Expect More. See More.
GM-F 420 S | GM-F 470 S | GM-F 520 S
Expect More. See More.
Professional Full HD LCD displays
bezel design
for Video-wall Applications
24 / 7
Display quality at its best
Perfect solutions for the highest demands
Motion sensor technology, images in a brilliant contrast ratio, ultra-slim
front bezel, world-renowned reliability and the option of simple integration of a compact player (Mini PC + TV-TOOLS 8.0 / digital signage
software): the new JVC GM-F series LCD displays fulfil professional
requirements at the highest level.
Motion sensor
Robust full metal cabinet
Professional interfaces
By professionals for professionals
The heart of your professional system
Intelligent technology meets functionality: JVC GM-F series LCD displays
are extremely convincing, offering a precisely-detailed presentation and a
configuration tailored exactly to customer needs. They are ideally suited for
broadcast, digital signage and security solutions. The simple integration of
TV-TOOLS digital signage software provides perfection in communication.
42" 47" 52"
Symmetric design
Motion sensor
24 / 7
Easy system integration
Video-wall use up to 5 x 5 displays
Continuous operation
Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
Robust full metal cabinet with ultra-slim bezel of 15 mm width
(17 mm width on 52")
’LAN Remote‘ allows off-site control and monitoring via network PC
Professional connectivity: IR / RS-485 / Make and Trigger
High brightness of 700 cd / m ²
Ready for JVC digital signage software TV-TOOLS
Picture in Picture (PiP) / Picture by Picture (PbP)
bezel design
for Video-wall Applications
Multiscreen matrix: information ’just in time‘
Create emotional presentation areas with multiscreen installations.
Full HD technology and extremely high contrast guarantee sharp
images and excellent readability from all viewing angles. In combination with the JVC motion sensor, you get your message directly
to the customers – individually, with style, and in perfect time!
42" 47" 52"
Symmetric design
Motion sensor and SWAP
Discreet design and maximum robustness
The right message – at the right time – in the right place
Digital Signage – a step ahead
with dynamic information distribution
Electronic posters and moving pictures arouse emotions and draw attention.
Academic studies have shown that particularly at the point of sale, digital signage
solutions increase sales turnover by an average of 60 percent in comparison with
conventional POS promotional materials.
Profit from the advantages of dynamic communication with targeted management of audiovisual information: the location of the displays, the content and the
time of broadcast are all determined by you. This is closeness to the customer in
the information age.
Digital signage is the ideal tool to provide a smart looking list of
that day‘s activities and functions.
’Compact Player‘ – the customised solution
Optionally and intelligently integrated into the GM-F LCD Display: the newly
developed JVC ’Compact Player‘ with Mini PC and TV-TOOLS 8.0 player licence
is a convincing ultra-modern and cost-effective solution for high impact information systems. Expansion space in the rear panel of the display and an additional
power connection (AC In /Out) allows the easy mounting of further external hardware. Also usable as a standalone version.
Option to integrate the JVC ’Compact player‘ or other system
units, plus external power supply (AC In / Out).
TV-TOOLS: Digital Signage software
Bring images to life and create added value for your target audience – whether
visitors, customers or staff: with TV-TOOLS 8.0, the latest digital signage software package, you have all professional
features at your fingertips needed for the
production of dynamic content.
TV-TOOLS gives you the possibility to easily create and
display your digital signage contents.
Masterful technology for creative minds
State-of-the-art media technology
Picture in Picture (PiP) and Picture by Picture (PbP) functions –
an attractive option to place further information.
The new GM-F series displays are perfect for modern studio work and directing,
whether used as line monitors with integrated signal indicators in multi-display operation or background displays in the news sector. As a worldwide brand, we guarantee
bright, high-contrast images and unrivalled reliability in operation.
Professional monitor design – robust full metal chassis
Designed for applications that challenge people and technology. Exceptional reliability,
long service life, durability and high protection against ’image sticking‘ included.
Professional interfaces ensure maximum ease of use.
Extremely high colour resolution – for optimal focusing
These days, variable brightness settings, the option of manual colour balance and a
non-reflecting LCD surface are absolutely essential for professional work. Whether for
studios or OB vans, we‘ve got the solution you need.
Control technology –
uncompromisingly good, simple and flexible
Thanks to ’LAN Remote‘ and professional RS232 / 485 interface, displays can also be
centrally controlled and monitored from an external PC.
Each display has an integrated web interface so no additional software is necessary –
all you need is a browser.
Robust mechanics and electronics stand up to the toughest
conditions, e.g., in the OB van.
