MX7 Series Mono Printer - Brochure

MX7 Series Mono Printer - Brochure
Mono Multi-function
K7400 I K7500 I K7600 Series
Performance, speed and convergence
for doing business today
Samsung. Printing Innovation.
Samsung’s printer innovations
translate into increased
performance and reduced costs
Print faster and smarter to keep up with your business
The Samsung MultiXpress MX7 Mono Series takes high performance A3 (11" x 17")
monochrome, multi-function printing into new territory. With smart features like a 1.5
GHz quadcore CPU for faster printing and scanning, an Android™-powered UX
center with pivoting screen, a secure Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution
that integrates with Samsung mobile devices, customization via Samsung SDK
(software development kit), the ability to connect directly to the Cloud, and the
reliability Samsung is known for, the MX7 Mono Series MFPs offer usability and
performance that will make them a day-to-day part of your company’s operation.
K7400 I K7500 I K7600 MX7 Mono Series
Our flagship A3 Mono MFPs:
MultiXpress K7400, K7500
and K7600 Series
These powerful MX7 Mono Series MFPs are specifically designed to respond to the growing demand for A3 printers, delivering smart
usability that enables businesses to work faster and more efficiently with intuitive, user-friendly controls. Equipped with high-performance,
cost-efficient features and embedded security, Samsung MX7 Mono Series MFPs meet the demands of businesses that depend on highvolume printing with low total cost of ownership (TCO).
Smart user experience
Powerful performance
Smart solutions and diagnostics
Smart UX Center powered by Android™
offers full-page previewing on a 90-degree
pivoting screen.
1.5 GHz quad-core CPU enables 2x faster
print speeds compared to a dual-core CPU.
The Samsung Smart Printer Diagnostic
System (SPDS) app helps ordinary users fix
printing issues from virtually anywhere using
pictures and videos to make troubleshooting
trouble free.
SDK (Software Developer Kit) for Samsung
MFPs enables development of customized
Android applications to improve productivity
and efficiency.
Enterprise-level Samsung Cloud Print™
provides a secure, scalable internal network.
Wireless options with active NFC and
Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity allows
users to connect and print with ease.
*GX information on pages 10-11
Scan up to 160/240 double-sided images
per minute (ipm) (LX/GX models) using a
Dual-Scan Document Feeder (DSDF).*
1,200 dpi high resolution for quality output
even when printing at full speed.
Next-generation toner technology for
superb finishes and capable of printing
up to 300,000 images per month.
Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP)
technology automatically sharpens images
and makes text crisp and legible.
Samsung eXtensible Open Architecture
(XOA) provides customized printing solutions
to maximize efficiency and security, and that
are simple to install and update on existing,
new, or additional laser printers or MFPs.
Samsung. Printing Innovation.
Work smarter with an intuitive
user experience
90-degree pivoting touchscreen
Samsung’s unique display pivots 90 degrees for full-page portrait or landscape viewing. This innovative feature enables
users to easily review and edit documents right at the MFP before printing, without having to zoom or to return to their
PCs to make adjustments. In addition, applications such as Hancom Office® support the horizontal view mode, as well as
and edits of Microsoft® Office® Word, PowerPoint® and Excel® documents. Furthermore, Samsung’s new Smart Workspace
lets users complete jobs with their preferred UI, address book and files, virtually anywhere.
Android-based printing UX
Samsung MX7 Mono Series MFPs boast Android-based printing UX, allowing the Samsung SMART UX Center to function just
like a touchscreen tablet. It features an intuitive touch-to-print display screen for easy use, and is compatible with various
Android-based devices. Included are custom widgets for creating instant, one-tap access to frequently used functions. This
customizable user interface (UI) makes operation even simpler, and can be shared with various fleets.
True convenience works the way people think
As part of the SMART UX Center, Samsung’s Printing App Center enables users to easily set up printers by downloading
essential apps from the a web portal. Other convenient options include the Workbook Composer, which gives users the ability
to crop desired content, automatically scan it, and save it for final formatting and editing without needing a PC.
Gain control at the individual level
Modify the My Page settings and Quick Menu for each user to keep track of an individual’s usage, control accessibility and
more. Administrators can customize the UI by creating quick custom apps directly on the devices.
Enterprise-level Samsung Cloud Print
With Samsung’s private cloud, users can work in a secure internal network. The cloud architecture supports scalability and
ease of deployment.
