HA968 Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter Instruction

HA968 Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter Instruction
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Instruction Manual
Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter
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Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter
Thank you for purchasing the HamiltonBuhl HA968 Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter.
Before getting started, please read this instruction manual carefully to ensure proper operation
and optimize performance.
The HamiltonBuhl HA968 Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter easily converts your old cassette
tapes to digital files (MP3 format) – without using a computer or any other device. Simply plug in
a USB flash drive and then press the “record” button. HA968 will simply convert all of your music
and audio from the cassette tape to your USB flash drive in MP3 format, and will partition each
song automatically in auto mode. You can playback the recorded contents directly from USB
flash drive or simply playback your cassette tape from HA968.
Warnings and Precautions
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture.
Shock hazard – Do not open.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc), or rechargeable batteries.
Before installing batteries, ensure the unit is disconnected from the main AC power supply.
One Step Conversion of Cassette Tape to MP3 File
Plug-and-Play USB Flash Drive with Playback Function
Auto or Manual Partition Option
Playback Cassette Tape
Standalone Device (no computer required)
Audio Jack Enables Listening Contents via Headphones or Other Speaker Systems
Converter Format
Power Supply
2*AA Batteries, any USB port power supply (5V DC adapter with a wall outlet plug)
USB Format
Support FAT, FAT32, exFAT
Working Time
1 hour with 2*AA battery
Audio Channel
Stereo L/R
Bit Rate
6.3” x 3.7” x 1.4” / 16x9.4x3.5cm
5.11 oz. / 145g (without batteries)
Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter
Package Contents
Main Unit – HA968
USB Cable for Power/USB Flash Drive (USB Flash Drive not included)
Wall Outlet Plug
Instruction Manual
Operational Instructions
Cassette Operation Buttons
Power Mode Switch
Earphone or Speaker
Cassette Playing Volume
OTG, Connect USB Flash Drive
LED Indicator:
Standby - Solid Green Light (Manual Mode)
& Solid Blue Light (Auto Mode)
+/- Volume Control for USB
Flash Drive
File Selection Button for USB
Flash Drive
Recording - Fast Flashing Green Light
Playback - Slow Flashing Green Light
Note: Please operate the cassette tape functions after the tape deck door is completely closed.
Otherwise, it may cause the damage to the unit and the tape.
1. Power Supply Setup
There are two ways to power up the device: Use 2*AA batteries or a USB port power supply
(5V DC adapter, USB from computer, etc.), by using an USB cable (comes with device in
package) as below. You can also directly connect the USB cable to any power outlet using the
wall outlet plug that comes with the device.
USB Flash
To Device (HA968)
USB Female
To 5V DC
USB Male 1
USB Male 2
Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter
There is a AA/USB switch
on the top of the device. Please switch it to the correct
position based on its proper power source. (e.g.: Switch to AA if you are using 2*AA batteries,
or switch to USB if using DC adapter)
Note: Please do not use AA batteries and DC adapter at the same time, even though the
device is protected by its circuitry design, to avoid a dual power source scenario. For the safety
of users and potential damages to the device, we strongly recommend you to follow the above
If the device is in the wrong power supply mode:
1. With 2*AA batteries, and with the switch is in “USB” mode, all functions will not work. Please
switch back to the “AA” mode to properly operate the device.
2. With DC adapter, and with the switch in “AA” mode, cassette functions will not work, but the
recording/playback of the USB portion will work, and the power indicator will stay on.
Please switch back to “USB” mode to properly operate the device.
Once the power supply setup is completed, the green power on indicator will stay lit.
2. Insert Cassette Tape
Open the tape deck door by pulling the lid and grabbing the tab on each side of the device.
Once the door is opened, insert tape in an upside down direction, then close the door. Make
sure that the tape is inserted in the correct direction.
3. Plug-In USB Flash Drive
Use a USB flash drive with enough storage space (about 1MB for 1 minute of music recording)
and plug it into the device. If you are using battery power, plug directly to USB. If you are using
the DC power adapter, plug the USB flash drive into the female port of the USB cable that is
included in the package (see chart 2).
You can also use the USB card reader or USB hard drive as storage (Note: some card readers
or USB HDD may not be compatible with the device).