Precise and reliable: everything at a glance
The new GM-F display series impresses
professionals in every aspect: for
example, for use as a multi-display that
gets its signals through an external image
splitter. High-quality IPS panel and high
image constancy (image sticking), as well
as the ability to manually adjust colour
temperature, allow professional operation.
Multi-display function
We focus your view on the essential details
Security around the clock
In the new GM-F series displays, quality
components are key. They guarantee
continuous operation – 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. Low maintenance costs
and a long service life, thanks to high
operational reliability, are additional
24 / 7
Precise control
When you can‘t afford mistakes
Continous operation
When the moment counts: large screen technology for specialists
With JVC you play it safe
Sensitive applications, such as control centres and monitoring rooms, need
reliable security technology and high-quality screen displays. Thanks to the
new JVC displays, information is displayed in high resolution and quality for
monitoring without fatigue.
Various settings, such as reducing the backlight of the LCD panel, allow
optimal adaptation to ambient brightness.
The motion sensor can be mounted everywhere on the display,
or elsewhere, to control PiP functions.
Motion sensor & SWAP function
For optimisation of surveillance functions, such as in supermarkets or banks:
thanks to JVC‘s GM-F series of large LCD displays and a PIR motion sensor,
Picture in Picture technology (PiP) and intelligent SWAP function, incoming
signals are accessed directly and allow an immediate reaction in an emergency.
So thieves don‘t stand a chance.
Image sticking
Functions and connectivity of the GM-F series displays allow easy
monitoring of IP cameras with DirectDrive.
A special LCD panel reduces burn-in of image information. Realistic images with
precisely detailed displays as the foundation for effective security surveillance
are therefore guaranteed at all times.
IP remote control
The GM-F display series has an IP remote control that allows easy monitoring
from your workplace. All displays can be controlled via a web browser and can
be selected by individual IP address.
Large screen sizes allow user-friendly presentation and high detail
rendition – around the clock.
Multiscreen matrix /
Multiscreen row
Robust metal housing
with ultra-slim front bezel
Professional LAN / IR/RS-485 /
Make and Trigger interfaces
Perfectly suited for impressive presentations. Inspire
viewers with wide corridors or life-sized wall areas.
Through the combination of up to 25 (5 x 5) screens in
matrix arrangement or for your creative use as a 1x 5
row arranged vertically or horizontally, an emotional
scene is created for comprehensive presentation
Black anodised full metal housing with ultra-slim
front bezel underline the high-quality display
fittings. In combination with the VESA mount, easy
transport and quick installation are guaranteed. The
manufacturer‘s logo can be removed, thus enabling
neutral installation. Also available as a special design
without bar.
The option of external control and monitoring via remote
function and professional interfaces ensure maximum ease
of use. Of particular interest – as with studio monitors – is
the Make and Trigger terminal, via which various main
functions can be variably switched by contact. By using an
IP network the devices can be monitored and controlled
via web browser.
Portrait / Landscape format
Flexible image distribution
Motion sensor and SWAP
Depending on the content to be conveyed, the displays
can be installed in portrait or landscape format. The
portrait format is especially suited
to the presentation of orientation
and guidance systems, while the
landscape format ideally lends
42" 47" 52"
itself to promotional inserts and
the Picture in Picture function.
Through the Picture in Picture
(PiP) and Picture by Picture
(PbP) functions, images from
a digital source can also be
fed in. An attractive option for
including additional information.
Guarantee immediate reaction to motion signals switched
to the line monitor or display in real time. Ideal for security
solutions, but also targeted promotional placements via
digital signage. Among the numerous functions you can
e.g. change the brightness or volume when you turn on
the display – the combination of several functions is also
24/7 operation
Full HD – more detail
Audio support
With JVC professional displays you
can experience perfect picture quality
in 1,920 x 1,080 full HD resolution.
See the difference yourself.
Integrated loudspeakers and an external speaker output
make individual applications possible.
Selected components allow professional
use around the clock. Maximum reliability
and low maintenance costs, coupled with
long service life, are part of the JVC quality concept.
24 / 7
Easy system integration
Low energy costs –
the environment says thank you
Mechanical Features
Sophisticated solution: expansion space in the rear panel
of the display and the AC In / Out power connection allow
an easy mounting of the ’Compact Player‘ with Mini PC
and TV-TOOLS 8.0, or additional external hardware e.g.
an HSDI / DVI converter.
Energy efficiency and sustainability are more important
than ever to companies. Thanks to the Eco-Sensor and
adjustable backlight, the JVC displays minimise power
consumption and operating costs and thus make an
important contribution to protecting the environment.