Enterprise-level security
Samsung’s enterprise-level encryption ensures end-to-end security, even when working remotely. The Mobile Device
Management (MDM) solution provides full integration for enterprise mobility. Samsung supports the secure sharing of
documents and collaborating with colleagues using instant messaging (IM). Samsung MFPs are also easily integrated with
legacy enterprise security applications, as well as existing print management and workflow solutions.
Wireless option with active NFC
Users can connect and print with ease using Samsung’s Mono MX7 Series MFPs with advanced NFC technology. Simply tap,
then print, scan or fax documents from any NFC-supported mobile device. The wireless option with active NFC provides
user authentication through a mobile device, while Samsung Mobile Print Pro provides secure printing and easy Wi-Fi
setup and management.
K7400 I K7500 I K7600 MX7 Mono Series
Touch & Slide UI on
10.1" Color Touchscreen
powered by Android™
90º pivoting screen for full-page preview
Samsung. Printing Innovation.
A platform that empowers you
to do business your way
Create a customized and cost-efficient workflow system
The Samsung Business Core™ Printing Solutions (BCPS) software suite runs on the
XOA-Embedded platform and enables small to medium-sized businesses to improve
document and output management. With custom workflows, secure print release
and cloud printing, IT managers can easily implement solutions typically seen at
the enterprise level.
Samsung Business Core™
Printing Solutions (BCPS)
Seamless manageability and flexibility with a secure platform
The eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) and Android platforms empower your business
to seamlessly run custom or independent software vendor (ISV) server-based productivity
solutions that meet your specific business needs. XOA and Android can make printing
output comply with your account policies, integrate with your Document Management
System, set and enforce printing rules, and more.
Account Policy
Management System
Printing Rule
And More...
BCPS output management (security) solutions
Samsung’s XOA platform provides customized enterprise solutions
for integration with our MX7 Mono Series MFPs to satisfy specific business
requirements. Our output management solutions provide cost-effective,
secure print operations. SecuThru™ Lite 2 enhances document security
and reduces costs with user authentication. The Usage Tracker controls
printing expenses by easily tracking device functions.
BCPS document management (productivity) solutions
Samsung’s document management solutions increase productivity and
provide easy management, along with security and efficiency. SmarThru™
Workflow Lite increases productivity with its cost-saving automated workflow
solution. Secure Login Manager safeguards valuable data and devices from
unauthorized use. Cloud Connector provides easy, secure access for
scanning to and printing from the cloud.
The eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA)
K7400 I K7500 I K7600 MX7 Mono Series
Samsung MPS, mobile, security and productivity solutions
Samsung’s strategic partnerships allow us to offer simplified, seamless solutions that increase both security and office productivity.
Integrated solution partner
MPS / Fleet Management
Compass Sales Solutions
MWA Intelligence
Pharos Systems
Prism Software
Drivve Image
Notable Solutions, Inc.
Samsung solutions
Print Audit
Fleet Admin Pro
Business Core™ Printing Solutions
Output Management
Cost Accounting
Document Distribution
Content Management
Perceptive Software
Prism Software
Usage Tracker
SecuThru™ Lite 2
Cloud Connector
Secure Login Manager
SmarThru™ Workflow Lite
SmarThru™ Workflow 3
Samsung Mobile Print App
Mobile and Cloud
Samsung Cloud Print
XOA Solution
Q3 2015
PrinterOn is the world’s leading enterprise-grade mobile printing platform,
and is designed for any organization that wants to provide simple, secure
mobile and cloud printing.
Samsung’s Mobile Print solution earned the
Summer 2012 Pick as “Outstanding Mobile
Print App” from Buyers Lab, Inc.
Samsung. Printing Innovation.
Faster jobs, superb quality
Maximum monthly duty of up to 300K (K7600)*
Samsung MX7 Mono Series MFPs supply a high maximum
monthly duty. Highly durable and long-lasting, they
free businesses from the time and expense of having
to change toner cartridges, drums and developer.
Easy-to-use Samsung Smart Printer
Diagnostic System (SPDS)
The SPDS smartphone app can diagnose printer failures
from across the office or across the globe.* The app provides
information in real time, using pictures and videos of the MFP
components to simplify troubleshooting, even for those with
little technical knowledge. SPDS can also send preemptive
alerts to smartphones, addressing issues before they occur.
Toner capacity*
Black Pages
Drum capacity*
Black Pages
Toner Waste Bottle
*Estimated Toner Yield @ 5% coverage for best performance and yield, we recommended using
genuine Samsung parts and consumables. Declared cartridge yield in accordance with
ISO/IEC 19752.
