KIT LIST GPVS6-1560 6 PV Panel Kit

KIT LIST GPVS6-1560 6 PV Panel Kit
 KIT LIST GPVS6‐1560 6 PV Panel Kit ‐ Portrait Orientation String Inverter BMU260BB5WM3TM3P POLY Black Project 260watt PV Panels 16 Hook double adjustable 6‐35 c/w fixings and flashing 6 Components included in the set Quantity Product details 64 SEK‐2HS_6 Hook double adjustable 6‐35 SEK‐W65_100 Screw wood 6.5 x 100 mm with EPDM washer 16 SEK‐HHS‐10‐25 Hammerhead Bolt M10x25mm 16 16 Panel End Clamp, preassembled 8 4 Mounting Rail & Connector set for 50x33 2 SEKP‐EMEC_B SEKP‐EMMC_B SEK‐EM50_33 6m length profile rail N/A Inverter DC Cable + Connectors SEKP‐EMC50 Connectors for Profile rail 1 GW‐NS1500‐00RS485 1 20A 3Pole Safety Switch IP65 1 SS320IP65 16A 2 Pole SAFETY SWITCH DC IP67 GARO SINGLE PHASE METER 32A 20A 1 1 1 GARO RCBO 2 POLE 30mA Char B Middle Clamp, preassembled SEK‐DIN6923_10 Nut M10 flange A2‐70 Flash Plate SS416IP65DC GM1D RCBOGRB20A 
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