Spare Battery (eneloop)

Spare Battery (eneloop)
Spare Battery (eneloop)
USB Cable for Charging
AC Adaptor
◇ How to Use
WiFi Device
B Plug
A Plug
USB Cable for Charging
・Connect WiFi device and battery with USB cable for
charging (B Plug→WiFi Device / A Plug→Battery).
・Press the power button of the battery.
→The status lamp of the battery becomes blue.
・The status lamp of the WiFi device stops flashing
after it is fully charged.
※If the status lamp of the battery does not light up after
powering on, the remaining battery capacity may be
very low. Press the power button of the battery for over
2 seconds to check the remaining battery capacity.
(Please refer to "Checking Remaining Battery Capacity" shown on P. 2.)
※DO NOT use other USB cables to connect WiFi Device and spare battery while charging.
◇ Charging the Battery
・Insert the DC connector of AC adapter into the input jack
of the battery.
(Charging time:about 7 hours)
DC Connector
Input Jack
・The status lamp flashes at the interval of 1.5 sec while
charging correctly.
・The status lamp stops flashing and lights up when it is fully
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