Faster dual scanning
The MX7 Mono Series MFPs can dual-scan up to 240 ipm (GX models), twice the scanning speed of the X4300 series and
six times that of other printers, which typically scan at 36 ipm. This blazing-fast scan speed equates to four pages being
scanned every second, reducing digital copy processing time while raising productivity.
Crisp 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution
Samsung MX7 Mono Series MFPs are equipped with a high-quality Laser Beam Scanning Unit (LSU) that produces
consistently sharp output. Using micro-rendering to smooth rasterized edges and a 1,200 × 1,200 dpi resolution, the
MX7 Series provides crisp printouts every time.
Next-generation toner technology for superb finishes
Samsung’s advanced toner cartridges ensure the best printouts possible. Using our next-generation polymerized toner,
Samsung has achieved a 9% reduction on fixation temperature, which translates to professional results while lowering
energy consumption.
Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP)
Samsung’s unique ReCP technology delivers quality output with clear text and images. The innovative technology
automatically sharpens the focus of both graphics and text, ensuring consistently impressive results.
Powerful quad-core CPU
The Samsung MultiXpress MX7 Mono Series boasts the industry’s first quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU with System-on-Chip (SoC)
technology. This robust CPU provides the power and capacity to accomplish print and copy tasks of virtually any size
or complexity as quickly as a print every second. The result: businesses can run more productively and efficiently.
*For more detailed specifications, please see pages 10-11.
K7400 I K7500 I K7600 MX7 Mono Series
Customization at finish line
Samsung offers businesses 25 productivity options
Samsung offers businesses 25 options that enable the MX7 Mono Series MFPs to handle and finish more documents in less time. These
productivity enhancing options include a high-volume finisher that staples up to 65 sheets as well as a 25-sheet booklet finisher that can
assemble a 100-page booklet. Our Wi-Fi protocol option supports an additional 5 GHz compared with a typical 2.4 GHz speed, enabling
users to transmit high volume data with reliable performance.
Configurations and options
Paper output options
Inner Finisher
Job Separator
Multipurpose Table
Equipped with standard 100 sheet (LX)
or 250 sheet (GX) DSDF
Work Table
Wireless/NFC Kit
Additional Network Kit
Fax Kit
Dual Fax Kit
Standard 2 x 520 sheets
(Inner, Booklet)
(Main for Booklet)
Punch Kit
(Inner - 2/3, 2/4,
Cassette Locking Kit
Paper input options
Punch Kit
(Booklet - 2/3, 2/4,
*SL-DSK501T cabinet is not compatible
with SL-HCF501S HCF-side.
Cabinet option not
compatible with any other
paper handling options.
Cannot be installed
with cabinet. Either
paper deck and/or HCF.
10 Samsung. Printing Innovation.
Mono Multifunction
K7400 | K7500 | K7600 Series
Up to 40 ppm in A4 (40 ppm in Letter)
Up to 21 ppm in A3 (21 ppm in 11x17)
Up to 50 ppm in A4 (50 ppm in Letter)
Up to 26 ppm in A3 (26 ppm in 11x17)
Up to 60 ppm in A4 (60 ppm in Letter)
Up to 31 ppm in A3 (31 ppm in 11x17)
Up to 40 ppm in A4 (40 ppm in Letter)
Up to 21 ppm in A3 (21 ppm in 11x17)
Up to 50 ppm in A4 (50 ppm in Letter)
Up to 26 ppm in A3 (26 ppm in 11x17)
Up to 60 ppm in A4 (60 ppm in Letter)
Up to 31 ppm in A3 (31 ppm in 11x17)
Print / Copy / Scan / Optional Fax
1.5 GHz Quad core / Standard 4GB / Max 4GB
10.1 Android based Touchscreen LCD
High-Speed USB 3.0 Host (3-port), Device: Hi-Speed USB 3.0 Peripheral (1-port)
Warm-up Time (Sleep/Power Off)
12 seconds / 23 seconds
Noise Level (Simplex/Duplex)
Printing: 54/57dB
Copying: 58/60dB
Standby: 30dB
Sleep: 30dB
320GB HDD Stadnard
Max. Monthly Duty Cycle
200,000 Pages
Dimensions (W x D x H)
LX Models: 23" x 26.4" x 44.9"; GX Models: 23" x 26.4" x 36.7"
LX Models: 186 lbs.; GX Models: 215 lbs.
