when cooling and
orange when heating.
Time to Temperature
Tells you how long it will take to
reach your target temperature.
Current temperature
Shows the temperature in
your home.
Target temperature
Displays the temperature you
want to reach.
The Nest Leaf
Appears when you’re saving
Nest continually measures
temperature, humidity, light
and activity.
Always connected
Connect the Nest Learning Thermostat to Wi-Fi to
control it from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
A Nest Account enables you to change your home’s
temperature from anywhere.
Sign up for a Nest Account at and download
our mobile app for your smartphone or tablet.
Remote control
Use the Nest Mobile App to change
the temperature, see or adjust your
schedule and check local weather
on your smartphone.
Multiple thermostats
Control multiple thermostats or
thermostats in different homes
with one Nest Account.
Automatic updates
Nest downloads software updates
automatically as long as it’s
connected to Wi-Fi.
Safe and secure encryption
Nest uses public key cryptography
and encryption to keep your
private data safe.
At home in most homes
Nest works with most systems and installs in 20 minutes.
Simply replace your old thermostat.
Unique to Nest
Detailed specs
Nest can control:
• One or two stage conventional heat
• One stage cool
• One stage heat pump with
auxiliary heat
• Low voltage (24 V) systems only
• No common “C” wire needed for
most systems
Wires supported:
RC, RH, W1, Y1, G, O/B, AUX/W2, C
• 24 bit color
• 320 pixel display
• 1.75” diameter
Find more online
Go to to find out if Nest
will work with your heating or
cooling system.
• Programs itself
• Auto-Away
• Nest Leaf
• Time to Temperature
• Energy History
• Chameleon design
• Nest Mobile App
• Nest Weave (multiple
thermostat coordination)
• Automatic system configuration
• Automatic backlight adjustment
• Built-in bubble level
• Press connectors
• Silent relays
• Wi-Fi software updates
In the box
Do it yourself
You can install Nest yourself in
about 20 minutes. Instructions
come in the box and step-by-step
installation videos are at
• Nest Learning Thermostat
• Installation Guide
• Start Here Guide
• Nest screwdriver
• Mounting screws and
wall anchors
• Optional mounting kit
• Self-recharging design (with
built-in rechargeable
lithium-ion battery)
• No external power required
• No common “C” wire required
Professional installation
Find a certified professional in your
area to install Nest at
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Near-field activity
• Far-field activity
• Ambient light
• Wi-Fi–802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz
• Zigbee @ 2.4 GHz
• RoHS compliant
• Mercury free
• 100% recyclable packaging
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