4. Operate the Cassette Tape
You can use earbuds (included in the box) or an external speaker to listen to contents by
plugging into the “AUX” socket when playing or recording the contents. There are 4 buttons on
the top of the device:
Press to Play
Press to Stop
Fast Forward
Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter
Once you press the play button, the cassette player will start to play and the wheels will start
to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. You will see the wheel through the small window and
set the volume to a desirable level by turning the volume dial on the side of the device.
Please Note: This volume will also affect the recording volume level. If you accidentally reduce
the device volume level to zero while you are recoding, the contents will not be recorded
5. Recording
5.1 Manual recording mode
This function allows you to manually partition the recording contents in separate files. When
you insert a cassette tape and plug in an USB flash drive, the device will be in “Standby” mode
(LED indicator light will stay on solid-green).
Simply press the recording button
and the device will start to record (convert) the playing
contents to MP3 format (LED indicator will start flashing - if the LED light stays solid green after
pressing the recording button, please re-plug in your USB flash drive and try again). Press the
recording button again to stop recording, then MP3 files will be created and saved to the USB
flash drive.
During recording, you can manually record several songs into separate files, instead of creating
one file with all different songs. At the interval between songs, press the down arrow button
for a short time (approx. 2 seconds). The flashing green indicator will be off for a few seconds
and it will quickly flash again to save as another file.
The default recording function will be set for the “Manual Recording” mode.
Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter
5.2 Auto recording mode
In “Auto Recording” mode, the device will detect intervals between songs automatically, and
save them into separate files. Select “Auto Recording” mode by pressing the down arrow
button for 3-5 seconds until the LED indicator turns green to blue.
For example, if you have 6 songs on the side A (or B) of your cassette tape, insert the
cassette tape, press play, then press record. After the 6th song, the device will automatically
create and save 7 MP3 files into your USB flash drive. (Note: There will be 7 files for the 6
songs, the FV0001~FV0006 will be the first 6 songs and the last file, FV0007 will be created,
but without contents).
The device will create a new folder called “TAPEMP3” in your USB flash drive and files will be
saved under the following file names “FV0001, FV0002, FV0003…FV9999”
Switching back from “Auto Recording” mode to “Manual Recording” mode can be done at the
“Standby” mode. Press the down arrow button for 3-5 seconds until the LED indicator turns
blue to green, or simply power off the device, then turn it back on (Default Mode – “Manual
Recording” mode).
Note: Due to the firmware limitation, the device may not be able to correctly determine the
intervals between songs. For example, in “Auto Recording” mode, if there is a long pause
within a song, the device may record them in separate files instead of a single file. Also, you
have to repower (remove AA batteries or USB power supply then re-plug in) the device if you
accidentally unplug the USB flash drive during recording, otherwise both recording and replay
button will not work properly.
5.3 AUX Recording Mode
It is also possible to record contents from other sources via a 3.5mm auxiliary input
(e.g., smartphones, tablets, radio or devices with AUX line out).
6. Playback
This device can playback the USB flash drive contents so you can easily review the recorded
files. In “Standby” mode, press the playback button and the device will start to play the
recorded contents, and the LED indicator will flash slowly in green.
Press the playback button again, to stop the playback function and return to “Standby” mode.
During playback, use up/down buttons
to choose play previous or next file.
button to adjust the volume level.
Note: You can also copy other MP3 files to USB flash drive and plug into your device to
playback, but only files in “TAPEMP3” folder can be played.
Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter
Q: The record button is pressed, but the device is unresponsive.
A: There are 3 possibilities for this problem:
1. USB flash drive connection problem.
Solution: Re-plug in the USB flash drive and try again.
2. USB cable is connected incorrectly (refer to the chart 2).
Solution: Reconnect USB cable correctly.
3. Defective USB flash drive.
Solution: Replace with a different USB flash drive.
Q: The LED indicator is on, but when you press the play button, the cassette
doesn’t play.
A: There are 2 possibilities:
1. Batteries are low.
Solution: Change with new batteries or use DC adapter to supply power.
2. Wrong power source is selected (if the device is using DC adapter to supply power,
but the AA/USB switch is on “AA” side).
Solution:Select the correct power source.
Q: You press the playback button, but no contents will play.
A: There are 2 possibilities:
1. If the indicator is flashing slowly, the device is operating correctly, but the device volume
level may be too low.
Solution: Please the press the “+” sign to increase volume.
2. If the LED indicator stays on green, it means the device is not turned on correctly.
Solution: You need to press the playback button again.
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HA968 — 12/2016
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