Network Protocols
Network Security
SSL / TLS, IPsec, SNMPv3, Protocol & Port Management, IPv6, IP / MAC Filtering, IEEE 802.1x support (Optional)
OS Compatibility
[Windows] - Windows XP(32/64bit)/2003(32/64bit)/Vista(32/64bit)/2008/Win7/2008 R2(64 only)/Win8/2012/Win8.1/2012 R2, [Linux] - RedHat Enterprise Linux WS 5, 6
(32/64bit), - Fedora 12, 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20(32/64bit), - OpenSuSE 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 12.1, 12.2,12.3,13.1 (32/64bit), - Ubuntu 10.04, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10,13.04,13.10,
14.04 (32/64bit), - SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, 11 (32/64bit), - Debian 6, 7 (32/64bit), - Mint 13, 14, 15, 16 (32/64bit), [Mac] - Mac OS X 10.6 ~ 10.10
Power Consumption
<2.0 W (Sleep) / 60 W (Ready) / 1300W (Max)
Telecommunication: FCC Part68, ICES-003 / KCC/ TBR21
Environmental: EPA(Energy Star)/BlueAngel
Document: PTS (BAM), Archive
Security: CC (Common criteria), HIPPA (TBD)
Printing: 54/57dB
Copying: 59/61dB
Standby: 30dB
Sleep: 30dB
Printing: 56/59dB
Copying: 59/61dB
Standby: 30dB
Sleep: 30dB
250,000 Pages
300,000 Pages
Up to 40 ppm in A4 (40 ppm in Letter)
Up to 21 ppm in A3 (21 ppm in 11x17)
Up to 50 ppm in A4 (50 ppm in Letter)
Up to 26 ppm in A3 (26 ppm in 11x17)
Up to 60 ppm in A4 (60 ppm in Letter)
Up to 31 ppm in A3 (31 ppm in 11x17)
Duplex (Simplex to Duplex)
Up to 40 ipm in A4 (40 ipm in Letter)
Up to 21 ipm in A3 (21 ipm in 11x17)
Up to 50 ipm in A4 (50 ipm in Letter)
Up to 26 ipm in A3 (26 ipm in 11x17)
Up to 60 ipm in A4 (60 ipm in Letter)
Up to 31 ipm in A3 (31 ipm in 11x17)
First Print Out Time
(as fast as) 8.4 Seconds
(as fast as) 7.5 Seconds
(as fast as) 6.9 Seconds
1200 x 1200 dpi (Full Speed) Optical / Up to 9,600 x 600 x 1 Bit Enhanced
PCL5, PCL6(XL), PostScript Level3, PDF 1.7, XPS
PCL:93 Scalable, 1 Bitmap, OCR-A,OCR-B, PS:136
Fleet Admin Pro
Samsung Business Core™ Printing Solutions, Samsung Cloud Print, PrinterOn, Print Fleet, Mobile Print, SmartThru WorkFlow, Selected integrated solution vendors
Open Platform
eXtended Open Architecture (XOA), XOA Web, Smart UX
Speed SDMC
(Single Document Multiple Copy)
Mono Simplex: up to 40 cpm in A4
Mono Simplex: up to 50 cpm in A4
Mono Simplex: up to 60 cpm in A4
First Copy Out Time
(As fast as) 4.6 Seconds
(As fast as) 3.7 Seconds
(As fast as) 3.1 Seconds
Resolution/Zoom Rate/Multi Copy
25% ~ 400% in 1% increments (Platen), 25% ~ 400% in 1% increments (DADF) / 1~9999
Copy Features
Proof Copy, N-Up, ID Card Copy, Poster Copy, Image Repeat, Booklet, Covers, Transparencies, Book Copy, Interrupt Copy, Erase Edge, Save to File
K7400 I K7500 I K7600 MX7 Mono Series 11
Fax (Optional)
Modem Speed/Compatibility
33.6 Kbps/ITU-T G3, Super G3
203 x 98 dpi (Std), 203 x 196 dpi (Fin), 300 x 300 dpi (Super-fine), 600 x 600 dpi (Ultra-fine)
Fax Functions
TTI / RTI / Auto Reduction / Multi-send (Same as Group Dial Capacity) / Delayed Send / Memory RX / Secure RX (<-secure TX) / Time Secured Fax
Max. Line
2nd Line (optional)
Speed (ipm)
LX: Simplex 80 ipm, Duplex 160 ipm / GX: Simplex 120 ipm, Duplex 240 ipm
Network TWAIN, Network SANE
Scan File Formats
PDF / Compact PDF / Searchable PDF /JPEG / XPS / TIFF-S / TIFF-M / TIFF
Resolution (Optical/Enhanced)
