HP Photosmart Digital Cameras HP Steady Photo Anti

HP Photosmart Digital Cameras HP Steady Photo Anti
HP Photosmart Digital Cameras
Technical Backgrounder
HP Steady Photo Anti-Shake Mode
What is HP Steady Photo?
HP Steady Photo is an anti-shake1 capture mode included in the HP Photosmart R967 and R827
Digital Cameras. Using a combination HP image processing and capture settings, HP Steady
Photo helps you to take sharp and clear pictures under lower light without motion blur due to
either camera shake or subject motion. Motion blur happens when either the camera itself, or
the subjects of a photograph, move during the exposure. Motion blur is a problem when lower
light levels cause the camera to use longer exposure time or when the subject or camera is
moving quickly. The images on the next page illustrate how HP Steady Photo helps limit both
motion blur and camera motion.
How Does Steady Photo Work?
HP Steady Photo works by operating the camera in a high sensitivity mode and using a modified
camera exposure program to cause camera to operate at shorter exposure times. This helps
freeze motion, either camera or subject, in the photo. HP Steady Photo mode is similar to
operating the camera in shutter priority or setting the ISO to 400, but goes beyond what can be
achieve using manual modes. Working in conjunction with HP’s advance in-camera processing,
HP Steady Photo will help capture important moments that would otherwise be lost.
For more information see “Anti-Shake Technologies and Optical Image Stabilization” on www.hp.com/go/cameratechnology
Does it work?
These photos show how HP Steady Photo can help eliminate blur due to both camera motion
and subject motion. The photo on the left was taken without HP Steady Photo. Notice how the
swinging exercise bag is blurred because of its motion. More subtlety, the detail in the hanging
lamp (inset) is blurred because the camera
moved slightly while taking the picture.
In the photo on the right, the blurring of the
exercise bag is nearly eliminated and the lamp
is sharper, demonstrating how HP Steady
Photo helps both problems.
Is HP Steady Photo the same as Optical Image Stabilization?
No. Optical image stabilization works by using motion sensors in the camera to measure
camera shake, then moving an optical component to correct for that motion. Optical image
stabilization helps with camera shake, but can make subject motion blur (the exercise bag in the
photo above) worse because it will actually allow the camera to use longer exposure times. HP
Steady Photo is an anti-shake technology that addresses both camera shake and subject motion.
When Should I use HP Steady Photo?
HP Steady Photo is best used when:
− Lighting is at low level such as inside a home or office, typically conditions where the
flash may fire.
− The subject of the photo is moving.
− You cannot use the flash. Note: HP Steady Photo does not turn the flash off so if you do
not want the flash to fire, you should turn it off.
While HP Steady Photo will help blur in many typical situations, it does not allow the camera to
function in the dark. In very dark situations, the flash will be used with Steady Photo.
Is HP Steady Photo the same as HP Theatre Mode?
No. HP Theatre Mode2 is quite different than Steady Photo. For instance, HP Theatre mode
turns off the camera sounds, flash and focus assist light so that people around you will not be
disturbed. Steady Photos does not. The following table shows the differences between HP
Steady Photo and HP Theatre mode.
HP Steady Photo
HP Theatre Mode
Will fire
Forced off
Focus Assist Light
Forced off
Camera Sounds
Forced off
Shutter speed
Shorter shutter speeds used
Longer shutter speeds used
Camera Sensitivity (ISO) High
Is HP Steady Photo the same as Action Mode?
In many ways HP Steady Photo is similar to Action mode in that short exposure times (fast shutter
speeds) are used, however, Action mode does not increase the camera sensitivity.
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For more information on HP Theatre Mode, see www.hp.com/go/cameratechnology.
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