Easy navigation
Arms for VESA
Input and
Handle (bundled with monitor)
Provided accessories
AC In/Out
Rear space for
system unit
Optional handle
With the aid of the remote control the settings in the
device menu can be adjusted very easily. Via the Menu
button and the arrow buttons you can select the individual menu items and change these directly any way
you like.
Motion sensor
17 mm
Motion sensor
Remote control
(JVC Logo)
Cable set*
15 mm
JVC Logo
Schedule menu for example
*optional extras
EE sensor
Screen size
42 inch
47 inch
52 inch
Aspect ratio
1,920 x 1,080
700 cd/m²
Viewing angle
Contrast ratio
Display colour
Signal format
1.07 billion (10-bit)
1.07 billion (10-bit)
16.7 million (8-bit)
VGA-FHD (1,920 x 1,080)
Dimensions W x H x D mm
963.6 x 556.6 x 151.2
(38 x 22 x 6)
24.9 Kg (55 lbs)
AC voltage
245 W
1199.2 x 695.2 x 161.5
(47-1/4 x 27-3/8 x 6-1/2)
High brightness
700 cd/m²
17 mm
Motion sensor
29.8 Kg (66 lbs)
300 W
40 Kg (91 lbs)
400 W
1.7 W + 1.7 W
Ext. speaker connector
2.3 W + 2.3 W
24 hours 7 days
Slim bezel
15 mm
17 mm
(for GM-F520S)
963.6 (38)
933.6 (36-7/8)
81.6 (3-1/4) 69.6 (2-3/4)
963.6 (38)
933.6 (36-7/8)
81.6 (3-1/4) 69.6 (2-3/4)
RGB input
D-sub (15-pin) x (DDC2B)
RGB output
D-sub (15-pin) x (Active output)
RCA x 2 (L / R), 500 mV (rms) with bridge out
Audio 2 *Selectable for each Video
and PC input
Stereo Mini Jack x 1.500 mV (rms) with bridge out
Speaker output terminal (L / R)
D-sub (9-pin) x 1
RS-485 / Make / Trigger
RJ-45 x 1 (8-pin)
RS-485 output
RJ-45 x 1 (8-pin)
LAN Remote
RJ-45 x 1 (8-pin)
E & O E. Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
Design and specifications subject to change without notice. All brand or product names may be trademarks and /or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. All illustrations in monitors and displays in this catalogue are simulated.
Copyright © 2009, JVC Professional Europe. All rights reserved.
JVC Professional Europe Limited www.jvcpro.eu
Power AC
DVI-D x 1 (DDC2B)
Audio 1 *Selectable for each Video
and PC input
Audio out
BNC x 1, with bridge out
DVI input
External control
81.6 (3-1/4) 69.6 (2-3/4)
1075.2 (42-3/8)
1045.2 (41-1/4)
1075.2 (42-3/8)
1045.2 (41-1/4)
1075.2 (42-3/8)
1045.2 (41-1/4)
1199.2 (47-1/4)
1165.2 (45-7/8)
Unit: mm (inches)
Unit: mm (inches)
81.6 (3-1/4) 69.6 (2-3/4)
81.6 (3-1/4) 69.6 (2-3/4)
81.6 (3-1/4) 69.6 (2-3/4)
81.6 (3-1/4) 79.9 (3-1/4)
1199.2 (47-1/4)
1165.2 (45-7/8)
81.6 (3-1/4) 79.9 (3-1/4)
1199.2 (47-1/4)
1165.2 (45-7/8)
81.6 (3-1/4) 79.9 (3-1/4)
AC power code, remote control, motion sensor, handle, stand power code holder
Input/Output Terminals
Make / Trigger
1075.2 x 620.4 x 151.2
(42-3 / 8 x 24-1/2 x 6)
50 Hz / 60 Hz
RS-485 In/Out
Native HD
1,920 x 1,080
AC S120 / 220 – 240 V
Power consumption
LAN Remote
VGA-FHD (1,920 x 1,080) 60 Hz
15 mm
963.6 (38)
933.6 (36-7/8)
Speaker stereo
Remote control
Unit: mm (inches)
Audio In /Out
661.2 (26-1/8)
695.2 (27-3/8)
TFT active matrix
661.2 (26-1/8)661.2 (26-1/8)
695.2 (27-3/8)695.2 (27-3/8)
LCD panel
526.6 (20-3/4)
556.6 (22)
52 inch LCD monitor
590.4 (23-1/4)
620.4 (24-1/2)
47 inch LCD monitor
590.4 (23-1/4)590.4 (23-1/4)
620.4 (24-1/2)620.4 (24-1/2)
42 inch LCD monitor
526.6 (20-3/4)526.6 (20-3/4)
556.6 (22) 556.6 (22)
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