600 x 600 dpi (Optical), 4,800 x 4,800 dpi (Enhanced)
Paper Handling
Paper Capacity
(Std) 1,140 Sheets: 520-sheet cassette Tray (80g/m2)x2, 100-sheet MP tray ( 80g/m2)
MP tray + 4 Cassettes: 2,180-sheets @ 80g/m2
(Max) 6,140 Sheets: MP(100) + 2 Tray(1.040) + HC(2,000)+Sidedeck(3,000)
Media Types
MP Tray: Printer Default, Plain Paper: 100 sheets @ 80gsm, Envelopes: 10 sheets @ 75gsm, Labels: 20 sheets @ 120~159 gsm, Thick Paper: 10 sheets @ 176gsm,
Envelope (Tray1 Only)
Media Size
MP Tray: 3.87"x5.8"~12.6"x18"
Tray 1: 3.8"x5.8"~11.7"x15.3"
Tray 2: 5.8"x8.2"~12"x18"
Media Weights
MP Tray: 60 ~ 325g/m2: Simplex
Tray 1: 60 ~ 300g/m2
Tray 2: 60 ~ 256g/m2: Duplex
ADF Document Size
Ledger / Letter / Legal / Oficio / Folio / A3 / A4 / JIS B5 / ISO B5 / Executive / A5 / A6 / Statement / Custom
LX: 100-Sheet, Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) / GX: 250-Sheet, Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF)
Paper Handling
Double Cassette Feeder (SL-PFP501D): Capacity 520 Sheets (80g/m2 x 2) - Media Sizes: (5.5 x 8.2 in. - 12 x 18 in.) / 60 to 300 gsm
High-Capacity Feeder - Bottom (SL-HCF501B): Capacity 2,000 Sheets (80 g/m2 / 20 lb bond) / Media Sizes: A4, Letter / 60 to 300 gsm
High-Capacity Feeder - Side (SL-HCF501S): Capacity 3,000 Sheets @ (80 g/m2) / Media Sizes A4, Letter / 60 to 300 gsm
Finishing Options
Inner Finisher (SL-FIN502L): Capacity 500 Sheets Stacking, Internal / Staple Capacity 5,000 Staples / Cartridge / Stacking - Top Tray: 50 Sheets (A4/LT @ 80 gsm) Finishing Tray: 500 Sheets (A4/LT @ 80 gsm)
Booklet Finisher (SL-FIN701B): Capacity 65 Sheets Stapling / 3,250 Sheets Stacking / Staple Cartridge 5,000 Staples / Cartridge / Stacking - Top Tray: 250 Sheets
(A4/LT @ 80 gsm) - Finishing Tray : 3,000 Sheets (A4/LT @ 80 gsm)
High-Volume Finisher (SL-FIN701H): Capacity 65 Sheets Stapling / 2,000 Sheets Stacking / Staple Cartridge 5,000 Staples / Cartridge / Stacking - Top Tray: 250
Sheets (A4/LT @ 80 gsm) - Finishing Tray : 2,000 Sheets (A4/LT @ 80 gsm)
General: Cabinet, Job Separator, Work Table, Multipurpose Table, Tray Locking Kit
Network: Wireless/NFC Kit, Wireless/BLE/NFC Kit, Additional LAN Kit, FDI Kit, Fax Kit, Dual Fax Kit
Punch Kit for Inner Finisher & Booklet/High-Volume Finisher
Black Toner: MLT-K706S
Toner Waste: MLT-R706
Reliability and Service
Recommended AMPV
Recommended Monthly Volume
30K pages/month
50K pages/month
60K pages/month
Max Monthly Duty
200K pages/month
250K pages/month
300K pages/month
*Model available for special order—requires an 8-week lead time (7400GX, 7500LX, 7600LX).
1-877-362-3555 |
Samsung Electronics has been named 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year in the product manufacturing
category by the U.S. Protection Agency (EPA).
©2015 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Samsung is a registered mark of Samsung Electronics Corp., Ltd. Specifications and designs are subject
to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. All brand, product, service names and logos are trademarks and/
or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers and companies. Simulated screen images. See for detailed information.
Printed in the USA on 50% recycled (30% post-consumer waste) paper using soy inks.
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